New Machine

Big news! Thanks to all of you and your support, we just purchased a new Mazak today. It will be here in a few months. This particular machine will allow me to do some things that were difficult due to the machines we had available. For example, if you look back you will notice I don’t do hardly any milling on the ball side of the collar. This machine will change that. I might still not on some tops due to the design but you will definitely see more of it once the machine arrives. It will also be more conducive to some operations which will make my life easier. Most importantly, it will allow me to keep growing BilletSPIN and provide you with new, creative designs.

There is so much new stuff coming. Two brand new products in the next few weeks. One is top related, but not a top and the other is the carbidecoins. These will have a hole for easier carrying.

The biggest news is coming in a few months and another later this year. Two huge surprises but they are way to far off to go into any more detail. Once again, this is all thanks to YOU! Words cannot express my appreciation for you all. Stay tuned for more updates and have a great week!

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