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Billetspin gtg Florida contact Sue Stadler for more details!


Florida get-together: here’s the plan so far.
We will be staying at the Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside. The get together would be in the evening on Dec 1st at the bar/restaurant unless we have a lot of people let me know they are going (not expecting that) where I would need to find more room. As of now I have two people who have messaged me they would be there.
I would love to meet many of you and we may have something special there too, no guarantees yet though. So I need to know whom might be there so I have a head count. I know it’s still several weeks off but I like to get things planned. If you don’t want to message me just reply “In” and I’ll know you are interested.
Thanks and happy spinning, Sue



Insomnia live vid. This is how I take pics and vids. If you are interested in the camera and lighting I use, check this out. Sorry for the quiet voice, family was sleeping.



This is just the tip of the iceberg


So these guys are taking some BilletSPIN stuff to SEMA along with their insane truck to show off. If anyone is going to the show, look them up and say hi! What an awesome gesture on their parts and a great exposure opportunity for BilletSPIN!

Folks I got a gift today that is just amazing. I can’t wait to post pics of it tomorrow!! I think yooze are going to want to get one (or a hundred) of these. Absolutely stunning

Brace yourselves, you are about to see him post a pic of it (them)

This is insane

Just wait 🙂 I am so pumped! I have no ties with this product but it’s a must have

Ok all check this out! See the replies for more pics! These are just amazing!!! I have no ties with the guy that makes these but I would love to sell them on the billetspin site but it would probably be easiest to buy direct from him. I will give you more details as I get them!


So Ella (my youngest daughter) and I wanted to go make something today and decided to make some whistles. Once we got a functional design, she tweaked them to look cooler. They are loud lol. They are not for sale, they are hers and I hope they remind her of the time we spent together today!

Proud daddy


GAW, Ella’s Prototype whistle. It will come with a COA with her signature from BilletSPIN. It is plain SS and plain as we needed to prove out the whistle before using high end materials. Anyone that contributed to one or both of Lindsey’s waffles gets two entries and everyone else gets one.
To enter just reply with a feel good picture, meme or gif. I will draw the winner tomorrow.


Ella and I will be doing a live video together tonight where she picks the winner of the whistle GAW. Lets plan on 4pm central unless Sue Stadlersays otherwise… 😛

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttsssssssssssssss Ella! GAW winner will be announced here!


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