Top #14 “Peanut Butter Cookie/Meat Tenderizer/Web/DeathStar”

BUILD THREAD: This is a three piece design made up of a two piece collar and stem. The picture below is of the patter that will be on the stem side of the collar. I will be making the stems next. I will finish these on Saturday. First come first serve. Post “in” if you are interested. $150 plus $5 domestic and $10 international shipping. I am not 100% sure on materials so follow the post to see where it goes. 1.23″ diameter with a .125″ ceramic ball.



S13-06 S13-07 S13-08 S513-09

No more updates tonight, I am still running stems and will be tomorrow night as well. I will not have a completed top until Saturday! Have a great night all!!


Well good morning! I plan on making as many of these a possible tonight and all day tomorrow. I am not sure how many I will get done but I will do my best. I ordered more copper and hopefully it will be here today. I have a ways to go on the stems then I start the two piece collars. I plan on setting up two Integrex’s tonight so I can run them complete. Good chance I will have one done later tonight. Stay tuned!

S513-10 S513-11 S513-12 S513-13 S513-14

Ok, a minor calculation issue with the stemless which requires a major program change. I will run these after the stemmed but they will have a ball on each side with the same pattern as the stemmed. I have some small normal issues to fix so I will be tied up tonight. I wish I could interact more right now but if you want tops made, that is not going to happen.

S513-15 S513-16 S513-17 S513-18 S513-19 S513-20 S513-21 S513-22 S513-23



S513-24 S513-25 S513-26 S513-27 S513-28 S513-29

Ok all everything is sold out except 3 copper/bronze with Titanium stems. $150 plus shipping. When these are gone everything will be sold out never to be offered again! Reply to this message if you want one. I will ship on Monday!


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