New Group Pic Contest

CONTEST: It is time. Quoc T Ho‘s pic for the group was and is nothing short of amazing but it is time to update it. This is for a free top and it will be a good one of my choice. It will come with a COA.

To enter, reply with a picture to replace the BilletSPIN group banner photo. You can see what won last time. It needs to be spectacular. You get one shot, one entry. It can be anything that captures this group in a photo. Just make sure it is the rectangle format as seen in the top of the group. I am excited to see what you all come up with. I will let this run for a week or so to give you time.

Lets see what you got.


Congrats to Nizaar Lilla for the new group photo! Some amazing entries but this one looked amazing! My sister will contact you


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