Top #26 “Rotor”

Not sure if you all are into progress pics but here you go. It has a long ways to go but thought I would share what I got so far! Hope you like it 😀

S26-01 S26-02

Next progress pic… As you all know, I like to mix things up. This top is designed for that $125 price range. It will be a two piece top. I can go all Wraith like on every top 😀


Playing around some more. There will not be milling on the bottom. This is just me playing with designs. I have a few other ideas I want to try too


Been a long night. This is as far as I got. Still might make a few tweaks but I do love this thing 😀

S26-05 S26-06

For those wondering about the height of the top, the bottom is not done yet smile emoticon it all has to be machined


Ladies and Gentlemen! I would like to introduce you to the latest member of our family! The Rotor 😀

A little about this top:

-1.1″ diameter (same as the Navigator)
-Ceramic contact point
-Spin time will be very similar to the Navigator
-roughly 48 grams
-Unique twist grip where every other groove is deep/shallow
-Grip is easy on the hands but still give good grip!
-Will be available in a wide variety of material combination
-Should be live on our webste by 5/6 at the latest!
-Price will be $125 plus shipping for standard materials and $200 plus shipping for the special Damascus. This stuff is very expensive but I thought I would give it a try!
-Damascus patterns are somewhat limited. I will see how this goes and if it is an issue I will limit people to one per person in the future. For this time, there is no limit.

I will be doing a youtube video hopefully Monday. We are also introducing three new damascus patterns that you can see in the pictures below. It took a while but I am very pleased with the result!!

S26-07 S26-08 S26-09 S26-10 S26-11 S26-12 S26-13



We will be putting the Rotor on on Wednesday. I have no idea on time but will post here once they are live. We are machining them now.

We will be offering the following combo’s

1) Spirograph Damascus with Copper Stem
2) Razor wire Damascus with copper stem
3) Basket weave Damascus with copper stem
4) SS/Cu
5) SS/SS
6) SS/Br
7) Cu/Cu
8) Cu/SS
9) Cu/Br
10) Br/Cu
11) Br/Br
12) Br/SS

Price will be $125 plus shipping for standard materials and $200 plus shipping for Damascus. We will have a 1-2 week lead time on when your package will be SHIPPED. I am figuring on having a large number of orders so the head start we have on machining will probably not be enough.

No limit on any combo but that might change for future tops depending on what happens in the next few weeks. I have picked all the quantities and that is what we are going to make. Once they sell out, that is it. They will never be offered again.

Feel free to ask any question and I will modify this post to add pertinent answers.

VIDEO UPDATE: Here is the latest video! If you want to see the new damascus patterns, check this out! Give it some time to get the HD loaded.

Video says $150 for standard materials but it will be $125. Sorry about that!


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