Top #32 “The Bathgate”


Well this is a big moment for me. Even though it was a small link, it means so much. I got huge respect for this man and his creations. Honored to say the least. Awesome:


My Sculpture Blog

It is funny and I read his blog and we speak the same language. He said things I cannot put into words. Its funny how we can find inspiration.


The collaboration top has begun. Had to order $1200 worth of new tooling for this one that will be here this morning. You would think I would have everything but nope, this top takes crazy to a whole other level 🙂 wish me luck!


I assure you all, you have never seen anything like this. It is black and white to anything I have ever made.

this top is NOT about spin time

I am going to lose a little hair making it lol



If you are looking for spin time, this is NOT the top for you. If you are looking for a top you can stare at for days, this one is for you. I stared at the design for days wondering how I would even make it lol

This was Chris’s design so yes, it was easy for me! I gave him feedback and he used my feedback in the design but this is all him

also, no exotics!


Tooling is here


btw, that is $1200 right there…

the easy stuff is now done. Its about to get real


just wait… I have not used any of the $1200 worth of special tooling yet 🙂

lol, it will look NOTHING like this. Just wait until you see what happens next…

it will be over that[$500]. I am guessing around 8 hours of actual machining time for each top

I am talking actual cutting. Not the machine sitting

I have been pretty upfront about the pricing of this one. I am hoping to keep it around $1,000 at this point. THis top is definitely not for everyone

I totally understand. I have never done anything like this. When it is done, you will understand the pricing. I will do all I can. This next operation will be the deciding factor. I cant wait but I wont lie, I am a bit intimidated and scared

[are you willing to disclose how many pieces it will be made of???] 4

Sorry, 5 lol

6 if you count the ball

ok, this might be your last tease before I finish this. I will have my hands full the next few days making these inner pieces. Check this out 🙂


you should see his sculpture…

There is no way I can keep this from you. Machining went far better than expected. We will work on the stem tomorrow. Then we have to pick out the material combo. Price will be less than what I thought but we still have a ton of work to do.

Edit: I want to make sure we are clear here. I had very very little input on this design. This is all Christopher Bathgate! I am just as much in awe as all of you. I shared what I learned about tops with him and he shared a few ideas. We went back and forth a little but then he sent me this and I was like……UHHHHHHH YES!!!!! One of the big benefits of this for me personally is to get a fresh look at design and this has the wheels turning faster than ever. More on the story later! Have a great night!



Progress on the latest top. This is a collaboration with the man the myth the legend Chris Bathgate. Should have the stem done tomorrow then we just have to decide on the materials.



Well, I dont even know what to say at this point! Let me intoduce you to “The Bathgate”. We have a ton of work to do so you have plenty of time before we sell these. This one spins as smooth as I have ever seen.


it spins smooth.

[the ring] serves no function, just cosmetic. It is not needed at all

Details of the Bathgate will be given out as I get them. Right now there is a ton of work to do and way to many variables to say anything concrete. I will keep you posted. Love the enthusiasm! I just dont have any more info at the moment. Stay tuned and the details will come as I figure all this out. Have a great night!

Bathgate top video

This is #2. I did a ton of handwork on this one. All SS. We will not be making anymore of this variation as far as I know at this time. Curious to hear your thoughts


1.24″. same as sharknado and original Kraken

Bathgate Official information post:

After talking with Chris, this is how we are going to proceed. The plan is to continue to make these. I am not sure on how many at this time but less than 50 for sure. Probably closer to 20. It all depends on how well they run. There will be 4 combo’s total. All SS, SS and copper, Flamed SS, Brass and SS. There are reasons why we have to limit the combos to this and the machining is the main reason. We will sell these here in the group. There will only be one flamed SS and I am not sure I want to sell that. Each will come with a numbered COA. They will be numbered in numerical order as we finish them. We will provide pics of each one.

The vast majority will be sold as an SUS. Price for the regulars will be $900 shipped. I am hoping to make two a day which would mean 2 SUS a day. This will go on until I am tired of making them or we run into problems which is a real possibility due to the complexity of this design.

I understand this top will not be for everyone due to price. When you win one SUS you will not be able to participate in another one. You will not be able to sell these in the group on the secondary market until all have shipped and owners have received them. They will come in our standard packaging although I with I had some nicer stuff for these.

