Top #19 “Dome/Smooth/Classic”

I will be making my next classical type design this week. It will be a two piece with SS, Bronze and Copper being the options for both stem and collar. $125 plus the normal shipping so those who might be interested can prepare. You all still have a perfect record of paying and I greatly appreciate that!

I will however make one change to my “layaway” program. If anyone still owes me when the next top comes out I will allow them to post “in” but I will not ship until the previous top has been paid for. I hope you all understand 😀

I will start the official order thread probably Friday so stay tuned!


Ready? My meeting tonight got canceled so I am starting now. Have to set-up three machines so this will take a while. I will hopefully post the first top tonight and you can post what material combo’s you want and I can make them tomorrow. That’s the plan anyways. Stay tuned!

Going for classical. I am not sure this is final until I see it on the collar though

S18-01 S18-02

1st prototype. Thoughts? 

S18-03 S18-04 S18-05

Too clean in my opinion

It needs a tweek

It spins sooooooooo smooth. I agree Matt, the stem is too long

I am not done, just s prototype!

This proto has a flaw so it is going in the junk. Maybe the next one. Give me 30 minutes for #2!

Official Order Thread:

1.24″ diameter two piece top. You can choose Stainless Steel, Bronze or Copper for the Collar and the Stem. Ceramic Ball.

To order, just reply with “in” and your material combinations. Order as many as you like. Price is $125 plus $5 for domestic and $10 for international. I will make to order tomorrow and once they are gone they are gone. I do not know how many I can make so try to get your order in as soon as possible! Thanks all

Please keep this thread to order only! I will post another thread with spin video for comments!


ok all, I will be running until 3:00pm today (central time) so be sure to post in before then. Everyone that ordered until then is garunteed to get what they ordered. Send payment to paypal and message me the address you want it shipped to! Thanks all!!

Spin video, this one is SMOOTTHHHHHHHH


Ss over copper 


Ok, I made all the combinations. You will notice one extra. It is Bronze over Brass. I took an extra pic of the Bronze over Bronze next to the Bronze over Brass so you can see the difference. The brass stem is only available with the bronze collar. If you want one or more, post on the official order thread! 


Ok all, if you posted in for this top by 3:00pm central time today I will make it for you. I make no promises after that.

Make payment to Be sure to message me the address you want it shipped to! Thanks!!

These will all ship Monday

Official order thread for Top Stands

Order Copper, Bronze or Stainless Steel. Free shipping if you ordered one of the latest design tops. $25. To order just post in and what material you want! You can pay right away to paypal


S18-15 S18-16 S18-17

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