BilletSPIN Update

In a two week period I will have made about 1000 tops. They are haunting my dreams. When I look at my wife’s face all I see is a big bearing ball. If she does a ballerina twirl soon I will really freak out. When my kids stand next to each other all I see is three BilletSPINS resting in the home.

I need a Calgon Bubble Bath lol 😀 Thank you all for your support and encouragement. The Kickstarter project never would have been this successful if it were not for you all. Thank you for the shares and the kind messages. This is a great group and I am honored to be a part of it. Now have an awesome weekend!! -Rich-

Here is what 500 rainbow BilletSPINS look like

BS1-01 BS1-02 BS1-03 BS1-04 BS1-05 BS1-06

I wanted to lay them all out for a nice picture but I just don’t have the time



BS1-07 BS1-08 BS1-09 BS1-10 BS1-11


Top #7 “Wings”

I got an itch. An itch that only making a Copper over bronze can scratch. The machine is just dying to be programmed, the stock begging to be cut. 3 hours and thirty minutes until it begins. Hopefully finished tomorrow afternoon!

You want progress photo’s or just wait for the finished top? I am going to make a few designs with some various materials. Just have to see how it goes. All will have a ceramic ball…

Getting close

S06-01 S06-02


I hate that I can’t post a video in a response so I had to start a new thread. Here it is, this one gave me fits but it was all worth it. Copper over Bronze. 1.4″ with ceramic bearing. $100 plus $4 domestic and $8 international shipping. I have 4 of them and the people that called dibs yesterday get first opportunity.

  • 6 made


Bob Hodge Here’s an oldie, but goody. It’s official name is ” “. But, since I’ve seen no other ones, I took the liberty of renaming it “Wings”.

Top #6 “Five Spoke/Wheel”

Ok, I am making this new LIMITED EDITION design tonight (see cad drawing). Everything else will be identical to the one I posted last night (pictured below). 1.23″ Stainless Steel over Bronze with a 1/8″ ceramic ball. Spin times over 5 minutes. $75 plus $4 for domestic and $8 for international shipping.

I will take orders until 3:30 today central standard time which is 3 hours from now. At that point I will not take anymore orders and will retire this design! I can make either rotation spiral so let me know. Respond to this post if you want one. Paypal payment preferred. These will ship on Monday! Let me know if you have any questions.

Edit: Please let me know the spiral direction you want. The cad drawing is from the top looking down. We will call that standard and if you want it the other way tell me reverse.



It is recessed for grip


Here is the reversed drawing





BilletSPIN Pro PVD

Oh I had to share a video of this!! I hope my phone does it justice

ugh, that video does not do this justice at all. The photographer will be here tonight! Jordan King, they are here as well. Pic later tonight! These all look amazing!!

BSPro Ano

These are now available on the BilletSPIN Kickstarter project!

Top #3 “Clover”

Well I had some time today and thought I should make something 😀

1.4″ diameter Brass over Stainless.

Edit: I have 10 of each. $75 each plus shipping. Message me if you are interested! Thanks all 😀 -Rich-

[10 made]

[1/4″ hardened steel bearing ball]

S1-01 S1-02 S1-03

A little better shot of the spiral ball socket


And a good one of the back


Second variation [10 made]

S1-06 S1-07 S1-08

Top #1 & #2 “BilletSPIN Pro & BilletSPIN”

Thanks for letting me join your group! Here is my latest 

S00-01 S00-02 S00-03 S00-04


BTW, it is 1.5″ in diameter and I would love to hear some opinions on that size. I am new to tops so any help is greatly appreciated! Love this site and wow the tops posted in here are amazing!

This will be the Kickstarter project. 2 designs, the Billet Spin which will start at $10 and the Billet Spin Pro which i am working on pricing now. There are 7 anodized colors, rainbow PVD and natural aluminum. I will add the other colors as stretch goals. Then For the PRO version we have Brass, Stainless Steel and Titanium. Then we have the “Home” for the Billet Spins and the Cube for the Billet Spin PRO. We will also have a spin base I am working on now! Whew, I think that covers it! Thanks for the feedback! -Rich-



Here is the 13 minute spin video:

We have 18 CNC machines just waiting to go!! I will try and get some good pictures of the titanium and Stainless Steel versions soon.

The sphere is a hardened bearing ball. 5/16″ in diameter. The brass and Stainless Steel version has some weight and the knurl definitely helps!

The bearing ball is a G25 grade. I could easily trick this thing out and make it a very expensive top but I wanted to appeal to a higher market share by keeping this at an affordable price. The ruby ball is doable but there will not be much of an impact at all on the spin time. It would make a decent jump in price though and I am not sure if the majority of people would want to pay the extra for the ruby. I am just thinking out loud of course and welcome all suggestions!!

I promise you guys I will at some point be on a mission to make a high end top that spins as long as I can possibly make it. We have very high end 5 axis machines so we can make pretty much anything. I am just trying to get our name out there with this project and gain a following. That said you guys ar the experts here so I really appreciate all the feeback!! You all ROCK!! 😀