Top #37 “Matrix”

Talk to me. Next top, three piece with normal pricing or 4 piece like you have never seen but will be $50 more than the three piece.

Some times ya just know it’s going to be something special. It hit me on the way home. This 4 piece…I almost want to skip sleep and head back into work. Only problem these will take a very long time to make. Not sure how I am going to make that work as I want to make enough for yooze. I am thinking prototyping all week then get a few machines going next week to try to get a good head start then launch them end of this month so there is not a ridiculous shipping lead time. Just talking out loud here. Have a great night. My heart is pumping  🙂


BILLETSPIN UPDATE: The plan has changed so please read this carefully!

I started designing the 4 piece top and folks I will be totally honest, this one has potential to be one of the coolest, if not the coolest top I have ever made. I added some more pieces to it too so it will be either an 8 or 10 piece now. Some of those pieces are very basic so don’t get too excited about that. Unfortunately though, there are two issues with this top.

1) It will take a very very long time to make.
2) I don’t have enough materials to appease the masses

So, after much thought I have decided to change up the schedule to give us the time needed to do this right. The next top will now be the 2 piece long spinner.

For those that did not watch the live video I posted, my goal for this top will be for me to be able to spin it for 30 minutes. This does not mean you will be able to. In fact, some might still not be anywhere near that. Spin times vary greatly depending on skill level. This will not be a pretty top. Every feature on this top will be designed for maximum performance. I have tracked down a very rare grade of aluminum that has an off the chart strength rating. I will use that in conjunction with Tungsten. I probably will not offer this in different materials since these two will give the best performance and that is what this design is all about.

As you know, Tungsten is prone to wobble. I am using the new tungsten so it will be better but I assure you these will still have some wobble/flutter issues. These will come with the new carbide balls which will greatly reduce flat spot issues.

I am not sure on pricing or the launch date at this time. I will have to spend a great deal of time in the prototype stages. I am sure though that they will be available this month yet.

I am sorry for the switch-a-roo here on the schedule. I hope you understand. If you have any questions let me know!



And it shalled be called…..

The Matrix

get your screen shooters ready

This will be a timed sale for standards but the exotics will be limited due to material availability. I have been stocking up like a squirrel before winter. Personally I think we will break the K2 record with this one. Rich out


After this, there is no turning back. I did not come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you

it has begun

9 pieces

the Matrix proto has begun..

I am so stinking excited right now. The potential in this design is off the charts. I hope I can do it justice. My heart is pounding. Just eating my chicken then back at it

If you look at the right side of my profile pic, that is exactly what I look like at this second

If the design comes together pefrectly, then I will look like the left side of my profile pic

back to work, here we go  🙂

made some serious progress. Have a LOT of tweaking which will take me a long time but I will tell you this is crazy. I can almost see it and I am loving it.

One thing is for certain, these are going to take forever to make lol. a TON of machining. So worth it though…


Way to excited to keep this to myself.

wait until the stem is in it…

Oh what the heck. This is the ball side. The grip side will be different to make this a easy and fun one to spin

you are looking at 8 pieces there. The stem will make 9. The pins are sealed so you cannot switch them for trits

Here is the deal, take it from experience, once the stem is in and all the final tweaks are made, it will make this pop so much more than in this state. I can see it all now as is and I am sure I will have a bunch of small stuff yet but you get the idea. When you see it from all the angles…


I will just make a new post. Now comes the hardest tweak of the design. Wish me luck

We are real close now

quite a process huh  🙂 I love sharing it with you. This is just a standard, can you imagine an exotic…

you have 4 pieces to play with for materials. This is a 9 piece top and 5 of the pieces are SS dowel pins. You cannot remove them and all tops will come with SS dowel pins

58 grams

all SS dowels. I am not making them, they are just store bought

final version is done, I am shutting down comments on this proto

For size reference

All tweaks have been made. Ladies and gentlemen, I present:

The Matrix

I lined up the diagonal marks on the OD and shortened the stem which totally changed the appearance of the “barbed wire” portion making it look sooooo much better. Even easier to spin now too

I will get all those details soon. We have to go through and optimize the programs and make some other combo’s to make sure everythign is running smooth first

A little history on the Matrix. A long long time ago, I held a design contest here in BilletSPIN. It was cool too see everyone submit their ideas. The problem I soon learned was that people dont have much for machining experience so a lot of the ideas just were not possible. One design did however stick out over the rest and easily won. It was made by Jason Hosking and it looked great!

After the design contest was over, I was slammed and making this with him just slipped through the cracks. I apologize greatly for this and it was not acceptable. Well a few months ago, Jason sent me a message and I felt horrible. So we got started on the planning.

There is so much that goes into these designs. I took the genetics of his submitted design and we talked about how it would be possible to make, make affordable and spin well. Well what started off with a few tweaks ended up as the Matrix.

This experience was a TON of fun and I hope Jason feels the same way. It got me out of my comfort zone and made me push the envelope and I could not be happier with the result.

Here is Jason’s contest winning design and the finished product! Thanks again Jason Hosking!!

Spin vid!


Official Matrix information post:

I will update this as I get more solid info.

