Top #42 “Evolution”

Hungry for taco’s. Thinking I might eat 1.5 of them. On a diet ya know 


You got 1.5 hours left on the people’s choice Pandora!!

The Pandora is now officially retired! At this point it still is in second place for amount of standard sales but still amazing! Thank you for encouraging me to undertake such a design. It was a lot of fun!

Stay tuned for the biggest announcement ever for BilletSPIN! You can expect to see it sometime in the next 1.5 weeks. Have yourself a wonderful Sunday my friends and thanks again for all you do!


Found inception downright good, especially Tom. It was so good I could watch it 1.5 times.

acronym, get it now?

Official BilletSPIN Announcement!!

I am pleased to announce that BilletSPIN will be releasing its first ever Fidget Top!! I have been putting in some long hours getting this design ready. It is unlike any top we have ever made.

We will be debuting this top in a live video on Youtube starting noon central on February 28th. You do not need a youtube account to watch, simply go to YouTube and you can watch it. It will also be uploaded after it is finished so if you missed it live, you can still watch it. The video will cover all the combo’s and any questions you might have on the design. We will be doing a GAW during the video as well. Winner gets one of this new design.

Once the video is done, we will post an official information post here in the BilletSPIN facebook group as well as the business page. The post will contain all pertinent information and pictures of each combo. We will also start uploading pics to Instagram at that time. This will give you a few days to decide which combo/combo’s you want to get.

The pre-orders will happen on starting March 2nd at noon central. The sale will last 2 weeks. There will be 5 standard combo’s priced at $150 plus shipping and will be unlimited for the duration of the sale. There will be 10 exotic combo’s starting at $200 plus shipping. All exotic combo’s will be limited due to material availability and once they are sold out, they are gone for good. There will also be 2 stemless variation, one standard for $150 plus shipping and one exotic. The exotic will be limited. No limit to how many you can order.

We expect all tops to be shipped by end of April at the latest. Probably much sooner depending on how many are ordered.

PLEASE spread the word on the live video debut. If you know people into fidget related items, this might be a top they would be interested in. Any help getting the word out is MUCH appreciated.

Thank you for the continued support. I cannot wait until you all get to see this one. Have a wonderful week,

Rich Stadler

Reid Branston start the countdown timer on the website that counts down to the live video. Thanks!!

This was a semi-collab with Tim Kowalik.


Join us Live for the unveiling of BilletSPIN’s first ever Fidget Top! Feb 28th noon central on the BilletSPIN Youtube Channel:


There will be a GAW during the live video! Tell your friends!



New design going well!! I am deciding on material combos now and waiting for the rest of my exotic materials to arrive. There will be another teaser pic today! The name has been chosen and that will be revealed in a teaser pic on Saturday. Monday and Tuesday will be spent at home prepping the live video!

I am so excited for this! If you have any questions or comments of the information that has been released thus far please reply here. Starting today, things will start getting more exciting leading up the unveiling on the 28th.

Not every design looks good with certain materials. They each cater to a specific look and feel. I have a clear favorite so far of all the combos and I promise you it will shock you. Once you see it though I think you will understand. Sometimes less is more and the color contrast is spectacular

It’s coming…February 28th…noon central…join us LIVE for the unveil…


Stinking Facebook. It was all in focus before I uploaded it…

you guys all missed it, it’s the Pro II…  😛  😛  😛  😛 😛

GAW…sort of…reply with what you think the name of the new top is. One entry per person. Tomorrow we will random draw a name from the replies. That person will get to see pictures and videos of the new design. If someone guesses the name first, they will win a standard combo of their choice.

Good luck and please share the date for the live video unveiling with your friends!

Ok all the 1.5 I guess was not a good clue. It’s….wait for it……….

1.5” in diameter

I will try to make my clues easier next time…😛

I will draw it out


GAW has ended!! Nobody quessed the name. Congrats to Patrick Burritt on winning the sneak peek! PM incoming and please do not ask him for pics.

Join us Live on the BilletSPIN YouTube channel February 28th noon central for the unveiling of BilletSPIN’s first ever Fidget Top:



Getting warmer…

Want to see it in focus? Join us Feb 28th noon central as we unveil BilletSPIN’s first ever Fidget Top, Evolution!

All I can tell you is that I had a proto and played with it constantly as I was making tweaks to the design. It will not replace a fidget spinner but it is cool.


Hello you wonderful people! Hope your day is amazing so far! Who’s ready for Wednesday?

Sales of the Evolution will begin Friday noon central. Standards are $150 plus shipping and exotics start at $200. The sale will run for 2 weeks. Standards are unlimited and exotics are limited due to material. There will be 6 standards, 11 exotics and 2 stemless. Sales will happen on

Join us 

Got to be honest, not feeling well. Got the shakes and a fever coming on. I know what your thinking but are you silly? I’m still gonna send it

I am down to one last teaser 😞 I am going to miss them when they’re gone. I saved the best for last though. Tomorrow!!


Finally done prepping for the video but the computer will be working for the next 1.5 hours. Teaser will come after that and I think it will be music to your ears…

This is all I got my friends 🙂 Looking forward to hangout out tomorrow noon central for the unveiling of the BilletSPIN Evolution!!

18 hours to unveil and 66 hours until the Evolution goes on sale!!

Just over 4 hours…

2 hours…

Just a heads up, you will have to be present during the GAW portion of the vid for a chance to win

The live video will start at 11:55 with a 5 minute countdown timer. This will allow people to find it and get settled in. Action starts right at noon. Save your questions for the q&a portion but I would love to see some comments during the unveil! At 11:55 central go to this link. The video should be right on top!



