Top #31 “Infinity”


I have been hearing a lot of requests for a long spinner. Something along the lines of the spin contest winner. If you watch the last 3 minutes of my spin you will see what a tip like that will do as far as wobble. That is what a design like that will do and would be sold as is because I don’t want a CS nightmare. I could make a heavier version that I could spin for a crazy amount of time. I would like to hear your thoughts on a top like this with the wobble. I would use aluminum over magnesium and copper tungsten over densemet. Personally I think it would be a much much easier top to spin compared to the Tinker using what I learned from this contest. Probably in the $125 range


Sometimes blessing come from mistakes. Just wait until you see the revised K2… 🙂 I guess my brain wasn’t done with this one lol. Long spinner first but let me tell you, the change to the K2 will be worth the wait!!


Bed time. Big day tomorrow. Finish up the prototypes by noon and then Jason will be here for filming the Indiegogo video. Tuesday we begin the creation of the long spinning Tungsten donut. Just wait until you see the stem on that one!! Have a great night all! -Rich-


K2 design has been changed and I am officially signing off on the design. We are running all the material variations for the Indiegogo video. We should start on the long spinner tomorrow! Hoping to have it available early next week.


prototype is done, getting spin time now! I am sure we will have to tweak it to get the most time out of it but it looks cool!


very rough proto, lots of changes. Just need to get a time to see where we are at


Well good start! That is a copper stem which hurts big time. Titanium will add another minute. I want to be able to spin this one for 15 easy. I think you all would be happy with that!


the first was dead smooth all the way to the end. that is promising. The problem is the spherical shape is the not ideal shape for a long spinner. 15 should easily be doable though I would think

oh and the donut is even worse. It will be a balancing act between spin time and looks. Just thinking out loud so you know what is going through my mind as I wait for this to time out

minor tweak to see the time difference

Getting all the weight out and down is the two major things

so a sharp bottom outside corner is critical and then as you go up, the material/weight needs to be less if that makes sense

yes, but the stem need to be large diameter. When you do that, you drop weight so you raise the height so compensate. The spin contest winner is the perfect example

I am guessing I will see about 30 seconds more on this one

this one is dead smooth too which is a very good sign. I dont think we will have a whole lot of flutter in these

I can see more changes need to be made, back to work!

this is what I got so far

nothing is done yet, stem is totally different. lots and lots of tweaks to make

I posted an update. I got the wrong material for the K2. It is postponed until end of September. This is a long spinning tungsten I will be releasing this week. but I am not done either. I make no promises. I will just keep tweaking and tweaking. As of this edition, it stabilizes twice as fast as the Navigator

Last spin of the day then I am heading home. We are close! The 15 minute goal will not be an issue but remember I spin a little longer than average. It is 3-4 minutes longer than the Paradox so you can figure it from that. I will try to beautify it tomorrow.

Have a great night all!

Garbage. Back at it tomorrow!


So the countdown timer is up for the release of the long spinner (NOT the K2). There will be a decent amount of options and some exotics. Not all will be long spinners but I think the look is cool so some superconductor or mokume versions should be a cool option. As of now, the tungsten over aluminum is the longest spinner but it wobbles more than the copper. I will keep you all posted probably late tomorrow with all the options, weights and spin times. I will also be selling some of the spin bases. I figure you will want a very high quality lens for a long spinning top. Hold the questions until I get everything set late tomorrow. I won’t have time to answer anything until then.

Have a great night!


After my subconscious working on this all night, I came up with a list of tweaks. Made all the changes and timing the spin. SUPER easy to spin. Now we will see the time. We should have this wrapped up in a hour or two and then I can post pics of the final version and start adding all the material options. I will tell you super conductor and three color mokume will be options 🙂

I think we got it. Will know for sure in a little bit!


If it is over 16 minutes with this spin, I got one tiny cosmetic change and then I am signing off. The counterbore in the back allowed me to bring back the see through stem. This top is insanely easy to spin. I will make a video to show you what I mean

I’m scared, hold me

Just past 16



That was a sub par spin, you guys happy with that?


This one made it to 12 minutes dead smooth then went to a flutter then a wobble. Price you pay for this material combo I guess

31 grams

Just under 1″

Somebody say prototypes?


Next spin was just under 18. My job is done! Just wait until you see the superconductor!