I think that sums it up for now. First SUS will be tomorrow. Keep in mind these are hand assembled so each will have its own personality so to speak.

Edit: First SUS will be Friday!

Had to take this one with me. Waiting for food!

Size comparison


Heading home


Check out Christopher Bathgate‘s blog on our collaboration. It was a true honor working with him!


A Collaboration with a fellow machinist/artist, Richard Stadler from BilletSpin Tops

Duck and run for cover!!

Christopher Bathgate Somebody was asking about the scale of the sculpture?



Just a few more pics for you guys as we get the first SUS ready. We will do two today and they will run all weekend and we will draw the winners on Monday. The winner of the first SUS will be removed from the list of the second SUS before we pick that winner. We will be running these on the website and we will post the links here as we set them up. The top in the pictures is #1! I chagned the lighting to bring out the exact colors of this top. Each monitor is different but on mine, it is exactly the same as in person.


SUS for Bathgate #1 is up. READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE SIGNING UP!!!!!!! Here is the link, good luck everyone!!

BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #1


Lindsey Wissing pm sent to Nick Justice, congrats!

SUS for Bathgate #2 is up. READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE SIGNING UP!!!!!!! Here is the link, good luck everyone!!

BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #2


Lindsey Wissing pm sent to Cheris Hollis, congrats!

Well I must say you all proved me wrong on the market for these. I am humbled by this response (even though Chris designed it). Thanks so much for all you do:)

I know some are worried a little as they thing this will be the new trend, rest assured, we will be back to sub $100, one piece tops soon and also a very affordable 2 piece mini. I like to rotate (no pun intended) to keep things fresh. These Bathgate tops will take a few weeks to make so you will have a breather for a while (I know, I have said THAT before lol).

I got to get to work but just wanted to say thanks for the continued support. You are BilletSPIN and I thank you for it.

This is #3. Did a polish instead of scotchbrite finish. Satin on the inner discs. This one will go up monday morning. Not a productive afternoon so that is the only one I got done. I will have the all SS and Brass versions Monday hopefully!

s32-20 s32-21 s32-22

regular SS and regular copper

Here is what one of the inner discs looks like



Very humbled by the reaction to our little collaboration so I did a little extra credit for everyone over the weekend.

A few people wanted to know if there was a drawing just for the top alone (without the sculpture). So I whipped one up.

I have an old Diazo Blueprint machine and some old Diazo paper, I could conceivably print up some of these as genuine old fashioned blueprints just for this group only. They are not big, 9″x11″ish. I would have to work out how much they would cost. I imagine $25 bucks or so.

If there is interest, I can look into it further, if not, the photo should be big enough for everyone to use however they want. No charge.

Thanks again everyone.


SUS for Bathgate #3 is up. READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE SIGNING UP!!!!!!! Here is the link, good luck everyone!!

BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #3


#3 winner!


These will be going up shortly. Same brass as I normally use but with a scotchbrite finish it takes a lot of the gold out and makes it a lot more subtle. Pics are exactly what I see in person. Keep in mind all monitors are different. All SS looks pretty cool!

s32-27s32-28s32-29 s32-30

SUS for Bathgate #4 is up. READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE SIGNING UP!!!!!!! Here is the link, good luck everyone!!

BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #4

#4 winner!


SUS for Bathgate #5 is up. READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE SIGNING UP!!!!!!! Here is the link, good luck everyone!!

BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #5

#5 winner!



Just some pics of #6 that will be up soon

s32-36 s32-37

Bathgate #6! Be sure to read all the details before signing up!

BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #6

#6 winner!



Here is #7 and it will be up shortly. I scrapped one today so only one for the SUS 🙁 I will just post the link to the SUS in a reply to this post

s32-38 s32-39

brushed finish on outer collar, satin on inner discs and machine/brushed finish on stem

BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #7

#7 winner!




BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #8


OK, here is how the blueprint turned out.

It wasn’t easy coaxing this out of my old equipment. The blueprint machine is at least 50 years old and the HP design Jet700 that prints the velum master is hanging on for dear life.

I got a workable master out of the HP, there is some lining but I think that is all part of the charm of this process. I have a small stack of old Diazo paper so if anyone wants one of these prints, I am happy to make a few up. Only until the paper runs out though.

Follow the link and put your name on the list.



