Top #9 “Danish Cookie/Juicer”

Well this could get interesting!



1.5″ or 1.25″? Speak now for those that might be interested

Ok, stainless and bronze or stainless and copper?

Maybe both… I will make some of each

Yup, bronze looks real nice 😉



I will put the same pattern on the other side but switch directions so it looks right while spinning

Copper anyone?


This one will be a trip to watch spin.


I am up! Eating my yogurt and then I head in to finish this one up. I finished the second end of the first one but I rushed and the orientation of the “turbine” or “juicer” is off. Otherwise it is perfect. Looks good though! Pics in about an hour or so



Almost stem time 😀

Copper over brass?


I don’t have any copper for the stem. I got a little to excited here 😞




Trouble in paradise but I think I got it figured out

Ever so slight wobble due to the machine being off slightly. New employee smucked it a little this week. All junk! Starting over 😀

1st piece of generation 2 almost done. If it ain’t perfect, I quit for today lol

Success😀 it is going to take a while to get them done but I will have pics tonight!

Made a few changes that really brought out the finish!


1st operation stem pic. This was a junk piece but wanted to give you all an idea of what it will look like. It will be finished on the end to look all pretty 😀


Any bronze guys want a brass stem instead of stainless steel? Speak now!

If anyone want a left hander, now is the time to let me know 😀

Two more collars then on to the stems…again lol


Boom, no wobble. Looks awesome 😀


This might be the best looking top while spinning I have made yet

All three variations before finishing the back of the stem


Getting there





Took long enough lol



It’s a cookie, no it’s a juicer lol a guy has to get his inspiration from somewhere!

Ok, message me if you are interested. Right now I have all three variations available. $125 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping. Bronze over SS, Copper over Brass and Copper over SS. All have a 1/4″ ceramic ball.




Well those are sold out. I never make a design twice so everything is limited edition other than my kickstarter stuff. If I post up a design you like in the future but don’t have the funds just message me. I have no problem working with people as this is such a great group and I am not worried.

My schedule is crazy now. I am trying to launch another kickstarter early next week so I am thinking it will be maybe two months before I make another top


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