I understand completely. The problem is the Paradox was designed to be a long spinner so any long spinner I make in the future will have a lot of similarities because that is what makes it a long spinner. Design/function was the balancing act. The counterbore in the back took stabilization to another level. It is insane how much it affected this top. I think once you see the other options, you might like those better but they wont spin as long of course

AUCTION: I need to recoup some money I have stuck into this design so this auction is for all 13 prototypes of the Infinity (yes, thats the name). They will come with one COA. $5 minimum bid increment and 5 minute anti-snipe. Shipping is included! Ends at 2:00 central time today (4 hours from now). Good luck and thanks for joining me on this journey! Its been fun! All 13 have tungsten collars.


EDIT: WOW, since this got so high I will throw in a one of a kind Infinity. I will PM the winner and give them a list of all possible materials and they can pick the combo they want! That top will also come with a COA.

I have no problem with someone selling off some. Just remember, one COA for the entire group. I will not send individual ones for the secondary buyer

Austin Cooke 3,400$

Lindsey Wissing OVER

Lindsey Wissing CONGRATS to Austin Cooke!

Rich Stadler WOW, thank you Austin Cooke and all the bidders! So amazing

Super Conductor over copper. Better pics. SC is not dead concentric so these will have a slight flutter.

S31-07 S31-08 S31-09

8 minute spin time and it goes into a wobble at the end. I really am hating super conductor lol
LOVE the look of it though

Super Conductor over SS. SC is not dead concentric so they will have a slight flutter.

S31-10 S31-11

8 minute spin time. it turns into a wobble at the end

Infinity launch video. First take in case you were wondering 🙂

Check this out!


BilletSPIN house cleaning day! Once I get all the models made, photo’ed and timed, I will make a information post. It will contain the answers to all the questions. At that point I am going to delete all posts I created relating to the Infinity. The group has gotten so big that if you are not looking at it constantly, you get confused. This will hopefully eliminate the confusion. I will do a full youtube video hopefully at the end of the day. Wish me luck and have a great day!


General information about the Infinity top:
-.95″ diameter
-.90″ tall
-.125″ ceramic bearing ball
-8 different material combinations
-$5 domestic and $12 international shipping.
-Available only on at noon central time on 8/19
-2 week lead time on shipping!!

1) Tungsten collar/Aluminum Stem- 31 grams. Longest spin combination. $140 plus shipping. Unlimited quantity for 24 hours! These will flutter/wobble the last half of the spin


2) Tungsten collar/Flamed titanium stem- 33 grams. 1-2 minutes shorter in spin time than #1. $150 plus shipping. Unlimited quantity for 24 hours! These will flutter/wobble the last half of the spin


3) Tungsten Copper collar/Copper Stem- 31 grams. 2-3 minute shorter in spin time than #1. $140 plus shipping. Unlimited quantity for 24 hours! These will flutter/wobble the last half of the spin


4) Tungsten Copper collar/Flamed titanium stem- 26 grams. 4-5 minutes shorter in spin time than #1. $150 plus shipping. Unlimited quantity for 24 hours! These will flutter/wobble the last half of the spin


5) 3 color mokume collar/Copper stem-21 grams. Just under half the spin time of #1. $150 plus shipping. Limited quantity. May have slight flutter.


6) 3 color mokume collar/Brass stem-22 grams. Just under half the spin time of #1. $150 plus shipping. Limited quantity. May have slight flutter.


7) Super Conductor collar/Copper stem-20 grams. Under half the spin time of #1. $170 plus shipping. Limited quantity. These will flutter/wobble.


8) Super Conductor collar/Stainless Steel stem. 19 grams. Under half the spin time of #1. $170 plus shipping. Limited quantity. These will flutter/wobble



There are two options available, both in limited quantities. I have found that these provide longer spin time than the cosmetic mirrors I use. Results will vary.

1) 5″ diameter, single sided. 1.5″ tall. 20cm focal length. Made from K9 crystal. If you want information about this type of crystal, google it. $125 plus $10 domestic and $35 international shipping.

Spin Base 01

2) 4″ diameter, double sided. .63″ tall. 20cm focal lengths. Made from K9 crytal. If you want information about this type of crystal, google it. $90 plus $10 domestic and $35 international shipping.

Spin Base 02

In summary, all Tungsten and Tungsten copper variations will be for sale for 24 hours. I will make as many as we get orders for. Everything else is limited quantities and once they sell out, they are gone!

