Top #13 “Talon/Shark Fins/Sharknado”

BUILD THREAD: First come first serve. Once they are gone, they are gone. This project will be for a three piece stemmed top and a two piece stemless top of the same design. Feel free to post “in” if you want one followed by the materials you want yours made from. Here are your choices:

Outer Collar: Bronze, Copper and Stainless Steel (Both stemmed and stemless)

Inner Disc: Copper, Stainless Steel (Both stemmed and stemless)

Stem: Bronze, Copper and Stainless Steel

So here is an example: IN (copper over stainless over copper)

I will build to orders and once I am caught up I will make put together whatever seems popular and that is all that will be available so if you want one get me your materials right away. IF you see the final design and are not happy, feel free to back out.

For those of you that need a few weeks to pay, I completely understand and will give you until 9/11 to pay.

Price is $150 for the stemmed and $125 for the stemless. Add $5 for domestic and $10 for international shipping.


Cad drawing view is from the back looking into the collar. The collar will be hollow. The finished machined parts are the 1st end of the front disc. The 4 spiral fangs will be in the collar and the dimples will be in the front disk. You will be able to see inside of the collar through the four spiral fangs😀

I will be setting up three different machines today so I can run these tonight. I will post pics along the way. I expect a finished one around 7:30pm central time!

For those that are in, please look at the options in the description and edit you “in” to include the materials you want it made out of.

The four spirals are part of the large diameter that come down close to the stem. They are the closest towards you. The dimples are on the front disc that is pressed into the outer collar. There will be a space between the fangs and dimples. So choose SS over Copper over SS, the fangs are SS and the dimples are in the copper. Make sense? The coolest thing is the fact the collar is hollow!

Oh, BTW these will be 1.23″. Same as the turbine and 4 pointed star I just made

Ok all, time to do some work. I will check back later!

I can tell you I don’t have many more stemless left so if you want one you better act fast. Stemmed I am doing ok on.



15 stemmed and 4 stemless still available. I making these in order and the front disc’s are made (see OP pic). If I run out of a certain material and don’t have any left to make what you ordered I will message you tonight. That is why it is important to get on the list!


lol, just wait until this one is all done. Give me another hour


This one has some issues but I will fix them for #2. Yup, definitely my favorite one

It is good, real good. I will let you all be surprised 😀

2nd one is perfect. Spins real good 😀


Dimples are in the middle now

Next model

S12-16 S12-17 S12-18

S12-19 S12-20 S12-21

Stemless video 😮

S12-22 S12-23 S12-24

Stemless are two piece. Stemmed are three

Bronze over SS over bronze

S12-25 S12-26 S12-27 S12-28 S12-29

Bronze over copper over bronze

S12-30 S12-31 S12-32

28 hours straight! That is a new record for me!

Well this was a crazy night. Tops are not behaving but I am getting there. I did not get a whole lot done and will have to tweak some things in the program to hopefully get these to run better. Hopefully my sister is doing ok and handing everyones PM’s. Bare with us, this is the worst time machining I have ever had on any top. Stemless will be a breeze compared to the stems. It will be a long day tomorrow. Thanks so much for everything guys and have a great night!


Ok all this is what is left. Stemmed are $150 and stemless are $125. Add $5 for domestic and $10 for international. Just respond with the number you want and once it is gone, that is it. This is your last chance to get this design. I will never make it again. Here is a breakdown:

1-7 Copper over SS over Copper Stem
8-9 Copper over SS over SS Stem
10-11 Copper over SS
12 Bronze over copper over SS stem
13 Bronze over SS over Bronze stem

Paypal is and after you pay, message me with the address you want it shipped to. Thanks all!


Oh they are all packaged up already frown emoticon This was possibly the craziest 36 hours of my life lol

I did, by saturday morning I had caught up and had such a good system down I made some extras which are pictured above. I am still not sure how many I made exactly. You would not believe how crazy this was. We were getting multiple messages per minute at times and then keeping up with responses and people changing what they wanted etc. It was crazy but so much fun. All in all I am guessing the total to be between 60-70 between the stemmed and stemless. Keep in mind there was around 15 different variations. Matt, I am taking yours to the post office now!

Aaron Jordan I have shipped close to 2K packages since april. We are on a first name basis and one of them named their kid after me.

I kept one and am going for a 15 minute spin. I have never hit that and this is the one to do it

I don’t ever talk spin times anymore but this one is so easy. I think I should pull a George Costsnza and just quit on a high note… 😀

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