Top #11 “Mag Wheel/Ninja Star”

I am hoping I have enough time to finish this up but here is the 1st operation of the stem. I am making some in Bronze, SS and Copper. Hopefully have the collars running on Friday!


I just realized this is a little similar to Mitch’s grip design. I want to be completely unique so I am going to change it and go with a grid type pattern on the grip.

How is this one?


I am making three stems, Bronze, SS and Copper. I am making three collars, Bronze, Copper and SS as well. 1.23″ diameter but it will have a thicker collar so it spins longer with some tricked out milling of course. The edge will be smooth that it rests on unlike the last two I made.

People will have the option to pick the stem and collar materials which is something I have never offered before. Same as always, limited edition. I will never make this design again! I should finish it up on Saturday 😀

Family photo


Hey Quoc T Ho, you see it?! 😀


Wow, thanks Mitch Lum. I have been doing this since I was 13. My Dad started the place in 1986. I was addicted to cutting metal ever since. I started at the bottom scrubbing floors and worked my way up. My Dad did not want us to be the typical boss’s kids. When I turned 22 I was promoted to leadman of our lathe department. 32 I was in charge of the shop. My brother and sister work in the office. I don’t get to run the machines any more and now I just deal with employees and customers. Making these tops gets me back out doing what I love, cutting metal. All we do here is make parts for other people so it is so great for me to be able to design my own stuff and see it come to life. That is why I love these build threads. I get to share my passion with all of you. Trust me, I am as excited or more excited to see it come alive. Thanks again, that was very kind of you to say 😀

The design is complete! I am soooooooo pumped about this one.

The star is a boss and the four pockets are milled all the way though. I will put some spiral slots on the OD as well. This will be looking down from the stem.


I will be programming tonight and machining them tomorrow night and saturday morning!

I wanted to start this one early enough in the week so all my overseas friends see it before they are sold out. I did make a few more than normal so these might linger for a little while.

I will be making stemless in copper, bronze and SS but you must post “in” in the next 5 hours so I know how may to make.

Tops are $125 shipped and stemless are $100 shipped

1st operation of the collar


Remember the 4 milled pockets I will do on the 2nd end will come through to this side 😀


Correct and this pattern on the back (same as the top version)


Copper is next!



1st end stemless

S10-10 S10-11


I debated about waiting to do another one but I know my schedule is about to get crazy so it might be a long time before I make another one. Wanted to stretch the design muscle one more time before hibernation lol

Getting ready for tonight’s fun smile emoticon


Should have the first completed top in a about 2-1/2 hours…

No money until everyone can see the finished product and they are 100% happy with it. I am about 80% sold out. Not a whole lot left.

So you guys want some in process machining pics or just surprise you with the finished top?

oh my…

I have a new favorite top

I think I will change the design slightly for the stemless but man…

S10-14 S10-15 S10-16

Wait until you see it put together…


Folks, let me introduce you to Quoc T Ho‘s top

S10-18 S10-19

this one is not going to set any records. Smooth but not the longest. I am not sure of the time yet

S10-20 S10-21 S10-22 S10-23 S10-24 S10-25 S10-26 S10-27 S10-28

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