8 Ball


Let’s make something!

Let’s make something. I will continue to post pics as we go!

Step 2 done

This is as far as we will get today! Hoping to get one done tomorrow! Have a great night all


Getting warmer

Ok ok, it’s getting there now

Can you feel that…

A glow 8 ball would be cool too. Going to LOS one and see how it looks. Such a fun project

Couple more then onto the last operation. The Patina rubbed off a bit on the black one, it’s the top left now. We should start on the stands tomorrow!


Left my phone at home so I guess you are going to have to wait for the stands to be done before you see pics of the finished product. Hoping late today!

8 ball baby yeah!

just a heads up. The 8 ball is heavy. To try to lighten it I drilled a 3/4″ hole thru it. With the stand it comes in at 597g so its still crazy heavy. Thinking about this hole I thought to myself, what would Jim Skelton do. In honor of Jim, I took some tasteful nudes and printed them out, rolled them up and put them in the hole before I assembled it. You can’t get to them but if you end up with one of these, just know its in there. Video is uploading now!

Just want to be upfront. At the time of the video I had just started reaching out about the sales of the 8 ball. They have all been spoken for. I feel bad about this but this was far more popular than I could have imagined. I wanted to keep one but I might do a a SUS for it down the road. Thanks for all the interest, this was a super fun project! Have a great rest of you week.


The live video will be happening in one hour!! The amount of interest, comments, messages, emails etc over this project has been incredible. Some are upset and I get that! Let’s talk about it 🙂 No question or comment is off limits. There will be a smidge of new (possible good news) as well as a giveaway. Talk with you in an hour!

Have a great weekend all!

I almost forgot! Let’s pick a winner

Jeanette Criglar COME ON DOWN!! You are the next contestant on “I just won an 8-ball!” Message Sue Stadler all your info and we will get it shipped out on Monday. Thank you all for participating!

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