Top #22 “Tungsten/Tinker”

OFFICIAL ORDER THREAD: 2 piece 60/40 Tungsten Copper top with your choice of Stainless Steel, Bronze or Copper Stem. 1/8″ ceramic bearing ball. 1.23″ in diameter. I will be making the main run on the 11th and 12 and shipping on the 14th of December. USPS is slow due to the holidays so figure about 1 week domestic for delivery. 
SPIN TIME: 14 minuted on my first timed spin. I know I can do a LOT better.  
Price- $155 ($150 if paying as Friends and Family) plus $5 domestic and $10 international shipping. Shipping is $5 and $10 total no matter how many you order. Feel free to order as many as you like. 
For those that want to order one please follow these instructions: 
1) reply with “in” as well as stem material 
2) Pay total to (paypal) 
3) Message me with the address you want it shipped to! 
4) If your name is not connected with your Paypal, be sure to put your name in the notes on the transaction so I know who it is! 
Due to the holidays and the economy, I will give a two week payment window. As always, the tops will ship Monday even if you need the two weeks to pay. I trust you all! 
Please keep this to an order thread only. I will post a spin video thread where you can make other comments. It just makes things much easier to keep track of! 
Sorry for the long post, have a great day and let the madness begin!! 


S21-04 S21-05 S21-06

So interesting fact, this tungsten copper is similar in appearance to tellurium copper but WAY heavier. The other nice thing is it is very durable compared to tellurium copper. If you like the look of copper but shy away because of durability, you will love this stuff! 


THANK YOU all once again. AMAZING!! 


I am working on the tungsten tops tonight just like the order thread had said. I will be on the machines but my buddy Matt will be manning the computer tonight. I just don’t want you to worry if I don’t get back to you right away. Thanks!

Well this material sucks! I think I have a system though. Tired and going to bed. More details tomorrow afternoon


Tungsten copper stemless. Have 1 with SS core and 7 with bronze cores. $150 plus $5 domestic and $10 international.



That’s it folks! The rest is heading to IG in about an hour. Thanks!! All orders processed and ready to go to the PO on Monday! 


All packages dropped off at the PO for the Stemmed Tungstens. I have to do the IG tops, stemless and copper tops tonight BUT when it is all done there is a SMALL chance there is something left. I will see and let you know. If there is, I will let you know and post an order thread with pics of exactly what I got!

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