Top #29 “Infected Specimen”

Jim Skelton Ok boys and girls, time for me to spill the beans. Rich and I have been working on a secret project, a collaboration piece. You might have noticed I slipped in a few little jokes over the last month about “Infected Specimen” and Rich in an OSHA Biohazard suit… those were tiny hints as to what was coming. Rich allowed me the opportunity to come up with a design concept for a new top, and I knew immediately what I wanted to do. But of course… as with everything else I design, it wasn’t an easy task to undertake. This one has already presented a challenge to Rich before he even cut the first piece this morning, and he has had to do some thinking on how to make my vision come to reality within the restrictions of what can actually be done in the real world LOL. I’m no machinist, so I don’t know all of the limitations… that’s the fun of being a dreamer… we don’t need reality!!

I can’t reveal too much, but all I can say right now is that it will be an INTRICATE top, and will feature a 3-Dimensional Biohazard logo similar to what you see depicted in the image here.

Stick back some pennies, because there will also be a handful, a very small run of SPECIAL editions of this one. Yes, you’ll need to be fast to grab one. Conversely, there will be a good amount made of the other metal options, so most everyone WILL get to own this very special piece. I hope that when you see it fully revealed that you like it. I think it’s BilletSpin’s most aggressive looking top, and might give the ole Kraken and Aperture a run for their money!!


Rich Stadler really taking my time with this one. Using a new technique that will allow me to use timascus. Then you also have this new glow material. It is great working with Jim on this. More details to come but I am guessing it will take most of next week to get it right. What We got so far looks pretty sweet though 🙂

Jim Skelton The first complete prototype is finished. It looks really awesome, but Rich and I decided to add more levels of detail to it, so he will be hitting it again next week. As it sits currently, it’s a jaw dropping top, when it’s finished next week… it’s gonna be legendary.


the mojority of the home improvement stuff is now happening this week. I will try to get the Infected Specimen done but might not happen until next week. Hoping to release it next week but is now looking like the week after. I hate being this busy and apologize for the delay! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


UPDATE: I am back at work and trying had to get caught up. New machine just finished with the install. Had to order some special profiling tooling which is long overdue. Looking to release the Infected Specimen at the end of next week unless something changes.

Ya know, some projects just go nice and easy and others just dont. I will not stop until we nail this one but man the creative juice is flowing like molasses right now

Boom 🙂

my brain is working again lol

oh baby!

I am doing a particular programming that I have never done before. Score!!


Lindsey Wissing anyone been on the website today?


Jim Skelton TODAY.

You should be seeing a sneak peek of the Infected Specimen. I would suggest laying down a drop cloth, you may not be able to control your bodily functions when you see it.

The new upgrades Rich tossed into it takes it to a whole other level. It’s going to be a PITA, but so well worth it!! Rich and I thank you all for your patience and continued excitement over this project.


Rich Stadler sneak peek will have to wait until tomorrow. Getting too many contractor calls for the house. We have the first 2 ops running the prototypes and I am LOVING how it looks. We will have some full assembled tomorrow!

For those of you that are new and interested in the newest top coming out. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the main page. There is a counter. When it hits zero, the Infected Specimen will be released! More details to come but that will get you headed in the right direction!!!

Price will be $150 for standard, $200 on up for exotics. Louis, I try to release a top about every three weeks. Longer if we do a huge run like an Indiegogo


Stem for next prototypes are running now! Yes, each of those V-grooves are individually machined. This grip is crazy!


This will be the first top I offer moon glow as an option and timascus. Small quantities of both those due to the small amount of material I have. Those two are separate meaning I will not use the moon glow and timascus on the same top. I also have 100% tungsten. The material combo’s are up toJim Skelton 🙂 So who’s excited for moon glow and Timascus?

