New Technique, New designs

Well I am starting machining on the next design tonight. I have a brand new technique I want to try but because I am not sure how well this is going to go I am not going to post a build thread. If I don’t have to scrap this design I can tell you this will be a minimum of 6 separate pieces and will be a long spinner. 1.23″ again and after this I will either go a little smaller or back up to 1.5″ for a few. Ceramic bearing and same types of materials as before but I might go with a titanium stem on this one.

If this method works, it will open the door for some crazy designs. No “ins” on this post. I will keep you posted! Wish me luck 😀

Just a heads up, I am doing a proof of concept due to the complexity of this one. I will have a one off done tonight and if it does not wobble, I will sell it. The actual run will differ from this and will be more tricked out but this will be a one of a kind. If you are interested, stay tuned 😀

Six pieces per top

Wow this cutting is taking forever

You know how I love milling those thru pockets well this design fills them with a different material. Use your imagination 😀

This one tonight is a very basic design. If the method works well then…

What the heck, here is the first part


You all are like….what is that lol. Just wait, in about 45 minutes you will be smiling hopefully!

SS piece running now which is the female version of the copper

Made two so might get a stemless out of it too 😀

The suspense is honesty killing me. I know the possibilities if this works!

Plus if it doesn’t there is nothing like failing in front of 20 of your closest friends 😛

2 pockets down, two to go

Moment of truth


those have a special place in my heart and by heart I mean the scrap barrel

Nope, if this next try doesn’t work, I am done for the night. I can tell you the problem is the pocket is too deep. For the main run I will not make the pockets through. It will machine much better that way. You will only see the pieces from the stem side. I honestly that will look better anyways.

Well this was a failure. I am not completely giving up on it but I have to put it on the back burner. Sorry everyone!


Not feeling it, sorry guys 😞

I have about ten other designs rolling around in my mind so no worries. I also have not quit on this one. Thursday night the real design begins!

This weeks design is finished! I will start on it tomorrow night and post the build thread tomorrow night. I do not have enough material so this will be more limited than the last one. Not sure how many yet. For you new comers, the build thread is where you post “in” if you want it. If you have any questions let me know!

Spoiler alert:

Diamond texture, 3 piece top with the collar connected similar to the 4 metal monster…titani…cera…long spi….

I am going to really struggle to keep the price down with how much I have to put into this one. The thought of me with a torch…

Just a heads up, tonight is the night! Build thread will start at about 4:30-5pm central. There will not be as many so I am just letting you know now. I am making the stems tonight, collars tomorrow night and should have a finished one saturday morning. These will be $150 plus shipping, 1.23″ in diameter, 3 piece and long spinners. First come first serve.

This is the brother to the monster. Due to the complexity of this particular design I would not expect too many more versions of it smile emoticon

I “might” offer two pattern options for this one. I have two that would really look good on this one. I will make one of the patterns in an hour

Plus the different options and possibly a stemless! Might be over 30 possibilities!

The patterns will not affect spin time at all. I am guessing this will for sure spin longer than my last design even but you never know until you spin it!

The copper inner will spin the longest all other things being equal on the previous design. There are a few things that factor into spin times, low center of gravity, weight density/diameter, and the ratio of grip diameter:weight. You have to be able to get that mass accelerating quick but the larger the grip diameter, the less possible rpm. I have made enough to know roughly how they will spin even before I make them. This one will have the mass and hardly no wind resistance so as long as I get the grip diameter right, this will spin a long time.

I am confident it will be quite easy for ME to achieve 10+ minutes. I make zero promises of spin time in regards to others. All I am officially going to say at this point is that I “think” this will be a very good spinner 😀

No knurling on the outer ring. I am not sure on the stemless. It all depends on time but hopefully there will be!


You will have to wait for anymore teasers. This was just a test to see what this type of process would look like. I won’t make anymore comments about this coming design until the build thread!



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