Official Xeno Info

Monday’s Xeno release at noon (Central) on
All Stainless Xeno featuring: Stainless Steel body, Stainless Steel upper and lower facehugger disks, and a one piece Stainless Steel stem. Weighs in at a nice 38 grams and will sell for $150. This will be a 24 hour sale ending at noon (Central) on Tuesday 9/11.

9/13/18 Combo #2 shown in this video goes live at noon central This will be a 30 minute sale or sell out, whichever comes first. These will ship today as well!!

BilletSPIN Xeno Combo #3
Flamed Titanium/spiro dammy/SS stem with flamed ti grip!
5pc Performance model
$270 plus shipping
Going live 9/17 noon central
12 hour sale, unlimited
Hoping to ship all orders next week!

Combo #4!
Copper/Bronze/Bronze will be released this Wednesday 9/19 at noon central and will be a 24 hour unlimited sale! 
$150 plus shipping 
These will ship on or before 9/24

Xeno Combo #5! This is our first semi-performance model meaning it has a solid disc on the bottom and a facehugger disc on top!
-Spiro Dammy/timascus/SS/flamed titanium
Goes live on September 21st at noon central. 24 hour sale or until

BilletSPIN Xeno Combo #6! Going up for sale on September 26th noon central 24 hour unlimited sale. Will ship all orders on or before Oct 1st.
-$175 plus shipping
-SS/Bronze (5pc)

BilletSPIN Xeno Combo #7 being released on 9/28 noon central 24 hour sale or until sell out.
-3 Color Mokume/Bronze/Copper 
-23 tops available

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