-1.2″ in diameter
-1/8″ carbide ball
-9 pieces (4 main components and 5 SS dowel pins)
-the dowel pins will be SS on every variation

-Standard material combo’s will be $200 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping

-Standards will be sold through and should be launched around 4/1/17 and be about a 20-30 day campaign.

-standards will be unlimited

-Exotic combo’s will be sold on for any combo with at least 30 tops. Less than 30 tops will be sold on

-in the case of the SUS tops, they will be limited to one per person.

-I will make the exotic samples and get a chart of them showing the order they will be released and the price for each. I will not know quantities until we start making them.

-Exotics will then be sold and made around the same time. This will keep the delivery lead times short. Once one combo is shipped, we will move onto the next exotic combo until all of them are sold out.

-I will reserve the right to add a few exotic combo’s to the chart in case I might be inspired at a later date.

-I will NOT be using Tungsten on the Matrix!!!!!!

This is all the info I have for now. Stay tuned for more details as I get them. This will be epic, I cannot wait! THANK YOU for your continued support!


standard materials are Stainless Steel, copper and Bronze. Any combination of those materials is $200 plus shipping. Exotics are more because the material cost can be huge. I will announce those prices once I figure out the material combos

Just a few more pics. I will put these into one post after I get all the standard samples done.

Not sure about offering this style of combo…

Timing first spin…

Slight desk mishap, timing second spin lol


Crap, I got an idea lol

It is a tweak that could have a significant impact on this top so I have to try!


So small changes were made. I have one more to make right away this morning. It means I have some scrap now unfortunately but it is worth it as I want this perfect. We will be filming the Indiegogo video Monday so I got a busy day today to get ready for that. Have yourself a wonderful day all!!!

Ok all, a heads up. I scrapped everything I had made after making some changes. I am deleting all previous posts with pictures to people do not get confused. I will post new pics later today. No major tweaks but the changes made this top easier to spin. The challenge here was the High COG due to the thick disc. It needed to be that way due to the complexity of the machining. The subtle changes had a significant impact and I just want this to be as good as it can be for yooze all! More details to come later!


-Stem is shorter
-“barbed wire” portion is smaller in diameter
-inner disc is shallower on ball side
-inner disc is much deeper on grip side
-inner disc pattern is changed on grip side
-grip is a shorter

All these changes made improvements to the spin.

I will not sell any proto’s, they are all gone

they live only in your imagination. Welcome to the Matrix

This top is the real deal. I test spun it at 12:01 and it spun for 9 minutes and stopped spinning at 12:04. Unreal. Welcome to the Matrix

I don’t want to leave you hanging. I will get pics of many other combos tomorrow. This is all I got right now. I scrapped everything I had made after making some changes. I am deleting all previous posts with pictures so people do not get confused. No major tweaks but the changes made this top easier to spin. The challenge here was the High COG due to the thick disc. It needed to be that way due to the complexity of the machining. The subtle changes had a significant impact and I just want this to be as good as it can be for yooze all!


-Stem is shorter
-“barbed wire” portion is smaller in diameter
-inner disc is shallower on ball side
-inner disc is much deeper on grip side
-inner disc pattern is changed on grip side
-grip is a shorter

All these changes made improvements to the spin.

Should be able to make a SS/timascus/SS tomorrow too


First project of the day. This will be the first exotic offered and the price will be $300 plus shipping. Hoping to go live with these at the end of next week or early the week after

At this point I am only using timascus. Yes I will be making some with the outside in timascus but I dont have nearly as much in that size as I do for the inner disc.

I will do my best! You will get the order in which they will be released and the price but not the date. Too many variables to include that

Ah this is good enough to make another post


My sister is gone so I am not sure on my price for the Zirc. Once I know that I will let you know. Takes a lot of material to make these.

is the black zirc finish easily chipped /scratched ?

no, in fact I tried to buff one and could not get the color off with a rouge wheel. Those wheels will peel off timascus or SS coloring like nothing

Last one for the day

This is the best I could do for today. You will understand why in my next post. See official Matrix info post for any questions!

The majority of the standard combos!



Jason will be here today so we can work on the Indiegogo video. We are running some sample exotics on the machines and then I will start assembling tomorrow. Hoping to have the exotic chart made on Wednesday and release the first exotic on Friday or Monday.

I know for certain that the first exotic will be the SS/Timascus/SS (see pic below). Due to the amount of material I have I will probably make this a 24 hour sale and make as many as ordered for this exotic combo ONLY. Those will be $300 plus shipping. I figure we should start the Matrix off right.

More details to come!

The timascus is super easy to clean with windex and a toothbrush. Kris Bex

I will try me best to keep somewhat equal amounts of 1 exotics, 2 exotic and 3 exotics combo’s so there is a price point for everyone. 3 exotics will be very pricey but so cool  🙂


Good cause Auction!

Wobbler!! 1st part of spin is smooth then picks up flutter then wobble

Black Timascus over flamed damasteel over flamed Zirc stem

$5 minimum bid. 5 minute antisnipe. Auction ends at 1:30 pm today central.

1/1 and will come with COA noting wobble.

