Stadler/Schipp Collab Auction

AUCTION: This was a test collaboration between myself and John Schipp. We want to see if there is an interest in a full collaboration. This is a one of a kind piece. 1.23″ diameter bronze over copper. 1/8″ ceramic bearing ball. Anti-snipe rule in in effect. Auction will last until noon tomorrow (central time). Bidding starts at zero and use $5 minimum increments. Shipping is free to anywhere in the solar system.

Check out John on Instagram (Harpuahound) and check out his Facebook group at:…/…

Stadler Schipp 02

Stadler Schipp 03 Stadler Schipp 04

This is only my second auction. I tend to shy away from them but John and I just wanted to see what kind of interest there is in this sort of collaboration

Kris Bex 450

Over, Congrats Kris Bex! I will message you shortly

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