Top #20 “Miracle”

Keep an eye out for my next design. You should see an order thread hopefully Friday night!

Oh, I am loving it so far!!

first two piece with this style of machining.

Going to really try to make this the coolest stem I have ever made also

Collar will have some milling but not too over the top. Should be a solid spinner and look cool as heck!



OFFICIAL ORDER THREAD: Please read this entire post before commenting. This will be a two piece top with a 1/8″ ceramic ball. Your material choices are:

Collar-Stainless Steel, Copper and Bronze
Stem- Stainless Steel and Copper

Price- $125 plus $5 domestic and $10 international shipping. (Shipping is $5 and $10 total no matter how many you order)

I will for sure make enough for all orders placed before noon 11/21/15 central time. Feel free to order as many as you like. For those that want to order one please follow these instructions:

1) reply with “in” as well as material combinations for Collar and stem
2) Pay total to (paypal)
3) Message me with the address you want it shipped to!

Due to the holidays and the economy, I will give a two week payment window. As always, the tops will ship Monday even if you need the two weeks to pay smile emoticon I trust you all!

I will post pics on separate threads as I make them. You should start seeing the pics late tonight. Please do not post in unless you are buying so if you need to see pics first, please wait until I post them. Also it makes things so much easier if we keep this to an order thread only. Feel free to start another thread with comments!

Sorry for the long post, have a great day and let the madness begin!!


Here it is!! Spins VERY smooth. Stem took forever to program and the cycle time is ridiculous but I think it was worth it

S19-02 S19-03

This design will work on a stemless version too so I might pop off a few of those.

Folks, if you all don’t mind. I am going to name this Top the Miracle Top. With everything that has happened in my life just recently it would be a great reminder to me as I am so grateful my son is still with us. I think of what my life could have been like right now. 

Alright all, heading home for some rest. I will be in real early tomorrow to get some other combinations run. Thanks so much for your confidence in me, I hope I did not disappoint!!


Well my daughter Evyn is in to help today so she will me manning the computer while I make your tops! I will make the other combinations shortly and post pics. Going great so far. Thanks for everything! 


Noon is here, you can still post in but don’t pay until you have confirmation from me that I was able to make your top. Everyone that posted in before now is good to go and can pay.

Here are all six combos! 

S19-04 S19-05 S19-06 S19-07  S19-09S19-08

I got two that had issues at assemble. Both spin great but have chips stuck between stem and collar. $80 shipped each



S19-12 S19-13


601 members!!!! Crazy how fast the group is growing.

Well I have a ton of time later this week so I am going to try to make the second design (of three for the year). Very complex with a TON of milling is my motivation. Stay tuned.

Have a great week and thanks again for all your support of the Miracle Top!! Everything is packaged and heading to the PO this morning!

About 80 packages 😀


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