100% of the proceeds goes to help out an AWANA program in the Philippines

stupid video did not load in HD. I will add some pics

Just remember guys, this is a wobbler

thanks for the dogpiles guys, awesome

14 minutes left

antisnipe in effect

Corey Arnold 1600

Due to the high bids, I am going to throw in a Zirc/timascus/flamed SS. THANK YOU ALL for this support

Corey Arnold 2500

Last time I said that the bids took off lol I am not saying anything!

this is way above and byond



Congrats Corey Arnold

1 of 2. This is Jason Hosking‘s free top for winning the design contest. Zirc over black timascus over zirc

Zirc over Sc over zirc


Copper/zirc/zirc I really like this one


Heading to try some baking. Going to be a long night. A lot more combo’s to come

Timascus/3 Color Mokume/Flamed SS

yup, I LOVE this one

I have a price list for all the components. This one is $440 and that is why I used a SS stem. Plus I think the blue to gold transition is perfect


You think I am done? Silly people. Just wait

Zirc/Shark tooth dammy/SS

So thats it for tonight. Some will stay and some will go. I have a LOT more options to try. Lets have fun with it. See ya ll in the morning. Have a great night!


Let’s make it a great day

Twist dammy/zirc/SS

Timascus/flamed damasteel/flamed SS stem.

I did my best to bring out the damasteel pattern. You can definitely see it but it is not crazy in your face obvious.


This is a crazy cool combo imo.

it is amazing. I will do a YT vid for all these. This one will really stand out

Official Matrix information post:

I will update this as I get more solid info.

-1.2″ in diameter
-1/8″ carbide ball
-9 pieces (4 main components and 5 SS dowel pins)
-the dowel pins will be SS on every variation

-Standard material combo’s will be $200 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping

-Standards will be sold through and should be launched around 4/11/17 and be about a 20-30 day campaign. EDITED DATE

-standards will be unlimited

-1st exotic will be SS/Timascus/SS and will be launched at noon central on 3/20 It will be $300 plus shipping and will be an unlimited 24 hours sale. EDITED

-Exotic combo’s will be sold on for any combo with at least 30 tops. Less than 30 tops will be sold on

-in the case of the SUS tops, they will be limited to one per person.

-I will make the exotic samples and get a chart of them showing the order they will be released and the price for each. I will not know quantities until we start making them.

-Exotics will then be sold and made around the same time. This will keep the delivery lead times short. Once one combo is shipped, we will move onto the next exotic combo until all of them are sold out.

-I will reserve the right to add a few exotic combo’s to the chart in case I might be inspired at a later date.

-I will NOT be using Tungsten on the Matrix!!!!!!

This is all the info I have for now. Stay tuned for more details as I get them. This will be epic, I cannot wait! THANK YOU for your continued support!


Copper/2 color mokume/ Copper (all three have a satin finish)

Reptilian Damascus

SS/Reptilian Damascus/SS

The next version will be a first for BS… I think lol.

Twist dammy/sharktooth dammy/SS


PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST: Here is the exotic chart. Shipping will be $5 domestic and $12 international.

On Monday (3/20) at noon central we will release exotic combo #1 on It will be a 24hr sale and I will make as many as are ordered. Once the 24 hour sale is over, it is gone for good. It will take 2 weeks to ship all of them.

Once #1 is close to being done, we will start thecountdown timer for #2 and post details of its release here. Once 2 is almost done being machined, we release 3 etc. This whole process will take a few months.

Any combo with 30 or less total will be sold and we will post that well in advance of the actual release. Any combo over 30 will be released on Sign up sale combo’s will be limited to one per person only. Combo’s with over 30 will not be limited to one per person.

I will only announce quantities on SUS tops. Most exotics will be limited quantity but some will have a timed sale like #1. I do not know which ones those will be so you will have to wait until we release the details of each combo prior to its release.

There are 5 mystery tops. Those will be combo’s of my choosing. I am doing this because I dont know how much materials will be left and I might come up with a cool idea later on. This keeps my options open!

Standards will still be launched on Indiegogo around 4/11 and those will all be unlimited through the duration of the campaign. Price will be $200 plus shipping

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for being awesome.

FB would not allow me to edit the photo so I had to delete and make a new one. Sorry!

Any chance of a Mokume outer on any combos Rich?

it can be done but due to how soft it is it would be a real pain with a lot of scrap so I decided against it but there are those 5 mystery tops so who knows.

which one of these releases will be for SUSs and which one for flash sale?

All I know for sure is the superconductor will be a SUS. There might be one or two more out of these 14. I am working on a new system for that combo we discussed. It will be a few days and would be one of the last 5 and VERY limited.

Glad you guys are liking them. We put a ton of work into it!

Well folks I messed up on the price of the SC top but I am going to let it stand and give yooze a deal on that one. Numbers are normally my thing lol


Another NEW Matrix video!


Couple things about todays launch:

-It is for exotic combo #1 only

-$300 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping

-It is a 24 hour timed sale and unlimited quantity

-1.2″ in diameter

-about 42 grams

-.125″ carbide bearing ball

-There will be up to a 3 week lead time depending on how many are sold. That means it might take 3 weeks for us to SHIP your top from today.

