Tungsten Protos and Leftovers


Copper Prototype collars as is. $25 each plus $5 shipping no matter how many you want. Say in and the one you want, once they are gone, they are gone!


Prototype copper with bronze stem. Collar has a few Knicks but spins pretty good. $125 shipped 

S21-08 S21-09


I got three regular copper over SS that I used for setup. Spin great but not the greatest finish. $80 shipped



So I got some leftover stems from tops later in the year. $25 shipped and whatever doesn’t sell I will ship to Keegan to have him make a spin base out of them for myself. Post “in” if you want one and I will pick a random stem for you and clean it up so it is smooth!


sold out!

SUS- PLEASE READ I have a regular copper stemless I used as set-up. It is in decent shape. I will take the first ten In’s and draw a winner. IF you did not get a tungsten copper top you get first dibs. In 30 minutes it is open to everyone. $80 shipped.

S21-12 S21-13

Congrats Toby Willis!

This contest is over!

Ok all, I got two tungsten copper tops left. One with a SS stem and one with a copper Stem. Lets play a game. I am thinking of a number between one and 1,000. I will take the first 30 guesses. One guess per person. Whoever gets closest gets their pick and whoever gets second closest get the other one. Top is $150 plus $5 domestic and $10 international so do not play unless you plan on buying one if you win. Two winners only! Good luck!! If there is a tie we I will message you for a game of rock paper scissors for the win! Good luck!

We have a tie for second place!

First place is Thomas Ptack please respond with which one you would like

Second place tie was between Noah Nemley and Jack Pessin I will message you for rock paper scissors

Both guys said paper…twice in a row

Noah won in the third round!

Ok all, got a nice sinus infection going so I am heading home to bed. That is all I got, no leftovers. I am totally cleaned out! THANK YOU ALL!

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