August 2018 News

Hey all, welcome my friend Ricky Schroeder to the group. He is a golfing buddy that is curious about tops. Show this man some top love!


Sue did such a great job preparing for this show. I am a very lucky man. Can’t wait to put some faces to names over the next couple days


What a show so far! I could go on and on but honestly the best part is meeting people from here in person. Some I have called friends for years and others much newer but all are just awesome people. Lots of shared respect from fellow makers, tons of amazing items here. If you have never been to a show like this I urge you to go sometime so you can see the talent these guys/gals have. I have not heard one negative thing this entire time. Just a lot of people coming together from different backgrounds that all share the love of this wonderful hobby. I will try to get some pictures and videos today if I can. Have a wonderful weekend!!

I have so much to post about from the gathering in Vegas. I need time to do it right but just know it’s coming and it will be long! So nice to be home though 🙂

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