-Timascus flamed colors will vary. Each bar is a little different and these are flamed with a torch by hand. We will do our best to hit the colors of the one in the picture.

-no matter what happens today, I love you

See you at noon central

1 hour to go, who’s ready? 🙂

28 minutes

9 minutes

I dont think this heart pounding before launch will ever go away. I am completely useless for a while lol.

This is fun. Thanks all. You are amazing and your support never ceases to amaze me.

Exotic #1 spinning.

better lighting


Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, friends: You have 3 hours and 27 minutes to buy exotic #1. After that, it is gone for good, never to return. As far as numbers, I am very happy. I want you to be happy too. If this combo is calling your name, do it. If not, you have plenty other options. If you think the Matrix sucks, sit it out. Be warned though, my wife was disgusted by me when we first met and I grew on her. She just kept looking at me and eventually after a few months I was tolerable to look at and she married me. This might be you in a few months, no regrets.

How to clean your exotic #1 and details on shipping and exotic #2!


BilletSPIN Matrix vid for Indiegogo

From the GENIUS Santos Cordon Jr.

Rich StadlerI thought I had an overactive imagination lol. Well done my friend.

Santos Cordon Jr.I’ll tell you what was hard. Building that damn sentinel marionette.


I have been out the last two days sick. Both my daughters are home as well. I came in just now to check up and finish a project. Things are running great. I am planning on doing a ton of assembly Friday night and Saturday. I am 95% sure combo #2 will be released next week. Could be early in the week even due to the massive head start we had on #1. I will know more on Saturday.


Countdown timer will be going up soon. Tuesday (3/28) at noon central for exotic #2

SS/3 color mokume/SS
$280 plus $5 doemstic and $12 international

Shipping starts Monday for #1. Who’s ready?

I got along weekend ahead in preparation so I hope yooze all have a wonderful weekend and think of me when you are out frolicking around and eating taco bell.  😛

Going to be a long weekend..


Sorry all. Just going to be in bed. Not doing good at all and need to get better for Monday.


Days like this really make me appreciate the onesies I am lucky enough to own. So glad this is on the weekend so it does not affect the top schedule. Going to sleep all day but should be back to work tomorrow! Shipping of #1 is still on schedule and #2 will be released on Tuesday at noon. Small quantity of that one so be ready. Should have all of #1 shipped on Wednesday. Have a good one all


Just a reminder, #2 exotic Matrix launches today at noon central at

There are not a lot of these so if you want one, best to act fast once noon is here. These will have a 2 week shipping lead time but we should be able to meet it sooner.

Combo is pictured below. $280 plus shipping. No limit to how many you can order. Best of luck!

Stainless Steel/ 3 color mokume/ Stainless Steel
1/8″ carbide bearing ball
1.2″ in diameter


Mystery top #1 of 5. Timascus/blacktimascus/Zirc. I will announce pricing later. Just wanted to share some pics.

All 25 Standard Matrix combinations that will be available on on April 11th

I can only put in 42 in the OP so I will include the rest in the replies to this post


2 round Lost and found NEXUS in tumbler Scavenger hunt GAW. 1st 2 people to post a selfie wearing any type of clothing with the Green Bay Packers Logo while holding a top between their thumb and pinky moves on to round 2.

Congrats to Roman Jasper Mars and Randy Domingo!! Round 2. 1st to post a selfie of themselves drinking from a can or bottle of soda while a top is sitting on their forehead wins!!

I am fine with the beer but I still have Randy on top so congrats to Randy Domingo and thanks all for playing!! Randy, please message Lindsey you shipping info and I will get it out right away!


HULA??????? WONT SETTLE????? Check out this video!


BilletSPIN Matrix Exotic #3 Copper/Zirc/Zirc will be released on this Friday (4/7) at noon central. These will cost $300 plus $5 domestic and $12 International shipping. These will be for sale until 8am on Monday (4/10). After the sale ends, this combination will be discontinued, never to be offered again. We will make as many as are ordered!



We will begin shipping these [Exotic #3] on Tuesday of next week and should take less than two weeks depending on how many are ordered. We have a decent head start now that the machine is up and running



All 25 Standard material combo’s

Full length Spin Vid:


You got 40 more minutes for exotic #3 then it is gone for good

Please read: we have been getting a lot of messages lately from people requesting certain color variations of the flamed materials. As you know, there are color variations in flamed timascus, Zirc, black timascus, Stainless Steel etc. We do our best to hit the colors advertised but will not hand pick out certain colors for people as it would not be fair.

That said, I think we can do better as a company to accurately show the variations within these materials so you have a better idea of what to expect. The new photo/video studio should help us accomplish that. We also have a high temp oven coming that should help us achieve more consistent flamed colors.

I will keep you posted but for now just know there are variations in colors and make your decision whether to purchase or not accordingly.

Here is the preview link to the Indiegogo project that will be launching tomorrow. Let me know what you think!

This link should work once the project goes live too.

BilletSPIN Matrix exotic combo #4 video

I have a turn table and lights coming Thursday! This is with a new camera and I think it does a better job. Should see a nice improvement after Thursday. I love learning new things

Updated Video. Matrix exotic combo #4. These will go live on this Thursday at noon central! Let me know if you have any questions!

