Top #24 “Lotus”

Ok, prototype beads are all done finally. Now I am starting on the standard one piece top design. I have a really cool idea in my mind and I really really hope it comes out as cool as it looks in my imagination. The pattern will be like nothing I have made so fingers crossed. I am not sure if I can get it done tonight but if not, tomorrow for sure. Just wanted to post an update! This top will be a very large production run as we will sell them on the website. I want to have tops like this one available at all times for new people when they join the group.

It is a start…

s24-01 s24-02 s24-03

when you spin it slow in your hand it is insane. Like the #2 titanium coin

Not done, I am going to wrap that pattern a little tighter to the stem

Well I deleted the other one because after looking at the pics it just came to me and I found the design hidden under all that material. I will finish the second end tomorrow. Hope you like it!

s24-04 s24-05 s24-06

oh BTW, Jake Coy and John D’oh, this is my smallest yet and under 1″… You wore me down 😛

Damascus, Bronze, copper and SS

but Damascus will be more

These will be up on the website tomorrow and I will make a boat load of them since it is my first standard top.


Next design! No name yet but will finish it up tomorrow. One piece $75 plus shipping. Will be available on the website Check out the Billetspin FB group for more details! #billetspin #spintops #spintop #pockettop #edc #edc2015 #edc2016 #edcgear #everydaycarry #hashtag #spinning #science


Let me introduce you to the Lotus! This is our first standard top of 2016 and will be available on today. Price will be $75 plus shipping. Here are more details:

-.98″ in diameter
-first spin was 7:35
-available in SS, Copper and Bronze
-3/32 ceramic bearing ball

I will not take any orders for these here. We are adding paypal to the site but you can pay with just a CC as well.

s24-08 s24-09 s24-10 s24-11

it will be this afternoon


it will be a HUGE run so everyone can get one for the next few months..

Copper lotus 

s24-12 s24-13 s24-14

Did you all notice the Lotus tops are up now?? 😄

Bronze pics in about 30 minutes
On the website this afternoon

bronze Lotus 

s24-15 s24-16 s24-17

s24-18 s24-19 s24-20s24-21

My latest design, the Lotus top. Now available at #billetspin #spintop #spintops #edc #edc2015 #edc2016 #edcgear #everydaycarry #edctops #pockettop #copper #bronze #stainless


Just a one off I made for a friend #billetspin #stainless #ruby #spintop #spintops #edc #edc2015 #edc2016 #edcgear #everydaycarry #pockettop #design #designer #heirloom #collectibles #collector #edctops

Just a one off I made for a friend 😀

s24-23 s24-24


I know you all are not into the cnc stuff but I thought i would make a video anyways of the Lotus pattern being machined:


AUCTION 1 of 1. This is my first top ever using E52100. I found out this weekend I could etch it so I wanted to try it and thought why not put some rubies in it. I WILL NOT BE PUTTING RUBIES IN ANY OTHER LOTUS TOPS. There is one made of Stainless Steel I made for a friend and this one. This one will come with a card of certification. I will also not be making the standard Lotus in E52100 so this is your only chance to get it.

Auction will run until 3:00 central today. Minimum bid increment is $5. Free shipping.

1 minute anti-snipe in effect

s24-25 s24-28 s24-27 s24-26

Michael Cutro 750

Sold, congrats to Michael Cutro!


Well shipping of the Lotus is well underway. Some should start seeing them as early as tomorrow. We are starting with order 001 and working down but should be caught up with orders by tomorrow night! They are running great and only had a handful of scrap.

We are making a ton of extras so we have a few months supply for the website. That will take a while. Once done I might make a stemless variation. After that I have to make beads for the website. That will take another week. I am waiting on a huge order of Damascus for a three piece top and a ton of other materials for the first Elite top run. You will not see either one for 2-3 weeks for sure though. I know you have questions but what I just told you is all I know. I will keep you all updated. Here are some pics of our operation! I hope you enjoy 😀

s24-28 s24-29 s24-30 s24-31 s24-32 s24-33 s24-34 s24-35 s24-36

Well since you seemed to enjoy the last video I made one more:

I keep forgetting! I switched to a different Bronze Alloy. The Lotus is the first top to be using it. The other grade had the pattern in it. I was getting a lot of questions about that pattern and so I stopped using it. I personally liked it but was just becoming too much of a hassle. This new grade is REALLY shiny. It is a deeper yellow and really pretty. No discoloration like the old stuff. Other than cosmetics you will not see any differences. It will hold up just as well. So for those that did not like the discoloration of the old bronze, give the new stuff a try.

Bronze on the right, brass on the left

s24-37 s24-38


Stemless Lotus. Will be up on the website today!

s24-39 s24-40 s24-41 s24-42 s24-43 s24-44 s24-45 s24-46 s24-47

Stemless Lotus Spin vid


LOTUS UPDATE: We finished manufacturing yesterday. What is left is it. Once they are sold out I will not be making them again. There is about 40 left of each except the SS stemmed we have a few more. How long they last is anyone’s guess but with the machine being down I have to move onto other things. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Once you see sold out, there will be no more.


So a little about why I stopped making the Lotus. First off, this was always the plan. There are a ton of extras and the orders for it have slowed so I figure there is a few months worth left at this point. Second, setting up the machines is where a lot of the cost is at. So I need to run a lot of them to justify the set-up on a $75 top. That means tying up a very large amount of capital in inventory. It also takes away machine time from other tops.

I like keeping things fresh and I don’t like lingering designs. I will have made another standard top by the time the Lotus is completely sold out. I hope that makes sense 😀


Stemmed lotus has sold out. That is CRAZY! Thanks all 😀

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