Top #28 “Paradox”

Making real progress today! Haven’t done a double ender in a while. Looking forward to spinning this one!

not as many curves yet. I want this one to spin much longer than the sand dollar did. That limits me. Once I get the spin time where I want it, I will try to make it look sweet. Pretty plain right now

Just a heads up, I am not making a ton of these. Main focus is a long spinning true EDC top. If you are into that sort of thing, you will want to pay attention for upcoming details

1st timed spin with prototype. Got to make more changes


Right at 29 grams now

It is a true edc top that is one piece and focuses more on spin time than tricked out machining

It is crazy how small tweaks affect spin characteristics. Second timed spin on second proto underway


As it sits it stabilizes as fast as the navigator but has more clearance. Learning a lot with this one

Hollow stems do almost nothing. Plus I can’t because there is a ball on each end

I am on prototype #10. Making a one piece top that stabilizes crazy fast and looks good might be the biggest challenge I have ever had. Two piece would be so simple compared to this

Every spin has been over 10 minutes. I am close

Here are just 4 of them


Here is the latest video of the one piece top you have been seeing me post about. I urge you to watch towards the end. I talk about something I feel is very important. Sorry it is so long, I tend to ramble lol. Let me know if you have any questions!

how about that spin at 5:20 lol

broke me record, 2 dislikes lol.

I dont like giving out spin times as I always get higher times than most. I am getting 12. It will spin 1-2 minutes longer than the Lotus if that helps.

Name this top contest:

Chris Dogman Williams The Paradox.

Rich Stadler I am calling this the winner

The Paradox will be $70 plus shipping. They will all be made by the time we release them so crazy fast shipping on this one.

Oh ok, just one for now …šŸ˜›


Auction: This is for all 9 completed prototypes you saw in the video. They have all been spun and some have nicks. They will come with one COA for the whole batch. Shipping is included. I will end this tomorrow! $5 bid increment. Good luck!

I need to recoup some $$ for all the time I stuck into this one! All of these are brass

James GrippĀ 1800

CongratsĀ James Gripp! lindsey will contact you this morning yet. thanks for the awesome support!!!

Someone’s peeking…






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