A beautifully machined spinning top article at

BATHGATE OFFICIAL UPDATE: Lindsey Wissing is leaving for vacation all next week. She has been handling all the SUS for the Bathgate top. This means we will not put anymore up until she gets back. We will have a decent amount ready for her though. I hope that works for all of you! Plan on seeing the next SUS on November 21st or 22nd.


9 is the copper and 10 is the brass. These are going to the man himself, Christopher Bathgate.

s32-44 s32-45

Christopher Bathgate Just so everyone knows, this is the combo I intended, everything else is a violation of my artistic will……Just kidding:)

Rich Stadler even the solid timascus one I just made?

Christopher Bathgate especially that one!

Christopher Bathgate exotic metals are used to fix boring designs..ok..maybe that was too far..i take it back. I just can’t afford Timascus for my large designs. 🙂

Rich Stadler oh man, good thing that is is a sub reply lol

Christopher Bathgate Find me a 4″D billet of TImascus and I will see what I can do with it.

Christopher Bathgate Im just playing everyone! dont hurt me, Timascus is great

Rich Stadler I know some people, paying for that will be brutal!

Christopher Bathgate I can only imagine.

Bob Hodge the five components to a Bathgate



Christopher Bathgate Finally got these guys together. Rich Stadler the tops are just awesome man.


[How many bathgates will be made?]

It will be around 25 but not all of them will be available. Two went to Chris, one for the GAW and I want to keep one.

Unless I change my mind which I have been known to do lol


Link to 5000 member GAW – Bathgate #11

s32-48 s32-49



Link to Bathgate #12 SUS:

s32-50 s32-51

Congrats to Johnny Hsieh for winning Bathgate #12!


Link to SUS lucky #13:

#13 has a high polished outer collar and stem ring.

s32-52 s32-53

Congrats to Samantha Moss! SUS #13 winner!


Bathgate #14 SUS is up!

s32-54 s32-55

Congrats Kingston Scott Feil! #14 winner!



Big week this week! Tomorrow morning we launch our 6th crowdfunding project on Indiegogo called Billetspin Spheres! Then we will be releasing the next top which will be one piece and offered in a variety of materials and finishes. Those of you that ordered Rings from our website, we are making them now and should be caught up on orders I a little over a week! Lastly we will be finishing up the last of the Bathgate tops. I am a bit behind due to being ill but hopefully am doing better tomorrow morning. So who’s ready?!


BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #15

s32-58 s32-59

SUS 15 winner!

BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #16
s32-60 s32-61

SUS 16 winner!


BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #17
s32-62 s32-63

SUS 17 winner!


BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #18
s32-64 s32-65

SUS 18 winner!


BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #19
s32-66 s32-67

SUS 19 winner!


BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #20
s32-68 s32-69

SUS 20 winner!




BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #21
s32-76 s32-77

SUS 21 winner!

BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #22
s32-78 s32-79

SUS 22 winner!

BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #23
s32-80 s32-81

SUS 23 winner!

BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #24
s32-82 s32-83

SUS 24 winner!

BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #25
s32-84 s32-85

SUS 25 winner!


Sorry for the delay! Here are the last of the SUS:

BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #26
s32-91 s32-92

SUS 26 winner!


BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #27
s32-93 s32-94

SUS 27 winner!


BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #28
s32-95 s32-96

SUS 28 winner!


BilletSPIN “Bathgate” #29
s32-97 s32-98

 SUS 29 winner!



Christopher Bathgate

Hey everyone, finally got my new art book together and I of course included a little section about Rich Stadler and our little top collaboration. thanks for those of you who contributed images for this section

I am still awaiting the final proofs to come in the mail before I update the book store and my website, but I thought it would be nice to offer advanced copies to everyone who follows my work.

Many of you have requested signed copies of previous editions, so I thought that as part of the pre-launch, I would offer signed copies, as well as a slightly discounted price to those of you who would like to pre-order the book now.

Keep in mind this is a self published small quantity book so the pricing will reflect the scale of the project.
(If I get enough sign ups, I may be able to discount the price further.)

Since I will be running this sale myself and processing will not go through Blurb (the POD publisher), I will need to set up a pre-order form like I have been doing with the small editions. So if you are interested in getting a copy at the introductory rate, click the link below and fill in the form.…/1FAIpQLSdacUECH_RULbOT8…/viewform…

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