Trick Shot top competition

Trick Shot top competition. Let’s get crazy. The prizes will be worth it, trust me.

In order to compete, you have to upload your video to youtube. By entering, you give me permission to use your video. It has to feature the Loki trick shot top. Please film in landscape if possible. After it is uploaded, reply to this post with the link. That is it! NO LIMIT ON NUMBER OF ENTRIES!

This contest will run until August 15th.

Prizes will be for:

1) coolest trick shot
2) most original
3) landing on smallest diameter spin base with no assist or back drop.
4) Best Cat vid with Loki

If we get a lot of cool submissions, I will reward multiple places in that category. This will be fun.

Now, here is the big one. Better sit down for this. The grand prize winner will get a gift certificate for any one off top they like from any current design. This means they can pick any top I am making and have a one off material combination. Here is the kicker, after the winner is announced, they will pick a number between 1-20. In a live video, I will random number draw a number between 1-20 and if the numbers match, they will win a one off Wraith level top. It will be the only one of that design and it will be crazy complex like the Wraith. Keep in mind, that tops cost me $6,000 to make. This is the greatest prize possible I have ever offered. If the number does not match, they will still get the gift certificate for the one off material combo of a current design.

Let me know if you have any questions and let the fun begin!!

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New Group Pic Contest

CONTEST: It is time. Quoc T Ho‘s pic for the group was and is nothing short of amazing but it is time to update it. This is for a free top and it will be a good one of my choice. It will come with a COA.

To enter, reply with a picture to replace the BilletSPIN group banner photo. You can see what won last time. It needs to be spectacular. You get one shot, one entry. It can be anything that captures this group in a photo. Just make sure it is the rectangle format as seen in the top of the group. I am excited to see what you all come up with. I will let this run for a week or so to give you time.

Lets see what you got.


Congrats to Nizaar Lilla for the new group photo! Some amazing entries but this one looked amazing! My sister will contact you


Navigator Contest GAW

Navigator contest GAW: I deleted the spin contest in favor of something better. I will take care of the one entry we had to this point

To enter this contest, take creative photos with the Navigator. I am not worried about quality of photo but rather how creative you get with the tops setting. I will let this run one month (5/5) so everyone has a fair chance. To enter:

1) take creative photo (one entry per person)
2) post that entry in response to this post
3) must be the owner of Navigator to qualify

I will pick at least one winner and they will receive a free top of my choice! Keep all entries clean 😀 Thanks!

GAW! Help promote the Navigator

GIVEAWAY: Help me get the word out about the Navigator project. Multiple entries allowed. To enter just share the project on any social media site then reply to this thread where you shared it. Here is the link:…/billetspin-navigato…/x/13444135…

Winner will be chosen this coming monday at noon central time by random number generator. Winner will receive a Alpha, Stemless Alpha, Lotus and stemless Lotus. Yes, you heard correct. FOUR TOPS!!

Thanks for all you do!


Congrats Paul English!!! You are the winner

THANK YOU ALL for your support in sharing the project!

Deathstar Bead Contest

While we are waiting for the website let’s have some fun. If you are interested in the Death Star bead for $125 plus shipping here is your chance. I have one with brass and Damascus. I will do a scavenger hunt tournament. I will eliminate people each round until there is only one person left.

So for this round I will take the first 5 people that can post up a picture of any top spinning upside down. No trick photos, the top has to be spinning on its stem

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Alpha Spin contest

Just a heads up, there will be a spin competition posted this week yet for Alpha Top owners. Winners will get a free top of a future design… Contest will run a few weeks.

I will post the rules when I post the competition thread

With the success of the Alpha, I will be generous 😀


ALPHA SPIN CONTEST! Longest Spin wins. Contest will pay out top two places for both stemmed and stemless. Winner gets to choose ANY design I make in 2016 other than an Elite top. Second place in each category will get a one off Alpha top. I just happened to have two smile emoticon


1) unlimited entries
2) must post a full length video of the spin from start to finish and post it to the Billetspin group. Video can be a link from youtube.
3) no assisted spins
4) Video must include a timer that is visable throughout entire video.
5) Due to international shipping I am going to let this run one month. Contest ends on 2/29.

Any video that does not meet the criteria will be immediately deleted.

SPECIAL PRIZE: make me laugh. You got time while that top is spinning, make it entertaining and you could win. I will choose the one that made me laugh the most and that winner will receive a surprise gift from me.

Lets have some fun with this one. Good luck!!


WINNERS of the Alpha spin contest are:

Stemmed- 1st place Joseph Pol Sebastian Gocong 17:35
2nd place Andy Brothers 16:25

Stemless- 1st place Jason Blume 14:09
2nd place Brandon Lawrence 10:37

Creative/made me laugh- Boby Hon!

Great job all. I will be messaging you shortly!

I think the two winners should send Brian Keith a thank you card for not entering lol

Design your own TOP

Please read everything before posting!!

Let’s have some fun. Here is your chance to be a designer. Reply to this post with your top idea. Preferably with a pic. You can only submit ONE idea. This means only one reply to the main post.

This is complicated so read carefully. I don’t want any “sub” replies until Sunday night when I say so. At that point I will reply and not allow any new entries after that. Also at that point I want everyone to “sub” reply to their favorite idea. You only get one vote. Your reply can just say “yes”

The person that gets the most replies will be the head designer in their top that I will make and name after them. That person will also get a free top. If the idea is really crazy I will have to put a rough price on it before the voting begins so people know how much they would have to pay for it. Stay away from exotic materials smile emoticon DO NOT reply to this thread with questions. I will start another post for that.

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