I got 12′ of tungsten lol

inner disc. the outer collar is milled so much there is hardly anything left. Using W for that would not add much weight. Using it for the Inner Disc will make a huge difference in spin time

Tungsten will have a substantially longer spin time

the extremely limited versions will be limited to one per person.

green moonglow through a biohazard symbol…

That Jim is a mad scientist lol

tweak run, tweak run, tweak run. This is killing me. Each tweak takes an hour lol. Its getting there. Should have it by days end

99% done… This one is a lot of fun to spin. The cuts on the face are WAY deeper than the Kraken or Aperture. Got some new tooling in that will allow me to do more drastic cuts like these. Very very happy with this one. I will post a new pic every day. This is all you get for now.


one more so you can see the depth of the face


the cut out in the side follows the biohazard symbol on the other side. Like bird wings or a “m’. I will try to capture that better in later pics. The middle of the “m” intersects the inner disc. That will look a little different on the Timascus though.

Contest: Winner gets a sneak peak of the other side of the Infected Specimen. To enter, reply with my favorite tv show from the 80’s. One entry per person. 1st one to guess right wins!

Jay-Krishan Chakraborty Knight rider?

Rich Stadler winner


I find this interesting. I am a big strategy guy. Love Chess and pool and games that use a lot of strategy. I am pretty good at spotting it in others. Watching this group evolve has been quite a trip for me. When I say evolve, I am specifically referring to the week leading up to the launch of a new top.

I have watched the way people post when they first join the group and how they adjust that as they become veterans during the week leading up to the launch. Sometimes I feel like the guy that is sending Neo into the Matrix. I can look at that screen and know what is going on in there lol.

Just a 10 second glimpse into where my mind is at on a early Friday morning. Its all down hill from there 😛 If I dont post anymore today, have a great weekend all!


How do all of you feel about a BilletSPIN Customer Appreciation day. There are several halls very close to the shop. It would be on a Saturday. During the day we could do an open house here at our shop and then at dinner we would rent a hall and serve you food. We could do spin contests and giveaways. I could make a special top just for the event. You would have to get here but we would work out a group rate for the hotel which is connected to the hall we would rent. Dinner would be on us.



The first Timascus Infected Specimen is running now…




61 grams and feels amazing spinning it. Just waiting for Jim to text back…



SUS: Infected Specimen #1. Timascus over Tungsten over Titanium. I will make as many out of my bar of Timascus as I can. Should be around 10. I will do a separate SUS for each one over the next week. Each will come with a COA. This one has a slight flutter half way through the spin. 1.2″ diameter with ceramic ball.

I will draw the winner in 2 hours. Price on this one is $350 shipped due to the flutter. To enter reply “in”. Immediate PayPal payment required.

Please keep this to “ins” only

S29-09 S29-11S29-12S29-10

Lindsey Wissing OVER

Lindsey Wissing 101! Congrats to Abe Ga!!!!!


SUS: Infected Specimen #2 of 10.


1.2″ diameter. Spins real good. I am not going to say perfect but well within what I let go as a good spinner. $400 shipped.

To enter post in. One entry per person. Immediate paypal payment required once winner is drawn. This will ship tomorrow. Comes with COA. This will end in 1 hour (noon central time).

S29-30 S29-31S29-32

Lindsey Wissing OVER

Lindsey Wissing Clifford Wilson WINNER!!!

next three have a flutter. If I have any extra timascus after the 10 I will combine use other materials for the inner disc besides tungsten. It will only be 2-3 at the most. Just keeping you all in the loop. The Timascus is a huge pain because I have to take the outer collar off to color it.

Kind of cool!


Just so you can get an idea of what standard materials will look like


Auction: This is a 1 of 1 wobbler. Timascus over Super Conductor over Titanium. It will come with a COA and that will state this is a wobbler. Spins perfect for the short while then it graduates to a full wobble. I will not make anymore of this combo and I have way to much time and materials to junk it. It looks stunning if I do say so myself.

$5 minumum bid increments. Shipping is included. This ends in 2 hours (2:30 central time).

S29-15 S29-16

Brian Dvorak 1505

Rich Stadler over

Johnny Hsieh 1550

Rich Stadler WOW

Rich Stadler Johnny Hsieh I will PM you. Give me a few minutes

Rich Stadler Congrats Brian Dvorak on winning this one!


