Payment updates

Miracle Top all paid for so again I just want to thank the group for their honesty. Kraken has just a few stragglers. I will continue the two week payment window next year but I will tell you it is a royal pain to keep track off. It is the least I can do though for such a great group of people. I have one more surprise for you all this year once the tungsten is finished up. Nothing much but just something from my heart. Have a great week all and thanks again!

I hope it never comes to that but it might. I like the two weeks because I try to make new designs every two weeks. This way I should be caught up on payments before the next top launches. I am going to change it though a little so that you cannot get the new one if the last one is not paid for yet. That will help me a lot. We are working on a new system to keep track of orders which will help also.


I still have a few that owe on the Kraken Top. Today was the last day of the two weeks so if you could please pay or message me if there is an issue. I left my list at home so I don’t have the names in front of me or I would message. Thank you!!
Also, if you claimed in for the tungsten before I called it sold out you are good to go and can pay. If you have any questions, please message me! Thanks all for the amazing support!!

I have faith the few that are left to pay will. No worries at all 😀

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