The big question, how did you like my special guest lol

Official Evolution Standard Combos. $150 plus shipping. Sale begins on March 2nd noon central and will run for 2 full weeks. No limit on orders and as many as are ordered during the sale will be how many are made!

1) Br/Cu/Br-63g
2) Cu/SS/Cu-69g
3) SS/SS/SS-62g
4) SS/Br/SS-62g
5) SS/Cu/SS-63g
6) SS/Cu/Br-63g


Official Evolution Stemless Combos. Sale begins on March 2nd noon central and will run for 2 full weeks. No limit on orders. All SS is unlimited throughout duration of sale and is $140 plus shipping. Zirc/Spiro/SS will be limited and and will cost $240 plus shipping.

1) SS/SS/SS-58g
2) Zirc/Spiro/SS-51g


Official BilletSPIN Evolution Exotic Combos. These will go up for sale on March 2nd on Sale will last two weeks unless sell-out happens first. No limit on ordering. All exotic combos are limited and will not be offered again. Prices do not include shipping.

Expect 4-8 weeks before shipping!

And just some fun shots of the BilletSPIN Evolution!

For those that missed the live video today and want a condensed version, here ya go!

Things are pretty chaotic in here at the moment so if you are having trouble following the pertinent info just check out our business page:


I found more tungsten so we have enough to make a good amount of the W/Al/Al.

We have a decent amount of all the materials but these are your most limited combo’s of the Evolution:

Bearing Care, CHECK THIS OUT!! I will be uploading this to YouTube as well. This video will also be on the website order page. If you have ren wax applied, it will resist the Nitro Force a bit but it will remove it eventually so you will want to reapply if you don’t want patina.

Just having some fun

W/Al/Al Evolution (click to watch in Facebook)


Sue Stadler: This one right here…

4 hours

Let’s get this started!! I want to hear which Evolution/Evolutions you got and why you picked that/those combos! Let’s keep this to orders only. This will help me when picking out future combos to make!

30 minutes to go!!


WOW, amazing all. Insane

BilletSPIN Evolution Fidget Top on sale NOW!

Just got back, looks like the Timascus/Spiro is sold out! So glad I ordered the amount of materials I did.

Folks this is nothing short of amazing. Truth be told, I love you. I have not checked quantities in a bit so I will soon and let you know if any others are close. Thanks again

Twist Dammy/Timascus/SS
Zirc/Black Timascus/zirc

These three are getting low in quantities!


Well yesterday was horrible. Like really bad. Tons of scrap but we got her purring like a kitten now! Just a reminder the Evolution is a 2 week sale and once that is over, it is gone for good!!


Little inner disc spin time action


We are really getting in the flow now! Don’t forget March 16th noon central is the end of the sale and these will never be offered again!

Progress? (click to watch in FB)



Just a reminder, the Evolution sale ends March 16th at noon central. After the sale ends, these are gone for good!

Home with the Flu so I had to rush this one a bit. Hope you still enjoy it!

THESE WILL NOT BE MADE AGAIN! Last chance to get an Evolution!

Sue Stadler: Don’t let this one pass you by!
Stainless Steel/Timascus/Stainless Steel


Sue Stadler: Going…


Feels?  (click to watch on FB)


Sue Stadler: Going…

Tick Tock! Evolution sale ends Friday noon central!! Last call

Credit goes to Tim Kowalik for the idea!

Went perfect with the tick toc


Almost gone…….
Like your chance to get in at the source for the newest rage hitting the top scene…
The Evolution Fidget Top!
Sales end today at noon CST never to be offered on the website again!


942 1 hour left to go. Live video starts in 25 minutes


I would like to gently remind everyone that as stated several times “The sale of the Evolution was a pre-order sale (meaning we didn’t have any made until orders were placed) and all tops will be shipped once all have been completed.” I am anticipating shipping to happen end of March or beginning of April. NONE of them have shipped yet and NONE of them will ship until they are ALL ready to go. That is all, thank you!


I have received enough negative feedback to this idea so I will just throw these in the trash. This discussion is over so let’s not resurrect it. Thanks for the honest feedback, it is appreciated


Countdown to fulfillment! I will be updating/editing this post weekly. We have 985 Evolutions ordered and shipping will begin immediately after they are all made.

985 to make
399 made as of 4/4

We are on track to ship late April. Hopefully it stays that way


Live video coming at 8am central (45 minutes from this post). We will show the machining process of the Evolution, give some updates and answer any questions!

Machining the evolution, progress and Q&A! (click to watch on FB)


Important Evolution Update:

Bad news  We had a material screw up that I would prefer to not elaborate on at this time. As of right now one particular material we had in stock is not acceptable. We got a small supply in that is good but not enough to make the orders. We are expecting the rest early next week. Due to the fact we had a large number of scrap pieces due to the material issue, we have been set back. As of 4/18 we will have over 3/4 of the total Evolution tops made and will begin shipping. We expect to have everything shipped by end of April for sure which will max out out 4-8 week shipping time we advertised.

I apologize for this issue and appreciate your patience.


Obviously shipping has begun today. Things are crazy here due to material issues. Please be patient if you don’t get a shipping notification, the process will take until the end of April. The people you email/message are the ones doing the shipping so if they have to answer a ton of messages it will only set shipping back. Thanks for understanding and I will make sure to let everyone know when shipping is completed. If you have questions after that we would love to help! Have a great week!


Horrible cell pic but this is how the Dammy is turning out!


BIG shipment going out today but it will be Monday before they all ship.


Last two Matrix combo’s going up on on 4/30 noon CDT. $350 plus shipping. I will get pics up later!

All Evolutions will have shipped on Monday!


Sue Stadler: All Evolutions have shipped! Thank you Lindsey, for being awesome!!

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