Pics of the SS/Cu/SS Infected Specimen! Hope you like it!

S29-17S29-18S29-20 S29-19

Dang that’s just cool


Had to 🙂


One more, this one is not available. 2 color Mokume!

S29-23 S29-24S29-25

SUS for #3 of 10 Timascus/tungsten/titanium. This one starts out perfect and develops a wobble as it slows. This timascus will be the death of me. Due to wobble, price is $325 shipped. Post “in” to enter. One entry per person. This one will go until morning so my overseas friends can get a look. Immediate payment required after winner is picked. Comes with COA that will note wobble.

S29-26S29-27S29-29 S29-28

How cool would it be to have Timascus Switch plates?? I know it would cost a fortune but I might make a few for the house. Making a man cave in the basement.

off to finish 6 of 10! Fingers crossed for no wobble!

Just thinking out loud here but how about an all copper top that doubles as a ketchup bottle top? Never has to be polished. Yeah, that’s the stuff I got rattling around in here lol

Ok, one last post for the day. What combo do you think will be your favorite for the Infected Specimen? It can be any I have posted today or any combo I have use on any top previously. Talk to me


SUS: Infected Specimen 4/10 Timascus/tungsten/titanium. This one has a flutter that starts half way through the spin. $350 shipped. Immediate paypal payment required. Comes with COA. To enter, reply “in”. One entry per person. This will last for 15 minutes. Ends at 8:05 central time.


Rich Stadler over

Rich Stadler #23

Rich Stadler congrats Cody Wilson!


SUS: Infected Specimen 5/10 Timascus/tungsten/titanium. This one has the tiniest flutter towards the end of the spin. $375 shipped. Immediate paypal payment required. Comes with COA. To enter, reply “in”. One entry per person. Can only enter for yourself. This will last for 2 hours. Ends at 10:15 central time.


Rich Stadler over

Rich Stadler winner is

Rich Stadler da ta da!!!!

Rich Stadler 141

Rich Stadler PM sent Andrew Smith

trying superconductor but it is slightly off center and has a flutter. Let me know if you would still be interested in a SS/Super conductor/SS if it has a flutter. I can make about 40 of them. Price would be $220. If I get 40 people interested, I will offer them. Some will be better than others, it is just the nature of this material.

Here is an example of the wobbling superconductor…

S29-39 S29-40S29-41

looks like this is happening. Thanks for being awesome

good news, got 2 more SUS tops that are real good. Not DT smooth but really good. The rest have a flutter or wobble.

Finally getting stuff done. SS/Spiro/SS

S29-42 S29-43S29-44

SS/tungsten with flamed SS or Titanium stem. I have not decided yet.

S29-45 S29-46S29-47



lm fed, more pics coming. Have to run them first. Hoping to have all the pics taken before I go home tonight. Moon glow will be separate and probably sold next week here. The rest will be on the website other than the timascus

Here are the combo’s:

SS/W/flamed SS stem
SS/Super conductor/SS

Cu/super conductor/Cu

Br/basket weave dammy/Br

Timascus versions and moon glow will be sold here on FB. Cu/2 color Mokume/Cu -VERY few of these and I will probably sell them here instead of the website due to the small qty.

If you have questions about the Infected Specimen, here is your chance


S29-51 S29-52S29-53


S29-54 S29-55 S29-56


S29-57 S29-58S29-59


S29-75S29-76 S29-77






S29-63 S29-64S29-65


S29-68 S29-66 S29-67

Last one: cu/br/cu

S29-69 S29-70S29-71

SUS: Infected Specimen 6/10 Timascus/tungsten/titanium. This one has the tiniest flutter towards the end of the spin. $375 shipped. Immediate paypal payment required. Comes with COA. To enter, reply “in”. One entry per person. Can only enter for yourself. This will last until morning.

