New Top Ideas

Thinking of making some removable stem tops this weekend. 1-1/4″ diameter. Sell them in a package with like three different stems and two different collars. Limited edition of course. I am not sure if I can completely eliminate all wobble but I bet I can get close. Is there any interest?

I am thinking two piece tops (stem and collar) with a ceramic ball. All 5 pieces for around $125. Post below if you are interested so I know how many to make. This would just be a one run deal (limited edition). If you don’t care for the design you don’t have to buy it, I am just looking to see how much interest there is. Thanks all!

You can buy all 15 Quoc lol. The set-up on the machines will be quite extensive and time consuming. Making more of them helps me recoup. Nobody would want to pay what it would cost for me to make a one off smile emoticon My hourly rate for the machine I made that last top on is $120/hr and I spent more than a few hours on it.
Brass, bronze, SS and copper and possibly Ti. I would rather not use the Ti and I am getting low and would have to waste a bunch because it is bigger diameter.
I could make interchangeable rings too but the price will go up drastically.
It is looking good, wow! If I do it you want another build thread like last time? Or I could just post some pics to this one so I don’t take up to much space in the group😀

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