The 1st Elite? “The Wraith”

“The Wraith” WIP – Day One:

Rich is working on my stem today (giggity) and here’s what it looks like. The rods you see in there will have cutaway windows to reveal tritium tubes. Amazing… and this is only the stem!!!!

Rich predicts it will take a full week to make this one top.

Wraith 01 Wraith 02

It was a pretty productive day 😀 Still have a LONG ways to go. Done for the day

BTW, this is my first experience with Tritium

it ended up being a 27 piece top. 28 if you count the ball. It will definitely take the rest of the week to make ONE top lol. For those of you that are looking to buy one, no joke, I would have to charge $6,000 for the amount of work I will have in this one. So no, these are not for sale lol.

If spin time is what you are after on this particular top, it is definitely not for you smile emoticon This top is 100% about design complexity.


“The Wraith” WIP – Day Two:

More components are now being made today, I will continue to update in the comments below as Rich sends me more pics. Today my top gets spikes. Yes, sharp pointy spikes. We might be looking at Mad Max themed names soon lol. Also you saw the Timascus stem yesterday, today we introduce Damascus into the mix .

Wraith 03 Wraith 04 Wraith 05

Wraith 06 Wraith 07 Wraith 08

Looking for ideas to clean names for this new one of a kind elite of all elite tops. I highly doubt I will ever do a top of this complexity again. I think the name should represent the fact this will be the most complex top BilletSPIN will ever make. Lets hear some ideas. I will pick from the list once it is done. I also will not be posting anymore pics of this. If Jim Skelton wants to share the progress pics that is his choice 😀 Hoping to have it done this week. Still over 30 hours left of machining on it. This will also have a new style of material I have never used besides tritium too 😀 For those that do not know, this top is a gift for my good friend Jim. It is not for sale as I would have to charge wayyyy to much for something of this complexity. Ton of money in time and materials. I just want to show you what I can make if money is no object 😀 I hope you all like it!!


The Wraith WIP – Day Three:

It’s starting to look like a top!

Wraith 09 Wraith 10 Wraith 11

Well here it is. WOW this was a lot of work. Lots long hours and soooooo many design hours. I am exhausted. Best part though, I did not notice any flutter lol.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Wraith!

Wraith 12 Wraith 13 Wraith 14 Wraith 15

I say it is pretty darn smooth for 27 pieces lol

Wraith 16Wraith 17Wraith 18Wraith 19Wraith 20Wraith 21Wraith 22Wraith 23Wraith 24

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