If you are looking at exotic combo #4, 7, 9 or 12, please watch this video!! Or if you just want to see some timascus 😛

Ok all, here is the latest video from our new studio. Please let me know what you think about the quality of the video! I am working hard on quality of video and sound. I think we are making good progress but would love your opinions!



BilletSPIN Matrix Precision Spinning Top


GAW!! To enter, purchase a Matrix on the Indiegogo project. Each top you purchase is an entry to the GAW. At 3:00 central today, I will random draw a winner.

Now the fun part. Just before I pick the winner, I will do a live vid where I random number draw 1-14 to determine which exotic combo the winner will receive, then I draw the winner. So there is a chance that someone could win a very limited combo!!

Best of luck and thank you so much for the support!

6 minutes to get in one the Matrix exotic GAW/Lottery!!

Matrix GAW/Lottery live vid!!

Combo #2

Order #110 Bob Pingli


Who’s ready for noon central!!

1 hour and 30 minutes until this one goes live…

they are almost gone, last call!

yup, 1 left

oh, all gone

just listen to Randy!

BilletSPIN Exotic Combo #5.

$355 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping

1.2″ in diameter

9 piece

tungsten carbide bearing ball

around 75 available at on 4/20

HD youtube video found here:


Attention!!! Important update!!!! PLEASE READ!!

As some of you know, BilletSPIN is just a small part of our main company. Our plant manager of the main company was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. He will be going in for surgery tomorrow.

Due to this, I have to fill in for him for an undetermined amount of time. This morning I discovered that the main company is behind on some orders. In order to get caught up, I will have to use the machines I have been making the Matrix on for a short time.

What does this mean to you? Exotic combo #4 will be completed before we switch so we should have all those shipped early next week. Exotic #5 will NOT be launched this week and right now, I don’t know when it will be launched. I will keep you updated though.

Indiegogo-nothing has changed and the ship dates will be as promised. The only thing this circumstance will change is the exotic schedule. They will just be pushed back to accommodate the main company.

Our main concern right now is with our plant manager and his family. I appreciate all your patience and know that we will update you all with any information as we get it. THANK YOU for your understanding.


Rich Stadler


Update: We will start shipping the exotic #4 on Monday. Should have everything shipped Tuesday.

We are getting the overdue jobs run and I am hoping to be back on the Matrix next week Tuesday. That means we should be releasing exotic combo #5 late next week. Of course that can all change with how things are going around here but I feel pretty confident right now.

I hope you all are having a great week and I REALLY appreciate all the support, understanding and patience.



Auction: Watch the video. Paypay payment required by Monday Morning! $5 minimum bid increment

Nabeel Sattar1515

Rich StadlerOVER

very important, WACH GAVINS VID


This auction!!

Coming next week!


I got a crazy afternoon ahead but thought I would check in. We are almost to single digits on the #5 so if you want one, act fast. Obviously the Trisks are sold out and FAST! Thanks for the amazing support as always. I am thinking exotic #6 will be early next week. We are cruising pretty good right now! I will keep you posted as I know more. Have a great day!



Check out the new video!!

This is the culmination of a LOT of work. Studio is pretty much done and we have a couple different intros now. I think this will really help show the tops so we can clearly show what to expect when you receive your new BilletSPIN top!


Exotic #6 on sale today at noon central with VERY limited quantities. Dont say I did not warn ya!

Here is a link to the video for those that have not seen it:

Let me know if you have any questions!

So I had just enough material for a one off for my buddy Jim Skelton. Hope you like it bud!

he has done so much for me, I could never do enough to repay him. Truly a great friend

This is a one off all zirc with SS pins. It will be going for a good cause waffle for Jeff Pearce from Pheonix Designs. He is a fellow maker that is in the hospital. I don’t know how much info I can share but stay tuned for more details about this. Karen Miranda McComsey has the info if she would like to share.

Karen Miranda McComseyHello,
I am doing a good cause Auction with kerry weeks for jeff pearce.

Jeff Pearce, a fellow top maker is in the hospital.
Jeff is a super nice person. He has bent over backwards helping me and others out with his knowledge, his tops and a lot of behind the scenes help most never find out about.
This is our chance as a community to repay his kindness.

So.. We are holding a Good Cause Waffle in 2 weeks to help with the growing medical bills.

We are looking for people who are willing to donate an item/s to go into the waffle.

Please direct all inquiries to my Admin Karen Miranda McComsey.

More to come….

Thank you
Kerry & Karen

you got 7 minutes until exotic 6 goes live. Trust me from the bottom of my heart, it wont last long. If you want it, get it. If not, live in fear of the day you realize you wanted it but didn’t get it 😛

almost gone

last call


I feel like a broken record but it needs to be said. I appreciate all your continued support. THANK YOU for all you do. It means more to me than you could imagine. More updates coming later today!

Ok folks, Coming May 4th. This is the one a lot of you have been waiting for!

I will get the audio nailed on the next video. Tried something new and it obviously did not work.


So who is ready for #7? I got a decent amount, we gonna sell out?

Sue in action flaming some Zirc


Today at noon!!

