Secret Tops ;)

I have an idea I am toying with. I need to know how many of you own 10 or more of my tops. I don’t need a pic, just reply. If you have more than ten (counting ones that are on the way being shipped) reply with how many you have! Thanks!!!

Mike Gallwey– 27
Aaron Jordan– 23
Larry Fredrickson-15
Goh Woon Keat-11
Jared Schoenly-10
Matt McCafferty-10
Kris Bex- 10+
Peter Sand-12

Yes, include the kickstarter tops. Let me know exactly how many you all. I am feeling generous today 😀

I am thinking it is Kris Bex, Quoc T Ho, Mike Gallwey and Aaron Jordan for the top four. I bet Holly is up there too.

So it is between Mike Gallwey and Quoc T Ho as to who has the most!

The plan is already underway. It will be made public in the next few weeks 😀

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