Tungsten Top coming

UPDATE: Ok all, planning on doing the tungsten top on december 11th. IF this top assembles nice with little scrap, I will price it at $150 plus shipping. If it is a nightmare which I am thinking it will be I will have to go up to $170 shipped possibly.

Also, this is not pure tungsten, it will be 60/40 tungsten copper and has a copper hue to it. I am shooting for 15 minute spin times so the design will have a very little amount of milling done to it. Hopefully a great spin will tempt the 20 minute mark.

No build pics, I will get the process down then post the order thread with pics and spin times. This will be the last top of the year then I am on vacation in Florida until mid January so the next top will be towards the end of January.

I cannot take any pre-orders, just in case something goes bad and I cannot make them. Just wanted to give you a heads up so you can plan accordingly! Have a AWESOME week. I can’t wait for you all to start posting pics of the Kraken!! -Rich-

Here is a comparison pic with the tungsten copper


Here is tungsten next to tungsten copper 


Tungsten copper is just a little lighter (still CRAZY heavy) and easier to machine.

When I made the 96 top I had issues with wobble. These must not wobble at all so I am starting at 60/40. The company I buy from will make me any composition i want. Problem is I have to buy a ton to get a good price. There will be a expensive learning curve with this but I will figure it out.

Most others assemble the two or more materials and then machine it. I don’t. I machine the majority then assemble. If they are off at all, they will wobble. Getting the fits perfect is key and is much harder to do than you think. I have to hold a .0002″ tolerance on od and id to get them perfect with standard materials. I think that will be cut in half with this material.

Well a press fit relies in compression. This material is very hard and won’t compress. The 96 top had a titanium stem so that doesn’t compress easily either. I might have to assemble the materials first but that is my last resort.


PLEASE READ: The response I am getting is overwhelming for the new Tungsten top! I am toying with the idea of perfecting the design and making a handful this weekend so I can get the order thread up early next week. Order thread will stay up all week to give everyone time to see it and me enough time to make one for everyone since it will be the last of the year.

If you like the idea of having the order thread up early next week with pics and a spin video, just LIKE this post. If I get 75 likes by this Friday I will do it as it will show enough interest. If not, I will post the order thread at the end of next week as usual.

Now for those of you that actually read this entire post, I have a special giveaway for you. To enter, like this post and post a pic of your favorite Stadler top. If you don’t own one, copy one from the photos in the group. I will random number draw the winner on the 11th and they will get a prototype/wobbler as I am sure I will have one (hopefully only one). Good luck!


75-99 likes- one winner
100-124 likes- two winners
125-149 likes- three winners
150 or more- FIVE WINNERS


UPDATE: There is a chance you will see the order thread as early as tomorrow night for the tungsten copper tops. It all depends on how long it takes to make the prototypes and get some good pics. I am pumped!

Well if I don’t have a ton of scrap I will have the same amount I made of the kraken. Then I am taking 20 to IG


Just getting the spin time now and will be posting the order thread in 20 minutes!

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