Trick Shot top competition

Trick Shot top competition. Let’s get crazy. The prizes will be worth it, trust me.

In order to compete, you have to upload your video to youtube. By entering, you give me permission to use your video. It has to feature the Loki trick shot top. Please film in landscape if possible. After it is uploaded, reply to this post with the link. That is it! NO LIMIT ON NUMBER OF ENTRIES!

This contest will run until August 15th.

Prizes will be for:

1) coolest trick shot
2) most original
3) landing on smallest diameter spin base with no assist or back drop.
4) Best Cat vid with Loki

If we get a lot of cool submissions, I will reward multiple places in that category. This will be fun.

Now, here is the big one. Better sit down for this. The grand prize winner will get a gift certificate for any one off top they like from any current design. This means they can pick any top I am making and have a one off material combination. Here is the kicker, after the winner is announced, they will pick a number between 1-20. In a live video, I will random number draw a number between 1-20 and if the numbers match, they will win a one off Wraith level top. It will be the only one of that design and it will be crazy complex like the Wraith. Keep in mind, that tops cost me $6,000 to make. This is the greatest prize possible I have ever offered. If the number does not match, they will still get the gift certificate for the one off material combo of a current design.

Let me know if you have any questions and let the fun begin!!


This closes in 50 minutes



Loki trick shot winners

Grand prize winner Victor Vermette:

Best cat video Troy McHenry:

Smallest Base Nate McFarlane:

Most original Fred T. Dakake III:

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