Top #18 “Sand Dollar/Simply Stainless”

So I will have some extra time today and thinking about making a one piece top out of SS for $75. Would anybody be interested? Please just one reply per person so I can see how many might be interested. This is not an order thread so I will not hold you to buying one

Maybe a ball on the stem too so it could be spun upside down and 1″ in diameter?

Order thread is up. You MUST post in on the official order thread to get one. This thread was just to see if there was an interest and obviously there is. Have a great day all!!


Official order thread: One piece SS top. .99″ in diameter with ceramic ball on each end. I will post pics in a few hours of the finished product. Do not post “in” unless you are buying. $75 Shipping will be $5 domestic and $10 international.

Once you post “in” please pay with paypal right away to and be sure to message me to let me know what address you want it shipped to.

I will make as many as I have orders for until later tonight. I will keep you posted on this thread. PLEASE keep comments to orders only. Message me with questions. Makes my life so much easier. THANK YOU ALL 😀

So here is the first end on the one piece. If you want it you must post in on the order thread not here! Feel free to discuss on this thread 😀

S17-01 S17-02 S17-03

Changed the grip a touch after the original pic


Now even I am excited to see this!!


And complete. If you want it, post in the official order thread. Spins SMOOTH

S17-06S17-07S17-08 S17-09

I have 58 total and like 32 have been ordered so far



Here you go, upside down

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