Top #34 “Triskelion”

Well I think we got a good start. Here is what I got for the stemless. 2 piece, .25″ thick by 1.48″ diameter. SS/Timascus for now. I will order some Zirc in that size but doubt it will get here in time

they will go all the way around. Only the profile of the circle inside of the large OD circle will be milled. Different type of texture than anything I have ever done

I think I will try this as a three piece and see if I got any moon glow left

Look at the pretty colors! Trying these on the stemless


Stemless update:

This one is coming along nicely. Hoping to have a prototype this week. Because I don’g offer Stemless very often I am going to try something new. The plan is to make these throughout the year in varying material combos. So every month or so, release a new material combo. Once each combo is sold out, they are gone for good. I want to try some new materials out and it takes a lot of time to get them in. The first will be SS/Timascus/moonglow. I should have enough for about 20. These will be $250 plus shipping. They are 1.48″ in diameter but only .25″ thick at the collar. Should make for a great ratio on a stemless.

Hoping to have them live on the website early next week and start shipping immediately. We have to make the all 20 of the complicated parts before we make the first complete prototype so once the proto is done it will go pretty fast. We should be able to ship all of them next week. These will be sold on the website.

I will keep you posted!


maybe I will do 10 in each direction. What do you all think?

high end bicycle rim what what was on my mind. I wanted to mill almost all of it away so you could clearly see the inner disc

Couple pics after I got it to fit. Actual version will be timascus with blue glow ring. I am going to do 10 in both directions.

Machine just went down 🙁 Nothing serious, just a sensor but that will set us back


Check this out

Cody Mayfield Electro ano?

yup, took me a while to figure it out

been using it on regular Ti but not timascus. Had my guy cut some coins for testing. Pretty cool how it owrks

Cody Mayfield Rarely see it done on timascus, heard it washes it out… but that green  🙂

it does, took me a while to figure out how to get the layers to come out. Doing it the way I do Ti makes it all one color

Cody Mayfield Every time I see a shiny BS I think of he guy from your video at the buffing wheel in your shop w endless racks of tops to polish  😉

we had to buy another one lol, keeps him busy

Thinking I might have some fun and put those coins I just colored into 5 inner disc of the stemless top we are making. I think it might look pretty cool. Thoughts?

Well this is different!

2nd proto

1st proto

Spin vid



Congrats Nick Guettler!


It is called Triskelion. I will do some good pics and a youtube vid of the production models soon.

Triskelion Information post:

-SS/Timascus/Moonglow will be the first materials released to the website this coming Monday at 11AM central. 10 of both clockwise and CC will be available. Once sold out, that material combo is gone for good.

-Price will be $250 plus shipping

-Other material combo’s will be released throughout the year. I want to use this design to play with some new materials. I am not sure how that will work so I have no idea what combinations will be coming at this point. Not sure how often I will release them and not sure how many of each. All I know at this point is once a combo is sold out, it will never be offered again. This style of sales is a test and if it goes well I will do this on other models. If not, This will be the only design I do it on.

– 1.48″ diameter

– less than 3/8″ tall

– not going to give spin times because they will vary so much from person to person.

-1/8 carbide ball

Let me know if you have any other questions. If anyone asks a question that is already answered in this post just reply potato to them.

going live on the website at 11AM central Monday

Well this turned out well!

details coming very soon on these one offs


You are bidding on one Triskelion. These are one of a kind and I will not be doing this combination again in this design. I might use the floating disc but not in timascus. $25 minimum bid increment. This will end at a random time I have set already. Once the auction ends, I will take the 5th highest bid and the top 5 bidders will pay the amount of the 5th highest bid.

Rebids- You CANNOT rebid unless you are NOT in the top 5. Any violation will be deleted.

If you are confused, here is an example:

Holly- $125
John- $200
Matt- $250
Dave- $275
Bryce- $300

Steve, John, Matt, Dave and Bryce would be the winner and each pay $150 since that was the 5th highest bid. I will then take all 5 names and put them into a random name generator and the first guy picked get his pick of the 5, next guy pick out of what is left etc until the last guy gets whatever is left.

Shipping is included. Each comes with a COA and the numbers are set in the order I made them. Let me know if you have any questions


Winners are: Simon ChikRichard F. Colleoni Jr.Brian BowdenTony Shropshire and Michael Sandler. Lindsey will message you all Monday. Total is $475 each. I will pick names monday and let you pick your tops! Thanks all!


Ok all. I got news. Due to the amount of color variations on the Timascus Triskelions I am going to sell them all here with pics of each one. Limited to one per person and it will be first come first serve starting at 11am central on Monday. This means each top will have its own post with pics of the exact top. First in gets it. PayPal only!

There are 10 clockwise and 10 counterclockwise. This is a pic of a clockwise

I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Just don’t want another blue gate on my hands.


All 20 Triskelions that will be for sale today

OFFICIAL I did not get one post:

First off, I love the interest you (yes you) have in BilletSPIN and I appreciate and love you (yes you). There is no way for me to make enough limited tops for everyone because then they would not be limited. Even though it is not physically possible I want you to have a place to vent your frustrations. This is the place.

