Paperweight Build and Auction


Maybe I just had some bad fish last night. Maybe my blurry eyesight made me grab the wrong pills this morning or maybe I was abducted by aliens last night and they did experiments to enhance my emotions. Either way, I got on BilletSPIN this morning, read a bunch of messages and scrolled down the group. Then I gots this feeling welling up deep from within. I cant keep in inside anymore, I got to let you know

I luvs you all. What a group of amazing people. I want you all to know this is so much more than just a business. I am there for you if you ever need to chat, if you have a issue with a top or are going through a hard time and just need to vent.

The hardest part right now for me is the busyness of it all. This change we made has created a ton of work temporarily for me. Once I get the new system in place it will free up some time. I hate that I can’t get back to people right away but I will get that resolved in the next few months.

Thanks for riding along with me on this amazing journey. I am heading in this morning to make some more tops. Have an amazing weekend and thanks again for your friendship and support 😀



Hmmmmmm decided to just have some fun today… 


And no, I am not starting a meth lab

Making a Damascus paperweight with the bar end

Anyone want to see what I got so far?

It has a ways to go, far from finished


ike it?

Almost done machining

Then just install the 6 rubies



Post 😀

PW-03 PW-04 PW-05

I thought about it a lot but the way the facets come together look really cool in person. I did not want to remove that

I have to clean the coolant residue off or it wont etch uniformly. We have solvent tanks for that and it seemed to work pretty good


Paperweight auction! This will end at 5:00pm central time (1 hours and 40 minutes from now). 5 minute anti snipe. Shipping is included. 1.25″ diameter damascus with 6 synthetic ruby balls.

1 of 1, never to be made again. Program is already erased. Comes with certificate.

PW-06 PW-07 PW-08

congrats Aaron Jordan $650

I will ship it monday!

thank you to all the bidders!

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