Top #37 “Matrix”

Talk to me. Next top, three piece with normal pricing or 4 piece like you have never seen but will be $50 more than the three piece.

Some times ya just know it’s going to be something special. It hit me on the way home. This 4 piece…I almost want to skip sleep and head back into work. Only problem these will take a very long time to make. Not sure how I am going to make that work as I want to make enough for yooze. I am thinking prototyping all week then get a few machines going next week to try to get a good head start then launch them end of this month so there is not a ridiculous shipping lead time. Just talking out loud here. Have a great night. My heart is pumping  🙂 Continue reading “Top #37 “Matrix””

Top #33 “Torus”


We had a poll and you all wanted a cool one piece next correct?
Bathgate will be done mid next week. Should have the new top the week after!


Big week this week! Tomorrow morning we launch our 6th crowdfunding project on Indiegogo called Billetspin Spheres! Then we will be releasing the next top which will be one piece and offered in a variety of materials and finishes. Those of you that ordered Rings from our website, we are making them now and should be caught up on orders I a little over a week! Lastly we will be finishing up the last of the Bathgate tops. I am a bit behind due to being ill but hopefully am doing better tomorrow morning. So who’s ready?! Continue reading “Top #33 “Torus””

Top #31 “Infinity”


I have been hearing a lot of requests for a long spinner. Something along the lines of the spin contest winner. If you watch the last 3 minutes of my spin you will see what a tip like that will do as far as wobble. That is what a design like that will do and would be sold as is because I don’t want a CS nightmare. I could make a heavier version that I could spin for a crazy amount of time. I would like to hear your thoughts on a top like this with the wobble. I would use aluminum over magnesium and copper tungsten over densemet. Personally I think it would be a much much easier top to spin compared to the Tinker using what I learned from this contest. Probably in the $125 range Continue reading “Top #31 “Infinity””

Top #29 “Infected Specimen”

Jim Skelton Ok boys and girls, time for me to spill the beans. Rich and I have been working on a secret project, a collaboration piece. You might have noticed I slipped in a few little jokes over the last month about “Infected Specimen” and Rich in an OSHA Biohazard suit… those were tiny hints as to what was coming. Rich allowed me the opportunity to come up with a design concept for a new top, and I knew immediately what I wanted to do. But of course… as with everything else I design, it wasn’t an easy task to undertake. This one has already presented a challenge to Rich before he even cut the first piece this morning, and he has had to do some thinking on how to make my vision come to reality within the restrictions of what can actually be done in the real world LOL. I’m no machinist, so I don’t know all of the limitations… that’s the fun of being a dreamer… we don’t need reality!!

I can’t reveal too much, but all I can say right now is that it will be an INTRICATE top, and will feature a 3-Dimensional Biohazard logo similar to what you see depicted in the image here.

Stick back some pennies, because there will also be a handful, a very small run of SPECIAL editions of this one. Yes, you’ll need to be fast to grab one. Conversely, there will be a good amount made of the other metal options, so most everyone WILL get to own this very special piece. I hope that when you see it fully revealed that you like it. I think it’s BilletSpin’s most aggressive looking top, and might give the ole Kraken and Aperture a run for their money!!

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Navigator Prototype Auction

Auction: Due to the overwhelming requests for a Navigator prototype I am going to do this. One of a kind, the only one, the Navigator prototype. It does not have the dimples on the bezel and the points do NOT line up. It will come with a COA. Auction ends in 3 hours (2:00pm central). $5 minimum bid increments. 5 minute anti-snipe. Shipping is included. Spins great but is not perfect as it has been used. Still a 9 out of 10. Will ship today!

NOTE: I had to redo this because the first time I listed it I accidentally put a Kraken pic in it lol. Sorry guys.

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Top #24 “Lotus”

Ok, prototype beads are all done finally. Now I am starting on the standard one piece top design. I have a really cool idea in my mind and I really really hope it comes out as cool as it looks in my imagination. The pattern will be like nothing I have made so fingers crossed. I am not sure if I can get it done tonight but if not, tomorrow for sure. Just wanted to post an update! This top will be a very large production run as we will sell them on the website. I want to have tops like this one available at all times for new people when they join the group.

It is a start…

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