S29-72 S29-73S29-74

I will add one more option for the Infected Specimen and I will let you all pick it. Here is what you can use:
Outer collar: SS, Cu, Br
Inner disc: SS, Cu, Br, Spiro, Basket weave, twist, tungsten, tungsten copper
Stem: titanium, SS, Cu, Br
I can flame anything but it adds to the cost.
Add your option and the highest vote wins. Please no jokes on this one.


Infected Specimen video! Sorry for the phone vid. ISO meeting in my video room

Group pick! Copper over tungsten over flamed titanium stem!


$230 due to ti and flaming

SUS: Infected Specimen 7/10 Timascus/tungsten/titanium. This one has a flutter. $350 shipped. Immediate paypal payment required. Comes with COA. To enter, reply “in”. One entry per person. Can only enter for yourself. This will last for 2 hours and end at noon central time.


Rich Stadler over!

Rich Stadler congrats #56

Rich Stadler Scott D Reid

Infected Specimen Information post:

-1.20″ in diameter
-15 material options for the website
-2 additional material combo’s for the group next week
-6 minute spin times for standard materials (results may vary)
-8 minute spin times for tungsten (results may vary)
-1/8″ ceramic bearing balls for all models
-our goal is to ship all orders by August 4th
-Shipping will begin on July 22nd
-Neither Infected Specimen or Damascus will show up on the shipping label
-We will not accept returns of any Super Conductor or Tungsten due to flutter/wobble
-All tops wobble to a degree. If you are expecting Dead smooth tops until the end of the spin, BilletSPIN is not the brand for you.
-the top is not yours until you CHECK OUT. Just because it is in your cart does not make it yours.

If you have more questions let me know and I will add the answers to the list

Here are the combo’s:

SS/cu/SS- $150
SS/Br/SS- $150
SS/SS/SS- $150
SS/Spiro/SS- $220
SS/W/flamed SS stem- $220
SS/Super conductor/SS- $220

Cu/SS/Cu- $150
Cu/twist/Cu- $220
Cu/super conductor/Cu- $220
Cu/Br/Cu- $150

Br/Cu/Br- $150
Br/basket weave dammy/Br- $220
Br/SS/Br- $150

SS/Br/Cu- $150

Timascus versions and moon glow will be sold here on FB. Cu/2 color Mokume/Cu -VERY few of these and I will probably sell them here instead of the website due to the small qty.

Scavenger hunt for 8/10 Timascus/tungsten/titanium Infected Specimen. This will be 2 rounds. 1st 5 winners of the 1st round will move onto round 2. Price is $350 shipped due to small flutter.

first 5 to post a selfie with a live rodent move onto round 2. No photoshop.

Round 2: winners from round 1 are Austin CookeMichael BrightMarc OsgoodAndrew Luu and Christopher Green.

1st of you to post a selfie with a actual (no photo) cop car wins


All quantities are set and when they are gone, they’re gone. Tungsten and Superconductor tops will more than likely have a wobble. None of the tops will be dead true until the end of the spin and that holds true for all BilletSPIN tops. These tops are hand assembled. We did our absolute best to line everything up but they are hand assembled and could be off very slightly. The tops are not yours until you complete checkout. Just because it is in your cart, it can be sold from under you. Shipping lead time is two weeks but we will start tomorrow in a random order. You can buy as many as you like.

I think that covers it. Good luck everyone and be quick. I can’t wait to hear your selections!

SUS: Infected Specimen 9/10 Timascus/tungsten/titanium. This one has a flutter. $350 shipped. Immediate paypal payment required. Comes with COA. To enter, reply “in”. One entry per person. Can only enter for yourself. this will last for the next 5 minutes

Rich Stadler over

Rich Stadler 27

Rich Stadler Congrats Blake Hasson!

Scavenger hunt for 10 of 10 Timascus/tungsten/Titanium Infected Specimen. This is the smoothest and will be $400 shipped. This will be 3 rounds.

1st round: 1st 8 people to post a picture of themselves with my sister move onto round 2. Photoshop is encouraged.

