First Bead: Deathstar “DS”

BS bead 01-06

Here is my first at bead making, the Death Star #edc #edc2015 #edc2016 #edcgear #edcporn #everydaycarry #billetspin #edcbead

I am auctioning it off on the Billetspin FB group as it is the first bead I have ever made. I will be offering them on my website in the next few weeks.

My first bead, the Death Star…

BS bead 01-01 BS bead 01-02 BS bead 01-03

3 hour auction. My first bead, the Death Star. 001 comes with card. I will be making more and will probably do runs of this every month. If you want the very first one and the very first bead I have ever made, this is your chance. 1 minute Anti-sniping in place. $5 bid increments. Free shipping world wide. Auction ends at 3:00 central.

BS bead 01-04

BS bead 01-05

Aaron Jordan 255

Congrats Aaron Jordan


These are going up onto the site today in a limited qty.

BS bead 01-06 BS bead 01-07

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