Assembling #7 begins!!

I hope nobody has forgotten about the standards!

You got two hours…Feel the call…

John Meyer

10 minutes!!

What are you doing reading this?? You need to be on to get a #7  😛

Calling this one sold out. Ended up similar to my original numbers. Wanted to provide extras just in case but we did not need them. This will open up more material options down the road. THANK YOU for the amazing support!!!!! So awesome  🙂 We will have all these shipped next week. Expect #8 in a week, Next Tuesday at the earliest!


Exotic combo #8 video! 24 hour sale that starts tomorrow at noon.


67 hours left!! If you want a standard Matrix, we are reaching last call!! These will NOT be offered after this ends. Just a heads up!

Matrix Exotic Combo #8 Zirc/Bronze/Zirc

-Carbide bearing ball
-24 hour unlimited sale at at noon central today (5/9)! Once the sale is over, these are gone for good!
-No limited on orders
-Shipping will should be completed early next week

Here is the link to the video:

#8 is live!

Well we sold more than I thought of #8 already! Awesome 🙂 I do have to make more zirc outers but that is a good problem to have. We will be assembling tomorrow and probably shipping will start tomorrow or Thursday for sure. Thanks again all!!!!


Last call on the #8 Matrix! You got just over an hour then these are gone for good!!

Down to the last day! Get it now or it is gone forever!!


18 hours left!

We will be launching exotic #9 on Tuesday at noon central. I will do a video soon. I lost my proto 🙁 I have to make another

You got 4 hours! Get them standards now cause they will never be available again!

Here it is, video for the infamous Exotic combo #9. Enjoy!

You got 4 hours! Get them standards now cause they will never be available again!

Matrix update


Just want to clear the air here. Nizaar Lilla won the banner design contest a while back and his prize was a one off top. He chose to use this on the Matrix so here is his top! He is not photoshopping this one all  🙂


Good Cause Auction: Fellow Maker Jeff Pearce has had some unexpected medical expenses due to some health issues. 100% of the sale goes to Jeff to help out. This is a 1/1 exotic matrix. Zirc/Zirc/Zirc with stainless pins and carbide bearing ball. This will come with a COA.

I will run this auction until 3:00 pm central today. If you would like to contribute by dog pile or add-on, please contact Jeff directly. Lets keep this one to bid only.

$5 MINIMUM bid increment and 5 minute anti-snipe. Payment will need to be made through paypal by noon tomorrow. I will ship tomorrow.

EDIT: I will now throw in a “list” spot. The winner of this will get to create any Matrix combo they like with the extra components. I make no promises what those components will be but there should be a good selection. You cannot choose an existing limited edition combo. If you choose a one off, it will come with a COA and that combo will be off the table for future list spots

Thanks all for making this community what it is.

Corey Arnold 2100

Crap, over!! Sorry about that all, time got away from me

Congrats to Corey Arnold!! You are amazing man! iMessage me your address and email and I will get it out to you tomorrow!! Thanks all


30 minutes until finally the #9 is released!!!


you got 10 minutes, relax

going fast! Not sure how many are left

Well SOLD OUT. THANKS again!! The colors are really looking great on these and shipping will happen late this week and into early next week. You all rock!!


Shipping will start Friday! Hope you are excited!!

So which is cooler, this one or Jim’s? I call it a tie!

this one has a little flutter

This one is gone!! Sorry folks, shows over  😛


Sight unseen auction. This is a WOBBLE MONSTER!!! Buy this for the art of it, not to spin it. The star on the stem is slightly mis aligned. It is extremely cool looking and is a one of one. Will come with a COA stating it is a wobble monster.
Auction will run for an undisclosed amount of time. Pics will be posted after auction is over. Winner will pay with paypal. Dont get carried away, this thing WOBBLES!!!!!!!!!

Calm Lao 800


Congrats Calm Lao!

Here are the pics of the auction top Calm Lao just won

can you guess the combo?

black timascus over super conductor with timascus stem

Just a heads up for all of you eyeing combo #11. Superconductor is made from Copper and Niobium. The niobium rods are not perfectly concentric thus making the material out of balance. Now some will be more than others. Every top I have sold with SuperConductor since the Navigator has come with a disclaimer “Expect Wobble”. I have wanted to stop using the stuff but I get hounded weekly for more tops with the stuff. Anyways just know that top #11 like this auction top will wobble. I am not talking flutter, I am talking wobble. If for some reason yours doesn’t great but expect the worst.

If you are curious about this and would like me to do a video showing it, I can. Just let me know. Once again, thanks for the support!

Heads up, I have a decent amount of black timascus for the outer collars so hopefully you liked how they turned out on today’s auction top. I am thinking Zirc inner with a glow inlay. Not sure about the stem. This would be for #16


Had a mix up on counts so we are short 15 #9’s but we finished up the components and will finish the assembly on Monday and ship them! Most have already shipped though. Can’t wait to start seeing some pics from yooze!


Lets see some #9’s!!!!!


Got a small chunk of black timascus in for #15  😛

Heading out to lunch with my Mom so good luck all and thanks in advance for your support!