Congrats to the winners of round 1!

Mike Occhuizzo
Aries Hughey
Matt Blackie
Theang Huey Vern
Daniel Sorriso Lira
Hiep Phan
Brant Awakuni
Santos Cordon Jr.
Nick K. Bhasin

I had to let 9 in due to my own mistake.

Round 2: First 4 to post a selfie with a stop light wins. Light must be on green or it will not count. NO PHOTOSHOP. an actual stop light GO!!!

Congrats to the winners of round 2!!

Mike Occhuizzo
Santos Cordon Jr.
Matt Blackie
Daniel Sorriso Lira

Final round. This one will take a while. First one to post a selfie with an animal crossing sign wins(people signs dont count)! NO PHOTOSHOP. Good luck all, curious how long this one will take. GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

New round 4!

Mike Occhuizzo
Santos Cordon Jr.
Matt Blackie
Daniel Sorriso Lira

1st one to post a selfie with a soda machine while you are holding a coke or pepsi in your hand wins

Rich Stadler winner!!

Rich Stadler thanks you all for playing!

If you want my opinion since I have been fondling these for a few days. Get a Tungsten. Seriously. The feel of it in your hands is so nice. I love them all but for pure spinning, I love me some W. Hope that does not confuse your choices 😛 Just thought I would throw it out there

Good luck all

WOW, again you all never cease to amaze me! I am really surprised the ones remaining are the ones remaining lol. THANK YOU from myself and my entire family. Hope things went smooth. It looked good on our end. The ones remaining have very few left so if you are on the fence, dont wait around too long. Well I am off to run tops. This was a pleasure. My heart was pounding!!!



As of now, we are on schedule to have all the shipping done by end of next week. This assembly is a bit harder than normal so it takes longer.

My video guy stopped in yesterday so we could start on the Indiegogo project. Got some cool plans and I will start the prototypes as soon as the Infected Specimens are done running. Planning to launch at the end of August. Spin Bases will be part of this campaign.

Moon Glow and Mokume will be released once all the others are made. I am not going to delay shipping in order to make these. I was hoping for this week but that is not going to happen now. My apologies. Hoping for next week!


UPDATE: We are looking great to have all the Infected Specimen’s shipped this week! Once the machining is done, I will make the moon glow and Mokume versions. SHould do the SUS this week I am thinking.

Soon as that is all done, I start work on the Indiegogo campaign. There are a ton of details I will share later about it. I have found a way to simplify the Indiegogo process for us so that will allow us to offer more variations with no hassle at all. As much work as these campaigns are, I am not going to lie…I love it. We got an amazing team and it is fun to get together to get this done.

Well time to get back to work. Hope you all have a great week!




I was hoping for more reaction to this picture from all those who said I didn’t make enough 😛


UPDATE: We “should” have all the Infected Specimens done tonight. Tomorrow when I come in I will start on the Moon glow and mokume version. We will be using the website to sell these. I plan to use this a lot more in the future due to some issues I have had doing it here. Might be towards the end of the day tomorrow or else Friday for sure. No clue ho many at this point but will probably be around 10 of each variation. I will also be making two moon glow/timascus tops. One goes to Jim Skelton and the other gets auctioned off here in the group.

Once done with that, I immediately start on the Indiegogo project. There is a slight hiccup with the spin bases so they might be out of the campaign but I am doing everything in my power to get them in time. I will try to launch this 8/23 but that could easily change.

Last year, I was looking at Vector art. I saw something that I thought would look cool in a top. I changed the design to make it my own and CNC friendly. Once completed I needed a name for the top. I showed it to the group and we all tossed around ideas. Then I remembered a part in one of my favorite movies and it hit me. The Kraken.

This time around, I am going to make the top based off of the Kraken (from the movie). There is a huge difference here in inspiration. The top will be completely different but you will see it will have similar “genes”. My #1 goal is to protect the value of the original Kraken. Hence the name K2. It is NOT called Kraken 2. It is called K2. It will look completely different. In my opinion, this will actually raise the value of the original.

