Top #10 “Turbine”

Just giving those that missed out on my last few creations a heads up that I will be making another top tonight. SS with Bronze stem and Copper with Bronze stem. I have the design done and there will be angled milling. These will be $125 plus shipping. They will be just under 1.25″ in diameter for those that like the smaller stuff! I will make 6 of each version. I will use this as my build thread. If you want one, post it along with “copper” or “SS”. The first 6 commitments of each variation gets them! These will have a 1/8″ black ceramic bearing.

I wanted to do the home made superconductor but I ordered to big of diameter stock so that is put on the back burner. As for the interchangeable stems I mentioned a few weeks back I am still working on a design that will handle hundreds of changes without wearing out.

I am excited about tonight’s design! It looks cool on paper 😀

The collar design. This pattern will go all the way around. Those smaller circles are tipped on an angle creating scallops.


I will be honest, with the face taper I have planned and tipping the head on an angle I am still not 100% sure how this will look. That is usually a good thing 😀 One thing is for sure, there will not be anything else like it!

I wonder if you all get into seeing the rough cad drawing turn into a top? If you are like me I like looking at the picture trying to figure out what it will actually look like.

Program made, putting the tools in and the jaws on. Getting close. Another 90 minutes hopefully before the first pic

Let me know what you think!





6:30 on my first timed spin

I have some extra material so I will be making some stemless versions too.


I will tell you all that this turbine edges are sharp. No burrs but they are sharp!






I got a design that I have been working on for a while and I also have time next weekend. Have your pocket books recovered or should I hold off… 



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