Top #35 “Crown”


I hope you all had a Happy New Year! I am officially back from vacation and ready to go! So much in fact I forgot we are off today but I showed up to an empty shop lol. Looks like we have made a decent amount of progress on the spheres, Christmas tops are done and shipped. Time to get caught up on some stuff and get designing the stemless top! After that will be the mini and then we get into our regular routine.

Lets make 2017 amazing and I hope you have a wonderful week. I missed yooze all!


Give me a heads up. How many of you are interested in a mini? Would you like 5/8″ or 3/4″? I will shoot for a two piece and try to keep the price between $100-$125 plus shipping. Reply “in” or “n” or “i” or “IN” or “in.” if you think you would be interested. This is NOT an order thread but just checking the demand on these. Be sure to include the size preference mentioned above.

Please only reply if you are interested in the top! Appreciate the feedback and I hope you all have a wonderful day!!


Well looks like the minis will be a go at 3/4″.


The brain has come up with a good starting design for the mini. It will be a two piece. I think the premise is sound. Now to just bring it into existence. Hoping to have the Prototype Wednesday

It is just that I do my best designing while I am sleeping. That’s what I meant by it

I have been to busy helping another maker with chatter issues

The machine is set-up with tools and I am going to start programming now!


This mini will require a blood sacrifice…

I am not sure this will be spinable but I will do my best to make it work. I have other non-life threatening options if it fails.

Long ways to go but progress

Long ways to go. Getting fits and ratios now. Making it pretty comes later

If I can’t put sharp things on tops that could draw blood, I might as well stop making tops. Spikes, points, fangs etc. that’s what I am all about

Prototype #1. The spherical part of the stem is above the points of the crown. It is pretty much impossible to hit the points on the spin. I think it is close to what I want but need to take a breather and let my mind relax for a bit. It is a fun little top to spin!

video uploading of me spinning it. If you have a weak stomach you will NOT want to watch that vid…

if you look at the milled pattern in the crown, it matches the center portion of the grip. I think it flows nicely. I am going to change the grip slightly but I will keep that design element.

I still will make a few changes to it but it is close to finished. Here is a little video for ta

It is done! I turned out better than I had hoped! I am heading home but will get you more info tomorrow. Hope you all had fun watching the process and I hope you like the results!

Crown top info: The counter is up on the website. Launch is the Friday! I will only be making these in standard materials for now. I doubt I will use any exotics on this one. The sale will end next week Wednesday. I will make as many as are ordered.

Price is $110 plus shipping. Materials will be Stainless Steel, copper and brass. These are .73″ in diameter with 1/8″ carbide ball.

Due to the time limit, there will be a 3 week shipping lead time at the latest. We will do our best to get them shipped sooner but they take a while.

I will get pics up of the other combos tomorrow and do a YouTube vid either tomorrow or Thursday!

Let me know if you have any questions!


All hail the King!

Getting closer to having one of each of the material combo’s done!

who’s ready for more combo’s? We have a lot to make yet!

I HIGHLY recommend not attempting to take them apart. Do so at your own risk, I will not warranty any modded tops.

I repeat: no, I HIGHLY recommend not attempting to take them apart. Do so at your own risk, I will not warranty any modded tops.

I will work on a combination post now and delete the individuals. Here is a temporary group shot

Here are your 9 official Crown Tops that will be launching this friday at

-.75″ in diameter
-1/8″ carbide ball
-3-5 minute spin times
-$110 plus shipping and $10 more for flamed versions
-Sale will go from this Friday until next week Wednesday. All models will be unlimited for the duration of the sale. Once the sale is over, these are done. Never to be offered again. There is a possibility of me playing with some new materials so I reserve the right to sell off a few specialty models even though I don’t see that happening at the moment.

The materials are Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass. I hope you enjoy them and as always, I appreciate your support. Let me know if you have any questions!






Flamed SS/SS



SS/Flamed SS



Crown Top Combos!



THANK YOU once again for another successful launch! I have to head out but thought, lets have some fun first.

I have a target number in my head for this top. IF we can hit 100% of that sales number by the time the sale ends (11AM central on Wednesday of next week 2/1/17), I will make a one of a kind Timascus over Zirc crown top. Each top bought will be an entry into this contest. Once the sale is over I will draw the winner. This top will be free, one of a kind and come with a COA.

I will keep you all updated with the % we are at so you know. So tell your friends and lets have some fun. We have started making these and all is running well so far. Have a great weekend all and thanks again!

As of this moment, we are 28% of the way there. We have just under 5 days left!



Well we finished at 92.5% of the goal. THANK YOU for the amazing support and even though we did not hit 100%, I would call our first mini a huge success! We are running these now and will start shipping this coming Monday. It will take about 2 weeks from then to complete fulfillment. Thanks again and have a wonderful rest of your day!



Crown shipping commences now. How to get your order shipped faster? One easy step, don’t be like Gabriel A Gonzalez.  🙂

Crown shipping is done for the day. If you received a shipping notice, yours has shipped. If you have not received a shipping notice, yours did not ship.  🙂


All Crown Tops have shipped! Bring on the pm’s!


BilletSPIN Crown Update: I put a lot of thought this afternoon into the post made about the sanded end. Folks, I want you to be happy. I looked back at the pics on the website and some of them showed the sanded ends and some did not. I apologize for that and I will make sure pictures from now on will show the entire top.

With that said, I will offer this:

If you would like a full refund plus shipping as well as shipping for sending it back, let us know.

If you would like to send it back to have the end faced off, we will do that and refund you actual shipping for sending it back.

If you send back the flamed stem model and we face it, the color will be removed from the end.

If you do not like that option, send it back and we will make you a brand new one with faced off end and then flame it.

Basically you let us know what we can do to make this right in your eyes.

The reason this happened was I was trying to keep cost down since it was our first mini. Normally my standard prices are $125 for a two piece top. Doing it this way allowed me to sell them at $110 instead. After hearing the feedback, I will not use this method again. Please message Lindsey Wissing if you would like to do any of the options above. We will try our best to make that happen in a very timely fashion.

Thanks all and have a great night

Please dont misunderstand. I did not get any complaining. I got some opinions and so I looked into it and made this decision. I dont want any hard feelings over this.

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