Releases for the rest of the year

I am going to try something new and give you guys a schedule.
11/13- New three piece top with an assembly I have never done before. This method will allow me to do a style of machining never been done to this point. I will have a set amount of these and that will be lower than previous runs. These will be $150 plus shipping
11/28- Two piece Tungsten (60/40 tungsten copper) tops. Focus will be on long spin but will have mild milling done. Price will be $160 plus shipping
12/11- Another three piece complex top. $150 plus shipping
That will be it for the year and I am on vacation until the end of January then so you might not see another one until early Feb. Let me know your thoughts on having a schedule! Thanks all

Steve Heidemann: To maximize the spin time of the tungsten one, wouldn’t you want the stem/center to be aluminum (or another light metal) to have the best weight distribution for spinning? I’ll be in for the tungsten one.

good question. Yes is your answer but that is true with all tops. The way I assemble is different that other makers. My assembly has its advantages and disadvantages. Assembling Tungsten and Titanium when both entities are finished is extremely difficult to do without a wobble. Now I could use Aluminum but I hate the stuff. So I am going to take what I think is the best route and use SS, Copper and Bronze. Yes this might cost 30 seconds-1 minute of spin time but a good spinner should still see over 15 minutes. I hope that answers your question

Jason Shoobridge: Curious about the engineering/technical part of assembly. Why is the mating of the Tungsten Copper difficult with titanium Rich?

When you press two materials together, one of them (the softer one will compress. The amount of force required is much less compared to two high strength materials like Ti and W. With a soft material I have the system down so my scrap rate is very low. In fact on the last run, I did not scrap any other than the prototype. On the 96’s, the vast majority had wobble. Basically I hold a .0002″ tolerance on the stem and collar ID in soft material and I believe I have to cut that in half if I use both Ti and W which will lead to a lot of very expensive scrap.

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