There will be more opportunities though!

Feel free to use this post to let it all out. Lets keep the rest of the group clear of it though! Have an awesome day

Triskelion stemless top. SS/Timascus/glow plastic. Clockwise pattern rotation (cosmetics only, does not affect spin direction).

1.5″ diameter
1/8″ carbide ball

$250 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping. Picture is of the exact top. PAYPAL ONLY!!!

First person to respond “in” gets it. There are 20 total being sold (10 of both directions) and limit one per person. This is just for the one pictured.

Aaron Cassityin

I used the wrong pic and the first one was the CCW pic. Aaron Cassity do you still want it? I apologize for the screw up!

Ok, now we will sell the clockwise ones. Sorry for the mess up! Here they come!

Rafael HasbunIn

Aaron JordanIn

Phillip Dunnin

Andrew PopeIn

Arthur Sitemanin

Theang Huey Vernin

Sam Smithin

Sarey Booth-NeadesIn

Axel BrownIN

Jing Tong Huangin

We are on to the rest of the CCW versions next. All the clockwise and the 1st of the CCW (my mistake) are gone. It will be a few minutes, I have to use the bathroom.

Triskelion stemless top. SS/Timascus/glow plastic. Counter Clockwise pattern rotation (cosmetics only, does not affect spin direction).
1.5″ diameter
1/8″ carbide ball
$250 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping. Picture is of the exact top. PAYPAL ONLY!!!
First person to respond “in” gets it. There are 20 total being sold (10 of both directions) and limit one per person. This is just for the one pictured.

Giang NguyenIN

Nabeel Sattarin

Christopher Jason CantieniIn

Napoleon HashIn

Simon ChikIN

Gabriel A Gonzalezin

Joshua Hernandezin

Morgann Gerardin

Tom LaPlantin

Over! I understand tensions are high. Keep it to the official “I did not get one” post. THANK YOU all for participating! Hope you have a wonderful week.

I like to try things. I have done this style of sale countless times in the past but today brought some drama. Each way I sell things favors a certain amount of people. Some were pretty vocal today about how this did not favor them. In the end, 20 different people bought this top. They also got to see a pic of the exact top they will be getting so in my eyes, it was a success. I dont think I have ever not had complaining with any way I have sold tops. It is just part of a growing business. I do my best to keep everyone happy but that is not possible in a group this size.


MokumeTriskelion is Sold out. We put these up without telling anyone including Lindsey. My website guy and myself are the only two that knew. I did this as another thing to try as we are always looking to keep this exciting. This was also suggested numerous times by some of you. It took about an hour to sell out a very small quantity.

For those that missed out, there are two on the www.signupsale.comwebsite


Check this out

Ok last two variations:

Ya know, it was a fun day. I love just playing around. I would go broke if everyday was like today but you need them every once in a while. I learned a ton today and am looking forward to using that on future designs.

As for the extras, I am not sure how many I will have or which ones they will be but I plan on auctioning at least one off for the wounded warriors. More details to come on that on Thursday.

Have a great night!


The next top is an all SS Triskelion that will be released next week. I am making a video of it very soon. After that will be a three piece that I am hoping to release this month yet. We also have a few extra crown pieces I will release with the all SS Triskelion. I had a lot of people wanting just the crown so I figured why not.

Good cause Auction.

Edit: If this goes over $2k I will allow the winner to have “some” design input on a future top this year. Could be materials or inspiration etc

Brian Bowden 1320

Rich Stadler over!

Rich Stadler Congrats Brian Bowden and THANK YOU all for participating! We raised $1695 total for Wounded Warriors!

Thanks to those for the dogpiles. Amazing stuff there. Amazing community. Luvs you all

I will get with Lindsey when she gets back and make the donation. I will keep you posted!

So Brian won the top in the video as well as a gift certificate for ANY top we make in the future other than a collaboration top.


Next website release details!




uhhhh we are live in case you did not notice  😛

Just a few CCW Triskelions and crowns left.

Well that was an amazing launch! Thanks for all the amazing support! It is much appreciated. Our main business has been horribly slow but is finally starting to pick up. You support has gotten us and our employees though the slow down and over the holidays. I have not sen it like this since 9/11 and I never thought I would see it that slow again. So anyways, thanks again, love you all and I will keep you up to date on future plans!


Zirc/Twist Dammy/SS ring. Thoughts?

it is blacked out and mean looking. Pictures are definitely not doing it justice. I will do better tomorrow

Ok, I will get you some good pics of this one tomorrow. Still planning on SS/Cu/SS Triskelion next and am thinking I will release those on Tuesday.

Tried something and it did not go as planned. $175 shipped. First in gets it.


New Triskelion! This will be live on the website ( next week Tuesday 2/28! Price will be $150 plus $5 domestic and $12 international. Both Clockwise and counterclockwise milling patterns will be available! I am not sure on the quantities as of right now but when they are sold out, they are gone.

