Top #8 “Four Winds/The Big One/Four Metal”

Well after about 20 hours of designing I get to start on the machining end of it. This will be my most complicated design yet. It is going to be a while but I will keep the pics coming of the build process!

S07-01 S07-02

Finally get to do some angle milling 😀

1st side of first piece done, just wait until you see what i do with that!




I am going to make sure this comes out to my satisfaction but so far so good. The best features are yet to come.

That is Bronze/copper btw

I am making all of the blanks up to that point tonight then start on the second end tomorrow. The second end of these is where the magic will start happening. Then we have to make the first end of the stem, refinish the copper and bronze so they spin perfect and then finish the second end of the stem. I am hoping by this time tomorrow to have them done. Stay tuned!

Once you go Mazak you will never go back. We do both here and Mazatrol is better unless you are doing 3D. Here is a cad pic of the second end of the bronze and copper parts:


So cool to have these designs in your head then make them a reality. I have big plans for the stem, I just don’t know what they are yet. My focus is on making the collar as friggin cool as possible. There will be some nice polishing for sure on this one. Looking forward to tomorrow!

just a hair under 1.75″ Patrice Tenorio. I had to make it big to get all the detail I wanted into it. The inside of the collar is hollow and I will be milling out a lot more to reduce weight. I think this will be an easy spinner that will produce some of my best spin times yet.


Woke up early, ate some food and heading in to keep working on this thing. Had a dream about a design element I am actually going to use on the stem today! Stay tuned

This work?





So that is the collar 75% done. It will take several hours to finish this stage due to the intricate machining but then we make the first end of the stem and attach this. Stay tuned!

Stem will have a brass cap that we are working on now as the collars are running


Cap is roughed and cut off.


Stainless steel for the stems. Another couple hours and this will really start coming together



Lol, I try to be as generous as I can but $50 I can’t do bud 😀 I have a ton of hours in this project. I know the price but just want to make sure they look as good as I hope they will.


Two more collars the we start on the stems!

Btw, I will never make this design again so these are it!

I have to see how many I end up with. Still a lot of tricky stuff to do. I lost two already.

They warped a little. If it isn’t perfect it is junk on this one



How do you like it so far?


It is getting a 1/4″ ceramic ball


To seamless. After polishing it is hard to see. Who knew bronze and copper looked that close when polished. Not me!

Thanks for joining me on the ride, I am happy with the result. I will post a spin video later


Time for a nap 😀 I added a video to the group and made that the SUS if any of you are interested 


Here is the spin video. I will have some of these available in a SUS tonight. $150 plus shipping

SUS- I have 4 possibly 5 of these. 1.7″ (HUGE) Copper/Bronze over Stainless with a Brass knob over stainless. 1/4″ ceramic. $150 plus shipping. First spin was 8:32. I will draw tomorrow night and post the names. My first SUS so bare with me 🙂 Feel free to ask any questions!

This thing is a monster. Makes the BilletSPIN Pro look normal sized lol




The collar is hollow so it is not as heavy as it looks but this is a beast.

I am just happy I can take a nap. I had dreams all night last night about it. I had one more cool design element I wanted to do but I ran out of time

Ok all, I have 9 of these limited editions. One went to my son and 4 went to my regular’s. This SUS will be for the other 4. Just wanted to be upfront with you all! Thanks for your interest!

Ok all I will list the four people picked via random number generator

Scott Hogan

Cole Kudzu Palmer

Cyrus McCandless

David Biggers gets the last one!

Thanks all again for the encouragement and comments. This was a lot of fun for me! I am looking forward to the next one!

I am curious as to what size you would want me to make next. I have never made one smaller that 1-1/4″ and with the types I enjoy I wouldn’t want to go smaller than 1″

Couple more picsS07-25

Before I pack them up to ship!S07-26

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