Top #39 “Loki”

“Should” be starting the trick shot top today. Expect this one to take a long time for me to design. Hoping to have a proto next week. This is gonna be fun

The trick shot top will do two things. It cannot be tipped over while spinning no matter how hard you try and it will jump when flicked. Since it cannot be tipped over, after it lands from a jump it will continue to spin. Soooooo you can spin it on your desk, flick it and have it land on a spin base. Or you could spin it on your desk and flick it over a flaming canyon of death and onto a spin base. Or you could…well you get the idea.

This idea came from a battle top that was in the Koma Taisen. I have this top on my desk. It was shown to me by the man that translates for the Koma Taisen. I saw that it could be modified as a trick shot top. He encouraged me to do so.

These will not be crazy long spinners. Guessing 3-5 minutes on a spin base. I also think due to the jumping that these could destroy a high end spin base so I would recommend a cheap cosmetic mirror.

Once I get a semi-functional one, I will do a vid showing it and how it works.

I am crazy excited as you can see by this pic

oh and almost forgot, it can be spun in a crazy way that will also be sooooooo cool.

oh and it will spin upside down

the best part is how you spin this one upside down.

and you can launch it sideways and have it spin upright or upside down

when you see a pic of it, you will not believe it can do what is does. I still dont completely understand it

Shinji Ikebe Rich Stadler, so you finally made it!

there it is!!!

Thanks bud! We are working on it now!

Well this is a little harder than I thought! Got new material coming in today. It works but want to tweak it for maximum height when flicked. If everything goes perfect there is a chance I have a good one today


Not jumping as high as I like so I will keep working on it

its jumping now!

Higher lol

Hard to get anything done when you can’t stop playing with the prototype lol

This is what I mean when I said you can’t tip it over

I need a break, let’s talk about this trick shot top(click to watch in fb)


Oh yes!!!


Loki- trick shot top

$100 plus shipping
.78″ in diameter
Carbide bearing ball
4 minute spin times
Stainless Steel over Delrin (only combo available)

Available on 7/13 at noon central. Sale ends 7/17 at 9am central. I will make as many as are ordered. For sale on No limit on how many you want to order.

Loki gaw

Loki will not be offered again after this sale. I might try to do another trick shot top later down the road but this will be your only chance at this design.

Testing the new studio. Look how long it takes for the body to hit the glass. I want to do a trick shot of sliding a quarter under it as it does this.


Aaaaannnnnnnnnndddddddd the Trick shot top is now available!

Height and accuracy?!

Lol, we got everyone in on it now. Nothing getting done in the shop 

Here it is in slow motion 


Monster gaw opportunity by you calling the trick shot and see if I can pull it off

Pulled off a one in a million trick shot on live video gaw (ok, not quite one in a million ) This is for a gift certificate to be used at any point this year for a one off material combination of any current design being made.

To enter, reply with your dream top design with materials. Lets hear some ideas!

This will run for at least 24 hours. Depends on if I forget to end it this weekend or not lol.

Thanks again for the amazing support on the trick shot top and have an awesome weekend!

So does that trick shot on live vid make up for the guess the spin time live vid…  You know the one where I did not even hit the glass lol.


Don’t forget the trick shot top sale ends at 9am central tomorrow morning! This is the last chance to own this top


Your time is almost out to get a trick shot top!

Dats a lot of boxes


Ok all please please please share some trick shot vids once you get good at using the Loki! YT vids are best. I would like to use them if possible


How to get your trick shot top to jump(click to view in FB)

WHERE are all the trick shot vids?? Saw some good ones but lets get this party started!!


Trick Shot top competition. Let’s get crazy. The prizes will be worth it, trust me.

In order to compete, you have to upload your video to youtube. By entering, you give me permission to use your video. It has to feature the Loki trick shot top. Please film in landscape if possible. After it is uploaded, reply to this post with the link. That is it! NO LIMIT ON NUMBER OF ENTRIES!

This contest will run until August 15th.

Prizes will be for:

1) coolest trick shot
2) most original
3) landing on smallest diameter spin base with no assist or back drop.
4) Best Cat vid with Loki

If we get a lot of cool submissions, I will reward multiple places in that category. This will be fun.

Now, here is the big one. Better sit down for this. The grand prize winner will get a gift certificate for any one off top they like from any current design. This means they can pick any top I am making and have a one off material combination. Here is the kicker, after the winner is announced, they will pick a number between 1-20. In a live video, I will random number draw a number between 1-20 and if the numbers match, they will win a one off Wraith level top. It will be the only one of that design and it will be crazy complex like the Wraith. Keep in mind, that tops cost me $6,000 to make. This is the greatest prize possible I have ever offered. If the number does not match, they will still get the gift certificate for the one off material combo of a current design.

Let me know if you have any questions and let the fun begin!!


[See entries here]


Any Loki owners having a hard time jumping? I am surprised by how few entries we have in the contest! Prizes will be crazy good so lets get this fun started!!


Live video to announce trick shot winners will be happening at 12:30 today! 26 minutes from now

Loki trick shot winners

Grand prize winner Victor Vermette:

Best cat video Troy McHenry:

Smallest Base Nate McFarlane:

Most original Fred T. Dakake III:

Victor Vermette please let me know when you will be free. You are the grand champion of the loki spin contest have have the possibility to win a Wraith level top! I would like to do a live video where you pic your number so we can all experience this together! Reply with a good time and date and we will make it happen. Congrats!!

So Victor Vermette will be ready tomorrow at 11am central. I will do a live video where he will join us and pick his number between 1-20. I will then random number generate and if the numbers match, he wins a Wraith level top! If not, he still wins a matrix of his choosing based off the materials I have left. Join us tomorrow, this should be exciting!


Biggest prize possible ever, can he do it?! Victor Vermette good luck(click to watch in FB)


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