Quick SUS: Billetspins first ever ring done in 2 color mokume. It is just a smidge bigger than a size 10. Mirror polished. It will come in bubble wrap but we will get ring boxes for future rings. $75 plus $5 domestic and $10 international shipping. We will draw the winner from the first 5 people to reply with “in only”.

Good luck!



Congrats Kevin Minshell, you are the winner! Lindsey Wissingwill contact you! THANK YOU ALL!


We are going start making rings! NOT this design but keep an eye on the group in the coming weeks for more details


we will make to order. Basically take pre-orders and then make them to whatever size you want

We are playing with this tomorrow. What ring size are you guys? No commitment to buy, just looking for sizes

Well I did not do enough digging on this one and one of my good buddies makes one almost identical so I pulled the auction and will keep this one for myself. We will make others though so stay tuned in the next few weeks!


Playing around with ring design. This is proto #1


I am going to make another one without the dimples. Just a lot going on in the mokuti. I like it with and without. Hard choice!rings-10

I am not sure on price yet. They are a pain at this point but we will get a process downrings-11 rings-12

these are comfort fit. Radius bore to fit beautifully on your finger

Reflamed it to blue and silver with the dimples being colored



Here is a color pattern I just dont see a lot of people asking for in timascus or mokuti. It is my personal favorite. Curious to your thoughts


I think we are getting this finishing down pretty good.


Flamed 3 color Mokume?


I cannot do this one justice with the pics. These are totally different to photograph but I will figure it out. I need different lighting

We will be listing a very small quantity hopefully on Friday. You will pick your size and we will make it. 3 week lead time.


Looking for 5 guinea pigs. As you know we are getting into making rings. I would like to work with 5 people on making them a Mokuti ring. That’s what we have the most of for stock currently. I would prefer these to be man rings for now. One piece, No milling. These will be $275 shipped. We will discuss the design and make it in your size and flaming color. This will be a good test before we do our market test later. These will take a week or two to make. I will ship you the ring and you don’t have to pay until you get it and I know you are satisfied. If you want to be one of the five, reply “in”. If we get more than 5 I will random draw the 5.

Congrats Douglas Woodall you are the first.
Congrats Anthony Gonzalez you are the second
Congrats Robert Irvin you are number three
Congrats Jason Van Zetten you are the fourth
Congrats Vincent Roney you are the fifth and final


The Aperture Ring

rings-18 rings-19


Flamed Blue Stainless Steel.


Another variation


This is the first ring of the five that were chosen. Hope you love it Robert Irvin!

rings-22 rings-23


#2 of five. They wanted as much color variation as possible and I love how that turned out! Sorry for the rushed pics!

rings-24 rings-25


Well this is new!

rings-26rings-27 rings-29 rings-28

Hope you all are not getting sick of ring pics yet. Just trying to get everything buttoned down so I can launch these!

1st time ever using Black Timascus!

rings-30 rings-31 rings-32

Thumb Ring!! Its huge! This is what was requested for #5!

rings-33 rings-34 rings-35 rings-36


Here are all the rings that will be going up this week in limited quantities. All of these have comfort fit bores.

Black Timascus Gearhead

rings-37 rings-38

Mokuti Classic


Mokuti Flat Top


Mokuti Gearhead


Mokuti Wheel


Titanium Aperture


Flamed Titanium Wheel



Rings are live.

Really appreciate the support guys in this new venture!!!!


New Ring proto we are working on. We will be offering a Mokume over SS soon. Let me know what you think!

I have new photo backgrounds coming that will show this better but this will do for now! We will make other combo’s of this design too and offer and many choices as we can for Tuesdays launch. The countdown timer is running and we will be releasing these rings, all SS Triskelion’s and the crowns.

I am thinking this one will be $375 plus shipping


Here are the two versions of the “Lockjaw” ring we will launch tomorrow at noon central. 3 color Mokume over 316SS will be $375 plus shipping and Timascus over 316SS will be $475 plus shipping.

The bore on these have a radius for maximum comfort!

So here is the next ring model. Help me come up with a name. This particular one is made from Zirc and has the iridescent (color changing) finish. I will make a video so you can see it. You will see, green, blue, pink and purple depending on which way you look at it.

I dont want to name it after the finish, this design will be available in a number of materials and finishes

Check this out! I am thinking of making a thinner version for the ladies. I am not sure. Feedback would be appreciated.


We are sticking with Lockjaw. Anyways, here is a new one! Zirc over Timascus. Thoughts?

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