Technique & Hula Issues

??????? WONT SETTLE????? Check out this video!



Andrea Whitlock 

Hey gang, here’s some advice on spinning the Matrix. It’s a video of how I learned to spin the Rotor. Watch it with a desktop browser like Chrome to see my annotations. Essentially, it shows the difference between a low grip (more stable) and a high grip (lots of hula). I took my Rotor to work and “trained” with it everyday for quite a while. Once I got better at the more stable launches, I was eventually able to move my grip up higher to a more natural position for me.

It made me much better at spinning high-COG tops. Because I trained on the Rotor, I had no trouble spinning my Fat Max when I first got it.

Also, I have two Rotors, a Dammy/Cu and an SS/SS. When I first got them, it was much easier to spin the Dammy/Cu. I was frustrated I only had trouble with the SS/SS. So when Rich says each top has its own personality, he’s right. It takes time to learn the quirks of a particular top (how it likes to be gripped, which surface it likes to spin on, whether it likes you to part your hair on the left or the right – LOL), but if you practice, you will get good at spinning it.

So don’t be discouraged if you aren’t getting steady spins with your Matrix. It’s a skill that you can learn. And once you do, you’ll get stable spins where it settles down and stays steady.


Dan Tochterman

Advanced spin technique