Top #38 “Spark”

Some progress on the one piece

Very close now

Very easy to launch, fast stabilizing. Checking spin time now

has a proper grip diameter too.

If the torch, infinity and paradox all had a baby, this is it. Took the best elements of each and tried to blend design with performance. I am sooooooooo happy with this one

brass copper and SS

Here is the new top. Sorry for the rushed pics but here is a good video fa yooze all.


Made a change to the IGG top yesterday. This was done to make it even easier to spin and it worked. This top is now extremely easy to launch. Let’s pic a name for it. If I use your suggestion you get a free one!

The top is only finished on the first end in the pic in case you were wondering and the outside has not been polished yet.


The Indiegogo top has undergone MASSIVE changes after I had a day to process. Folks, this is one of, if not thee fastest stabilizing tops I have ever made and that include the Nexus. It is crazy and I am so happy I made the changes. I would compare the ease of launch and stabilization to the Nexus. We tested it against the Paradox and it is substantially faster to stabilize. It is very cool to watch and I will do a video of a bunch of launched soon. Still making tiny tweaks to get all the spin times out of it but first times spin of the current version was 11 minutes.

I am way to excited to not share this. SO happy!! We have made easily 50 different proto’s on this design but so worth it!


Live vid of indiegogo top(click to watch in fb)


Karl Kanofski GAW. 24 hours long so everyone has a chance. I will be giving away 2 IGG tops. To enter, reply. That is all. I will draw winners tomorrow morning.

PS- I am not giving Karl away, this was his suggestion  😛

over! Lets do this

José Antonio Robles Mota!

please message Lindsey Wissing with your address and email!


She’s back!

For those that don’t know, we did a similar shot back in 2015 on the original Billetspin kickstarter project

She is growing up on me 

almost! 12


Ok folks, going to go back on something I said (even though I hate it when I do that). I am calling the new Indiegogo top the Spark. Congrats to Daryl Pritchard for winning the contest and please message my wife with your info and material choice so we can get it out to you. The name perfectly fits the purpose of this top!

This is the final version. Materials will be Stainless Steel, copper and brass. Price will be $35 plus shipping. This will be sold on Indiegogo and the project will launch in the next 4 weeks. Spin times are 10-12 minutes by me so you will see 7-15 depending on your skill level.


Full Spark Spin vid!

This was not even a great spin as it was launch crooked but wanted to show how it stabilizes and to see a normal spin time


The Spark! If you got questions, this is the place. As of today, I am hoping to launch on Indiegogo between 8/15-8/22. Cost will be $35 plus shipping. Options are Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass. Couple key things:

-super easy to launch
-fast stabilizing
-My spin times are 12-14 minutes so expect to see less if you are new or more if you are a spin master!
-.98″ in diameter

If you want the longest spinner, it “might” be the copper but it will vary from person to person.

If you are new to Indiegogo, we will provide a link when it goes live. The page will explain exactly what to do but you can post any questions at that time.

The purpose of this top was to get people into spinning tops at an affordable price. Due to the ease of spinning and long spin times I think it will be a hit. Please share this with anyone you think might be interested!


Big news! We just got more spin bases in so those will be going up on the website next week. Not sure of quantities yet.

The Spark will be going live next Wednesday on Indiegogo! The video will be done soon and I will share it here with you. More details to come!

Thanks for the amazing support on the Triskelion launch today! It was a quick sell out! We will be shipping those next week! If you got any questions just let us know!

Have an awesome weekend!



It is with great excitement I announce the release of the Spark will be 8/16! The video is almost done (hoping today) and I will get you some cool stuff to see later today!

BilletSPIN Spark Information post!

-Will go live on 8/16 on (link will be posted here when it goes live)

-$35 plus shipping

-3 material choices (copper, brass and Stainless Steel)

-1/8″ carbide bearing ball

-long spinners will see up to 14 minute spin times

-.98″ in diameter

-Project will last 15 days

-unlimited quantities

-Shipping will start immediately after project ends

Here is the official video, feel free to share it! Let me know if you have any questions!


I NEED YOU! As you know, the purpose of the Spark is to try to reach those on the fence (or have never heard of) spinning tops. The way Indiegogo works is the “hot” projects are up at the top of the list. The higher it is, the more people see it.

If you are planning on getting one or two or twelve ( 😛 ) if it is at all possible to order them tomorrow it would be greatly appreciated.

I will do a giveaway for a one of a kind zirc Spark and every top bought in the first 48 hours will be an entry.

I am very excited for the launch!! Let’s make it awesome 🙂 Have a wonderful night!!


Here is a preview link to the project. It launches tomorrow and this link should work then as well but a new one will be posted anyways.


30 minutes until this baby goes live!!

It is live!

FUNDED!! Yooze all ROCK! THANK YOU again for the tremendous support. If you know anyone that you think would be interested, please share the project by pushing the appropriate button on the top of the Indiegogo page! If you do share it, let me know here in a reply! Thanks again all!!

We are trending on IGG, THANK YOU!!!


Running out of time to get a Spark! Once over, these are gone for good!! Just a few days left


Don’t forget this is the last day to get a Spark! Only hours remain then they are gone for good


Sparks have started shipping!

Information post:

Sparks- Started shipping today.

Triskelions- I have three material combo’s. Two are standard and will be sold together and one is exotic which will be sold by itself. The standards will be sold 9/12 and the exotic at a later date. I will be posting pics and vids up today of the standards.

Iris- This is the name of the new top. The sales of this top will be different as I have a bunch of special materials coming for it but it will take almost 2 months for all of it to get here. The special materials I am ‘hoping” to get are:
-Special Timascus Patterns

The carboquartz is ordered and AKS is testing some new patterns but I will not know for sure for a while yet.

I plan on selling these Matrix style but I will not be able to provide as detailed of a chart without the materials being here. I plan on releasing the 1st Iris combo within the next two weeks. Prices will be similar to the K2 ($150 plus shipping for standard materials). Exotics will be slightly more depending on how they are arranged as the inner disc is quite tall and requires a lot of material.

I will post more as I get more info. At this time, this is all I know. Thanks all!!


ALL SPARKS HAVE SHIPPED! had a glitch, we were not sure if the tracking emails went out but it looks like some didnt. Rest assured, they have all shipped!


Spark Spin time post!! Lets see who has the longest spin. On your honor


Combo #7 is still launching tomorrow (10/17) at noon central.
Combo #8 is launching on Friday (10/20) at noon central. We are also including the leftover Sparks and Torus in this launch. These were saved for CS and were not needed to we are selling them off. This is the absolute LAST of them so if you wanted a Torus or Spark, this is your last chance.
Torus-$75 & $90 (flamed)

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