Here is a link to a video about the spin bases. In the video I said the double sided was 3/4″ but it is 5/8″. I also said the 5″ had a concave back but I meant it had a counterbore:

Here is the video of the Infinity top:

I have to say, WHEW! This was quite a project! Glad we are finally rolling. Tops are turning out fantastic! Now I can breathe for a day 🙂

it is crazy to watch and so easy to spin. This will probably be the most spun top by me out of all my tops. Of course my Mitch Lum mini tungsten gets a lot of spin time but it will be close.

How sturdy would you say the aluminum stem is? we tried bending it with a pliers. I can say it is very sturdy but if you drop it onto a hard floor I make no promises but I can say that about every copper stem I have ever made

The copper was so heavy it changed the spin dynamic. The cool thing about the W is its behavior when spun, especially a bad spin. The copper put too much weight in the middle and it acted more like a regular top. Even the Titanium changed it quite a bit but the spin time is still really good. I want the W version to be more about spin time. Hope that makes sense!


I hate aluminum but I would take it all day on this top. If you want looks, go exotic, if you want performance, got W/Al. If you want durable copper, go WCu

What is the diameter of the stem? .24″‘

Ok, here is a short vid of a superconductor shimmy

Video showing the strength of the aluminum stem


So who’s ready to challenge their personal bests with the Infinity? 🙂 I can’t wait to see your spin times on the W models!!! Can somebody break 20? I definitely think it’s possible. I hope Brian picks on of these up 🙂 Have a wonderful night all -Rich-


Hello BilletSPIN! Couple of things I want to mention before the big launch:
1. Spin bases are under ‘Gear’ Category
2. If you place multiple orders, we will not combine and refund part of the shipping
3. Good luck! :)

I’m ready for you BilletSPIN…..


Compliments of Reid Branston:



its early on a saturday morning. Wanted to go golfing but the weather says no. So I am just sitting here on FB, eating my cereal. Not sure what I should do today, I got all my work done this week so I could go golfing. What to do, what to do. Planted grass seed a month ago and the grass is really doing well. I enjoy looking at that. First to post a picture of them eating an icecream cone will win a Infinity top of my choice. Maybe I should mow the grass when it is done raining? I suppose I could run up to Appleton and look at furniture for the basement. I wonder if there are any new movies playing I could go see with the kids? Oh yeah, daughter has lice. Just wonderful. Been working on that gem for a few days. Making good progress but I cant help but itch my head as I type this. Well I hope you all have a productive day. Love you all!!

3 hours left to order. I will never repeat this design. No regreats lol


Well I have to believe a bunch of you are going to the their Infinity tops today! Operator is not here today so we got nothing done as I have my own stuff to do but he will be back tomorrow so we will have start shipping again.

INFINITY SPIN TIME POST: Lets keep this baby updated. I will try to keep all 8 variations best times in the OP. Post the combo and your best time! I know I know, most have not even got theirs yet but lets get this party started!!


Mk/Cu- 10:33
SC/SS- 10:27
SC/Cu- 10:05


W/Ti- 21:32
Mk/Cu- 11:39
SC/SS- 10:27
SC/Cu- 11:35
WCu/Cu- 18:00


W/Ti- 21:42
Mk/Cu- 13:07
Mk/Brass- 12:45
SC/SS- 10:27
SC/Cu- 11:35
WCu/Cu- 18:00


Well now that more and more Infinity’s are being delivered and spun, I would love to hear your opinions on this top from those that own one. Spin as easy as you hoped? Satisfied with the spin times?


Just a little something I made. First top from Mokuti. I am a huge fan of Timascus because of my deep love for Alpha Knife Supply but I happened to have some of this laying around. Two of these made for people that have helped me out. They were not sold and are not for sale 😀


mokuti over Ti


Infinity tops “Should” be all done tomorrow. These Ti stems and W collars just suck to machine. We got the system down but it is a slow process. Still will beat the two week lead time but I was hoping to have them all shipped by now. Thanks for your patience as always!

K2 video is done and YOWZA Jason Vincent knocked it out of the park. I will try to talk him into making a teaser video to show you all. Mokume is on the way and we are looking good on the K2. I should have a release date this week for sure. Could be as soon as two weeks from today. I like launching on a Tuesday but we will see how it goes!



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