So I got more black Timascus in for #15 but unfortunately I got the wrong stuff (my mistake). So the #15 that I had hoped to make will not be happening. With that said, this will be the replacement and I think it is equally as cool. This one will be a SUS but it wont happen for several weeks!

Here is a short vid of #15

All spin bases have shipped unless your order was placed this weekend. All Indiegogo tops will ship by the end of the day on Thursday at the latest.

Exotic combo #10 will launch at noon central tomorrow (5/31) and will be a limited quantity, first come first serve with no limit on how many one person can order. I will be doing the video for it later today. These will be sold


Had issues with my video software today so you get the bare bones video. Exotic combo #10 which is launching at in 45 minutes. When they are gone, they are gone!

10 minutes yo

about half sold out

Just under 20 left

9 left

SOLD OUT, thanks all!!!!

SUS- READ THIS CAREFULLY. We are short staffed so we are unable to use the SUS website. Follow the instructions carefully!

Exotic combo #11. 23 of these available at this time (27 total with no scrap). Zirc/Superconductor/zirc. These WILL wobble!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $400 plus $5 domestic and $12 international.


To enter reply to this post. ALL replies will be counted as entries. Winners will be chosen tomorrow and payment will need to be made this week via paypal.

Good luckl

Just a heads up, exotic #12 will be available on tuesday, noon central at and there will be quite a few of them but I know they are in high demand also.


You all want a live vid to pick the winners of the #11 or just make a post?

Winners, $5 domestic and $12 international shipping. Send payments to and then reply “paid” to your name below. Then message Lindsey Wissing with you address and email!!!

Drumroll please! Here we go, please please please dont comment until all the winners are tagged in the response. This will take some time. I will draw and tag each winner in a separate reply. These are the winners/buyers of combo #11.

1 goes to Adam Kempers
2 goes to Ronald Pangestu
3 goes to Scott D Reid
4 goes to Thomas Ethridge
5 goes to Raymond Jimenez
6 goes to Toni Grandon Abalos
7 goes to Michael Melkonian
8 goes to Jose Jose D’Craw
9 goes to Zac Cohen
10 goes to Lawrence Safadi
11 goes to Mike Orsina
12 goes to Xiao Zheng
13 goes to Ben Payne
14 goes to Scott Westermeier
15 goes to Kevin Howell
16 goes to Travis Mills
17 goes to Longze Li
18 goes to Thomas Garry
19 goes to Kristine Bonnell Anrig
20 goes to Erik Radcliffe
21 goes to C-y Liao
22 goes to Kevin McCoy
and the last and final winner/buyer is
picking the winner now
going t
almost there
Jason Shao is the final winner/buyer

This one off Matrix is going to someone very special and it was my honor to make it for him. I am not going to post the name yet but it is so cool I could be part of this. Anyways, here it is, Black Timascus/flamed 3 color mokume with timascus stem. Spins great!

Here it is! Video for exotic combo #12. Coming to on June 6th at noon central!


Almost forgot, thanks to you all, the Matrix has surpassed the K2 in terms of sales. Plus we still got a lot left to go.

This is great news to me personally because as most of you know, I prefer the more complex designs. No worries for those that like the one and two piece designs, we will be making plenty of those yet as well. The success of the Matrix just allows Billetspin to be more diverse in our offerings. With our added equipment we can offer a broader range of designs while still keeping up with the demand.

Speaking of demand, it’s still growing. This is 100% thanks to all of you. Your feedback, pictures and posts to the various social media sites has kept Billetspin growing at a phenomenal rate. Thank you so much!

So yeah, bright future ahead. I have made my fair share of mistakes and have done my best to learn from them. Let’s keep making this place a fun place to hang out and keep this train rolling.

Have a great weekend all!!



Bed head, Ella and exotic #12

You got 4 minutes to show time!!

Well looks like the extra I made was a good idea. Not a lot left!

Sold out! Thanks all!! Stay tuned for more updates and have a great night!


Exotic #13 SS/Reptilian Dammy/flamed SS. This will be for sale over the weekend starting tomorrow at noon central and ending monday morning at 8am central. $290 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping. Sold at

We will make as many as are ordered. After Monday morning, these will never be offered again.

Got some bad news. Main business is getting in the way again. This means whatever outer collars I have done by Monday is it. I don’t have nearly as many as I would like so the quantities will be pretty small for the mystery tops and I doubt I will be making 5 different combos. More than likely just 4.

I greatly apologize for the inconvenience. This will not affect the sales of #13 but we will not have many of 14. Keep this info in mind as you plan out future exotic Matrix purchases.

If you have any questions please let me know. Any combo that has over 30 will be sold via billetspin website and under will be SUS.


Wont it be nice to relax today at noon. Whats the line at for how many hours after 8am somebody post they missed out on Monday  😛

Hope you all have a wonderful day and if I dont get time to post later, the most awesome weekend!

These are live! You got until Monday morning!




Matrix #15 Exotic!
$440 plus shipping
Black Timascus/Flamed Copper/Zirc

6/15 will run for 14 hours
around 25 total
Full Review video:


SUS for #15 is live! it will run for 24 hours!!

