October 2016 News

Well I hope the wallets are all in the recovery room taking it easy for a while. You got time before you have to worry 😛 The next top will be very limited and very expensive design unlike anything ever made by BilletSPIN. This will be a collaboration and I will share more on it once we have all the details ironed out.

We have been doing a lot of work recently on processes and materials in an effort to continually improve our products. We will continue this effort for the rest of the year. This means not as many tops as I dont have the time I normally do. More than likely there will just be this collaboration top and one more design before 2017.

K2’s just started shipping! Watch your inboxes but dont message us looking for when yours is going to ship. It will just set us back. As I stated before, we will ship these in the order that allows us to complete fulfillment the fastest. Most will ship in October and the rest in November as promised. Thank you for your patience!

There are still some spin bases left on etsy for those interested! This is the last of this exact design. Next ones will be modified so if you like these, get them now before they sell out:


We are also working on other non-top related products. This has not been going great lol. I will continue to keep working on it though. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to come up with products. I urge you all to support the makers that did this rather than copying someone else. I could spend a year coming up with something only to have someone copy it. There are no laws against it without a patent so it is up to the community to respect the creativity of the original maker. It saddens me to see where things are heading in the regard and makes me less inclined to put in the time to make something original and cool.

Well that’s all I got to say for now. Have a great week and thanks for being awesome!



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