This will be a short campaign (14 days) and we will have started production WAY before launch so shipping will be much quicker than the Navigator. We might even have them all made by the time the campaign is over depending on how many we have to make.

Sorry this was so long, I would love to hear your opinions.

This is the website for the sign up sale I will be using for the moon glow and mokume variations. I took it for granted you all would have known about it already. I will let you know when it is up!

Some of you dont know this but I had a top with over 100 possible material combinations last year 🙂



All Infected Specimen orders have shipped! Have an awesome day everyone!

Moon glow is running. Got a few more operations but you should see the SUS and auction today. Jim Skelton can finally get his top too!

Oh and it look really cool in my opinion 🙂


AUCTION: this is for #2 of 2 Timascus/Copper Tungsten/Moon Glow/flamed titanium stem Infected Specimen. Extremely smooth spinner. I would not call it DT smooth but close. #1 is going to Jim Skelton. This is the only chance at this combo. Comes with COA

This will run until 2:30 central time (4 hours). $25 minimum bid increment. 5 minute anti-snipe rules in effect. Shipping is included in the price. Let me know if you have any questions.

A video of it. Room is still pretty bright due to a huge window with the light off but you get the idea. This stuff glows like crazy. I am really impressed

2nd 4 piece I have ever done and the first design I have used moon glow in. Part of BilletSPIN history here.

Brian Bowden 3150

Rich Stadler Congrats Brian Bowden

Rich Stadler we will all sleep good tonight! I am going to close the comments to this. I have no words to express my grattitude to all the bidders. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

1st SUS is up. $250 plus shipping:

Infected Specimen SS/cuW/mg/SS

Shipping is $5 domestic, $12 international.

Immediate payment required.

7 Available

134      Francois Bonneau Lachance
94        Sidney Cousans
175      Alfred
72        Jared Schoenly
163      wanis naguib
74        David Landman
165      Matthew cohagan

SUS #2 $250 plus shipping:

Infected Specimen Cu/CuW/mg/Cu

Shipping is $5 domestic, $12 international.

Immediate payment required.

7 available

78        Wes Schreiber
116      Joshua Ip
103      Thomas Cooney
255      Marc Ferreira
31        Perry Lawson
25        Luck
52        Stephen williams

SUS #3 $220 plus shipping:

Infected Specimen Cu/2 color mokume/Cu

Shipping is $5 domestic, $12 international.

Immediate payment required.

4 available

78        Aries Hughey
155      Michael Castellano
77        Phyllis Lineberry
165      Larry Fredrickson

SUS #4 $220 shipped. That was the last one:

Infected Specimen SS/2 color mokume/SS

Shipping is $5 domestic, $12 international.

Immediate payment required.

14 available

189      Richard Jones
38        Victor Bazaz
19        Christopher Jason Cantieni
128      Russell neale
104      Jason Hosking
197      Chris Peterson
244      Matt
18        Trenton Mason
101      Holly A Olson
187      Samantha Moss
110      Nick Rupp
3          Jeremiah McClintock
28        Robert Stegmann
54        Russell Martin



This is it, the Prototype Infected Specimen. I will also toss in a secret special bonus on top for everyone’s patience on this one.


Any bids posted here are final, so be sure you can pay the amount you bid.

Auction starts NOW and runs until Saturday at 6pm Central time (7pm Eastern time).

5 minute anti-sniping rule applies. Each new bid at the end restarts a 5 minute clock.

Payment is due immediately at the close of the auction via PAYPAL only please. Shipping is included to the continental US. Outside of that, winner pays actual shipping costs when I ship. Top and bonus ship on Monday via courier of your choice (USPS or UPS).

Please keep posts on this thread limited to bids only.

Bid hard and bid often my wife wants something special for her birthday next week 😂.

S29-87 S29-88 S29-89 S29-90

Jim Skelton 6pm. Auction is over!

Congrats Johnny Hsieh at $1700! Pm me so we can work out the details.

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