217 Xiaoxiao 51 Wu huiyang 154 CHIA-YI LIAO 61 Stephen Kohtz 218 Russell McKelvey20 Daryl Pritchard 238 Alexander 203 chen liang 86 Jason Luther 24 Nicky Duplechien180 Li Yi Zhou 247 Julie 64 Sergio P. Ortiz111 David Trinh66 Johnson Nguon 79 Kris poole 204 Sherry Bunten 68 Benjamin Wilson 45 William Stout McDowell5 WangJian

ATTENTION: Exotic Combo #16 will no longer be what I posted. Do to some issues I would rather not share, we will be using a different material combination. I am so sorry for the inconvenience this causes any of you. I will hopefully have the new combo ready tomorrow!


Exotic Combo #16!
$450 plus shipping
6/20 at noon central on
38 grams
Carbide bearing ball


15’s will be shipped tomorrow. 16’s will be sold tomorrow at noon and shipping will start later this week for them. Hoping to have a 17 proto this week! Hope yooze all have a great Monday!

Thoughts? Do you want this as #17? Zirc/glow/zirc

who won the glow matrix proto?

Matrix collectors apology and list of K2’s that will be available


Yooze ready for noon??

#17 vid

Pics of:

#17 Zirc/glow/zirc $350
#18 Twist Damascus/Timascus/Polished SS Stem $390
#19 Timascus/Reptilian Damascus/ Polished SS Stem $440

Thats all the exotics folks! I saved some goodies for a later date but that wont be for a year or so. Once 19 is sold out, we are onto the next design!

These will sell over the next two weeks on

Well that was fast!!!!


Ok all, the messages for #17 are unreal so I take it the majority like it. I am running all the glow plastic I have. That was not the original plan as I wanted to save some for future projects. I will make as many as I have material for. Should be around 100. These will be $350 plus shipping and for sale on 6/27 on


Pretty colors

Here it is finally! The video for Exotic #17 GLOW BABY YEAH


Auction: All Timascus Matrix with inner disc being a brand new Mosaic pattern from AKS!

Sorry for the crappy phone vid, man FB destroyed it lol. Looks much better in person.

Robert Pattie $1301 lol

over! Congrats to Robert Pattie!!


Hope you guys did not forget 18 released just now

20 left of #18 twist dammy/Timascus/polished stainless steel stem $390 but be quick if you want one.


#19 Matrix will be released on Tuesday 7/11 on

I will do a vid and pics later this week


Matrix #19! The last and final combo! Sold 7/11 at noon central on About 40 total. No limit but once they are gone, they are gone!

$440 plus shipping!


Matrix #19 has shipped! Would like to thank everyone who made this campaign a huge success! Gotta tell you though, I am glad it’s over. No more flaming and assembling and getting my fingers and rubber gloves stuck on the points. So many interesting combinations though. Hope you all enjoy the heck out of those things! -Sue-


oh, would you look at that

I think these will be a hit. Nobody has any clue about this one yet. I will do pics later.

but it is not a thrust or a trisk

these 12 are going up too on Wednesday. This is all that will be made

Official info post about October 4th release! Here is what will be going up for sale on at noon central:
-Gen 2 and 3 spin bases in Green, amber, blue and white $90
-Bronze/copper/bronze Thrusts in 2 finish variations $150
-Zirc/timascus/zirc Triskelions $300
-Zirc/Zirc/polished SS Matrix $350
Shipping will be $5 domestic and $15 international USPS or $35 DHL


Messing around with left over Matrix parts? Which one do I make?



Sue’s psychedelic creation. We were just having some fun after a wedding last night waiting for the reception to start. Definitely a different look!! That’s my gal for ya 🙂
Materials are zirc/black Timascus/copper


Finishing up the last of the leftover Matrix. Tried something on the 2 color mokume and came out pretty cool? Thoughts?


Update: finishing up our end of year house cleaning and assembling the last of the leftover Matrix combo.

Hopefully I start the new design late today!! This new design will not go up for sale until next year. I am pumped, this ones going to be crazy. Lots of pieces, tons of machining and…big. I will post some teaser pics occasionally throughout the remainder of the year. Wish me luck  🙂

Don’t be offended if I don’t answer any questions about this new top…  🙂


Ok all, I have the last Matrix combo ready. It is zirc/2 color mokume/zirc and comes in two finish variations on the mokume. I will post pics in the reply and get better pics later. Price will be $375 plus shipping. This is the LAST of the Matrix. We have no extra components. We do have the CS extras we will be selling next year. So my question is when do you want me to put these on the website. The new design will be in the $250-$300 range and will probably be available middle of January.

you ever see 2CM look like that?


Last two Matrix combo’s going up on on 4/30 noon CDT. $350 plus shipping. I will get pics up later!

All Evolutions will have shipped on Monday!


Here they are folks, the LAST two Matrix combo’s. Going live at noon CDT tomorrow (4/30). $350 plus shipping. Both are zirc/2 color mokume/zirc but the mokume is treated differently. Colors are very consistent in the batches. Let me know if you have any questions!


Sue Stadler: Less than 30 minutes, People! Don’t miss the last of the Matrix design ever!!!

1 Minute!! Oh the excitement…

Less than 5 remaining of the last Matrix!


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