-Stainless Steel outer collar, Copper inner disk and Stainless Steel Ring

-1.48″ diameter

-1/8″ carbide ball


Coming next week!


I got a crazy afternoon ahead but thought I would check in. We are almost to single digits on the #5 so if you want one, act fast. Obviously the Trisks are sold out and FAST! Thanks for the amazing support as always. I am thinking exotic #6 will be early next week. We are cruising pretty good right now! I will keep you posted as I know more. Have a great day!



Getting ready for their new homes


Did you guys get your Triskelion’s yet?? I was so pumped to see some pics? I was in love with how they turned out!!


Brand new material coming in a Triskelion. We have used it on a few proto’s so some of you have seen it. This material seems to lend itself very well to a “treatment” so the look is pretty unique. I am working on the mating materials now. Expect to see this in limited quantities next week.



I am loving this one

CU / Mokume / CU

Just crappy cell pics


Copper/flamed mokume/copper Triskelion Clockwise and Counter Clockwise

-limited quantities sold at
-8/2 noon central
-1.48″ diameter
-carbide bearing ball


Just a reminder!


These little guys are ready to go!

Just a heads up, if you clean (de-patina) your flamed mokume Triskelion, you will remove the flamed colors. This one is for you patina fans and the flaming just sped up the process. If you have any questions, let me know!

13 minutes!! Triskelion time!

They are live!


Thank you all for the tremendous support! Shipping for the Copper/mokume Triskelions will begin today!

Well that came out nice! Going to try a different polishing method on the Timascus but we are close!


Working on the next Triskelion now. It will be electro ano Ti/Spiro dammy/Electro ano Ti. I did one but have to change the coloring set-up a bit. Should have the samples off in an hour. This will definitely look unique to any material combo we have done in the past!

I cannot wait to get these into the studio!!

Wait until you see them change color depending on how you hold them

Same one just different angle

the video I will do in the studio will make this look so much better. Cell phone is not doing it justice

Let’s see how bad FB butchers this

WOW FB, you suck

Some better pics and a quick vid! More details coming tomorrow! Titanium/spiro damascus/titanium Triskelion

full video uploading!


Here it is! Titanium/Spiro dammy/titanium Triskelion.

-$250 plus shipping
-1.48″ diameter
-.125″ carbide bearing ball
-available 8/11 at noon central at in limited quantities




Available today at noon central!

Love these colors 

this might be the best pic of it yet to showcase the colors

Better white balance

Big news! We just got more spin bases in so those will be going up on the website next week. Not sure of quantities yet.

The Spark will be going live next Wednesday on Indiegogo! The video will be done soon and I will share it here with you. More details to come!

Thanks for the amazing support on the Triskelion launch today! It was a quick sell out! We will be shipping those next week! If you got any questions just let us know!

Have an awesome weekend!



Electro Anodizing Titanium(click to watch in FB)


For those of you that got the color changing Triskelion, how do you like the colors? I still look at mine from different angles. Just love how it turned out


Lazy employees…


Just another Monday morning at Billetspin! Hope yooze all have a wonderful day

Got a BRAND NEW material I am 99.99999% sure of has never been used on a top before. Crazy expensive stuff and a look like nothing else




We have three Triskelion designs ready to sell. Would you like to see these sold simultaneously or spaced out? Small to medium qty

I think it would be easier to score one if they were all sold at the same time hence the reason I ask since the quantities are smaller

Those are just the ones I need for the photos and video lol


Information post:

Sparks- Started shipping today.

Triskelions- I have three material combo’s. Two are standard and will be sold together and one is exotic which will be sold by itself. The standards will be sold 9/12 and the exotic at a later date. I will be posting pics and vids up today of the standards.

Iris- This is the name of the new top. The sales of this top will be different as I have a bunch of special materials coming for it but it will take almost 2 months for all of it to get here. The special materials I am ‘hoping” to get are:
-Special Timascus Patterns

The carboquartz is ordered and AKS is testing some new patterns but I will not know for sure for a while yet.

I plan on selling these Matrix style but I will not be able to provide as detailed of a chart without the materials being here. I plan on releasing the 1st Iris combo within the next two weeks. Prices will be similar to the K2 ($150 plus shipping for standard materials). Exotics will be slightly more depending on how they are arranged as the inner disc is quite tall and requires a lot of material.

I will post more as I get more info. At this time, this is all I know. Thanks all!!

The LAST standard material Triskelion’s available at on 9/12! $150 plus shipping, low quantities.

All 4 will be sold at the same time.


This is what’s left


Official info post about October 4th release! Here is what will be going up for sale on at noon central:
-Gen 2 and 3 spin bases in Green, amber, blue and white $90
-Bronze/copper/bronze Thrusts in 2 finish variations $150
-Zirc/timascus/zirc Triskelions $300
-Zirc/Zirc/polished SS Matrix $350
Shipping will be $5 domestic and $15 international USPS or $35 DHL

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