November 2016 News


BILLETSPIN Official update: Starting immediately we ask that there be no more: For sale, trade, in search of, want to buy posts in this group. The purpose of this group is to discuss all things BilletSPIN related and the constant sale posts are detracting from that. We want you to have a way to sell your tops though as that is all part of top collecting so we suggest using Pocket Top Sales. We will test this out for a time and see how it goes. If changes need to be made, we will make them. Thank you for all your support. The pinned post will be updated shortly to reflect this. All saleposts that were posted prior to this post are fine.


Well we are over a week in since we started not allowing sales here. There has been a decent amount of pertinent info lately and it has stayed towards the top which is nice. There will be a LOT of that kind if info coming in the next month.

I know some were leery and expressed disappointment in my decision. I hope your opinion on the matter has softened a little but if not, thats ok too. I have watched PTS sales a lot and have been happy with what I have seen and it seems to be consistent to the few weeks prior to this change. We are still growing at a rapid rate. This was going to have to happen sooner or later or we would lose the ability to post anything important here which would lead to all news being posted in the business page. That was not a bad option either but I still believe this was the better choice.

The amount of drama over selling prices has been cut down to zero and this group is “fun” again.

Keep in mind, right or wrong in your opinion, I do what I do because I think it is best for the community. Trust me that I will continue to keep an eye on secondary sales so that I take care of you. I dont want to drum up drama but I do like sharing with you all what is going on in my mind.

You can expect a new top in the next two weeks. Still debating on a one piece or two piece. Then I will have a small run of stemless and mini’s yet hopefully this year. Big big big stuff in the mix for next year. Such an adventure this is. Love you all!

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