Spin Contest!

Ok everyone, first off THANK YOU!! Your interest in this last design was absolutely encouraging and amazing. They are all packaged up and heading to the post office today.

In order to really say thanks, I am going to do a giveaway! As you will all find out, this one spins a long time.
To enter:

1) Post a video of your longest spin to this group
2) Fill out this form with your info: https://docs.google.com/…/1DB1d2DKjlIQ_2jpLxVxUt4…/viewform…


This is only for the three fanged model I made. I will giveaway two tops to the top two places of both stemmed and stemless. So stemmed has acontest and stemless has a contest and the top two times from each gets a free top of my next design. Limit of one winning entry per person.

You can enter an unlimited amount of times. This contest will run until I start making my next design. I urge you to have some fun with the video to make it entertaining to watch but please keep it clean or I will delete it!

Thanks again and have an amazing week! -Rich-

Contest Status

Brian Keith– 13:47
Rich Stadler-10:27

Aaron Jordan- 11:16
Matt Mc Cafferty- 11:09

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