Top #33 “Torus”


We had a poll and you all wanted a cool one piece next correct?
Bathgate will be done mid next week. Should have the new top the week after!


Big week this week! Tomorrow morning we launch our 6th crowdfunding project on Indiegogo called Billetspin Spheres! Then we will be releasing the next top which will be one piece and offered in a variety of materials and finishes. Those of you that ordered Rings from our website, we are making them now and should be caught up on orders I a little over a week! Lastly we will be finishing up the last of the Bathgate tops. I am a bit behind due to being ill but hopefully am doing better tomorrow morning. So who’s ready?!


Auction: Sight unseen prototype for this new one piece top. Will come with a COA. Might stink, might be similar to finished design, might be totally different might be identical. Your risk. I will let the auction run until I get the prototype done. NO minimum bid increment. No need for anti-snipe since nobody knows when this will end. Could be today, could be tomorrow, could be friday. All depends on how it goes. It will be one piece for sure. Winner will pay with paypal, immediate payment will be required. Lets not get crazy on this one, just have some fun with it. Wish me luck!

Cris Tarr 777

Rich Stadler over

Rich Stadler Congrats to Cris Tarr!


Auction is over, here is the prototype. It will be the ONLY one of these made from timascus. I am making the collar a full circle rather than the flat that is on this one. The ruby ball in the stem is non-functional. The hole was oversize so I epoxied the ruby in. Congrats Cris Tarr and I hope you like it! I will send this out today with a COA.

s33-01 s33-04 s33-03 s33-02

Here we is! The final version!!

I want to call it fat boy but I probably wont lol

It shall be called Torus

Torus spin vid!

look at the reflection in the spin base at the very start of the vid. LOVE that

Flamed copper?

Flamed SS, SS and bronze

I dont use exotics on a one piece top because the material cost would be astronomical.

it would cost so much. For example, Damascus would be around $250 and that is just too much for a one piece top

copper is 52 grams

SS is 46grams

Upside down spin vid


Sorry for the bad lighting. Trying new things and those new things appear to not work lol.

Official Torus post: 5 variations available. SS, Bronze, Copper will be unlimited through duration of sale and cost $75 plus shipping. Flamed SS and Flamed Copper will be 50 of each and $90 plus shipping. Sale starts at noon central tomorrow (12/2) and ends monday at 11am central (12/5). This is your ONLY chance to get these.

-1.2″ diameter

-50 gram average weight

-.125″ carbide bearing balls on both ends

-DO NOT spin these upside down on glass spin lens as you can damage the top and lens!!!

-one piece design

-flamed colors WILL VARY!!!!!!!!!

s33-05 s33-06 s33-07 s33-08 s33-09 s33-10 s33-11 s33-12 s33-13 s33-14

I did my absolute best to have the pictures look like they do in real life

These will be for sale on the website 50 of each of the flamed versions and unlimited of the others as long as the sale is up. It ends Monday never to be offered again. We will start shipping next week and will take 2-3 weeks to complete

Noon central, countdown timer is up

The last major[of 2016]. Still hoping to do a small run of mini’s and a stemless

YES if you polish your flamed anything, you can polish off the anodize. It does not matter is if is electroanodized or flame. The anodized layer is less than .001″ thick.


4 hours! Who’s ready??

Size comparison pic


Heading to lunch, looks like it went well! Just remember, sale ends on Monday at 11am CST. Once over, these are gone for good.

Lil vid for yooze


24 hours left before these are discontinued for good! Find them at under the tops tab! Spins upside down too! $75


Less than 4 hours remaining on the Torus!! After that it is gone for good! under the tops tab. $75



If you guys want a small batch of these, I can do it. They would be $90 plus shipping. We had a little mishap this morning so making these would save me a little scrap. Otherwise I would not do it. If you are interested, say in below and if there is enough, I will make them available to those that reply


Well for the first time I can remember, we are going to miss a promised delivery date. With the funeral, guys sick, me sick, we are just not going to have all the Torus completed and shipped tomorrow. This is not acceptable in my eyes and I apologize. We will have them all shipped by end of next week. If you do not get a ship notification tomorrow and would like a refund, please message or email Lindsey Wissing and we will be happy to do that. Again, so sorry for the delay and appreciate your patience.


My last post if 2016!


Combo #7 is still launching tomorrow (10/17) at noon central.
Combo #8 is launching on Friday (10/20) at noon central. We are also including the leftover Sparks and Torus in this launch. These were saved for CS and were not needed to we are selling them off. This is the absolute LAST of them so if you wanted a Torus or Spark, this is your last chance.
Torus-$75 & $90 (flamed)

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