Top #7 “Wings”

I got an itch. An itch that only making a Copper over bronze can scratch. The machine is just dying to be programmed, the stock begging to be cut. 3 hours and thirty minutes until it begins. Hopefully finished tomorrow afternoon!

You want progress photo’s or just wait for the finished top? I am going to make a few designs with some various materials. Just have to see how it goes. All will have a ceramic ball…

Getting close

S06-01 S06-02


I hate that I can’t post a video in a response so I had to start a new thread. Here it is, this one gave me fits but it was all worth it. Copper over Bronze. 1.4″ with ceramic bearing. $100 plus $4 domestic and $8 international shipping. I have 4 of them and the people that called dibs yesterday get first opportunity.

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Bob Hodge┬áHere’s an oldie, but goody. It’s official name is ” “. But, since I’ve seen no other ones, I took the liberty of renaming it “Wings”.

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